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Random Scene #14

(What can I say. A gif of Arthur Darvill that’s been going around recently inspired me. Rip & Kendra & Sara friendship with bonus Snart)

“Is this really necessary?” Rip asked, gazing sullenly at Kendra.

“A bet’s a bet,” she replied, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Yes but I never actually wanted to make the bet in the first place,” said Rip with a scowl. “I was coerced.”

Kendra pursed her lips. “As I recall, no one forced you to take part.”

Rip gave her a pointed look. “It was the only way to get you lot to stop pestering me. I was harassed for ages by people trying to get me to choose a side.”

“Aw, poor Rip,” Sara called out from the other side of the room, her voice filled with mock sympathy. “It’s not our fault you chose wrong.”

It was Sara’s room they were currently occupying. She and Snart were seated on the couch at the back, Snart reading a comic with his feet on Sara’s lap, Sara bent over his toes, an intent look of concentration on her face as she did something Rip would rather not think about.

“Don’t like losing, Hunter?” asked Snart, not bothering to look up from his comic.

“No, actually,” Rip replied. “Especially when it results in something like… this.” He waved his hand about somehow managing to convey quite a lot with a single gesture.

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