waisted creations


I made this dress that I haven’t been able to wear yet because I don’t have enough buttons that match both the dress and each other, and I haven’t been able to find any at the op shop. 
So I decided to wear it around the house today secured by a pin and my corset. Totes stoked.

#PHXcon 2015

A very nice weekend just came to an end for the con goers andfor the SPN Family at home (me included). 

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who tweeted during the convention weekend and shared photos. So I decided to write down the highlights of the weekend.

First of all, J2 finally joined the Saturday Night Special Cabaret with Louden Swain. Mostly they hung out backstage listening to their fellow cast members sing. 

Jensen even got on stage and sang Seven Bridges Road with Richard Speight Jr. and Louden Swain. Jared made an apperance too just to say high and give Jensen a pat on the shoulder. He decided to enjoy the show backstage.

Hmm.. What else? Oh. Gil McKinney sang his heart out, of course! 

And Osric Chau too

Matt Cohen decided to lay down randomly 

Sebastian Roche was there! I think that says it all.

J2 re-enacted the hug from the last episode when Jensen accidentally injured Jared’s leg, who bled during the hugging scene. #Dedication 

Can’t forget the hula hopping of course :D 

and a little strip tease from Jared ;) 

And of course Rob after wearing the Becky tee put on a Jensen tee.

Osric Chau overdid himself as usual with his cosplaying and of course took a picture with on-screen mom, Lauren Tom. 

Misha Collins just had to take a Photo Op with the boys. 

And another one when he fangirled over Jensen.

This happened during the Karaoke night. Sebastian was involved so that’s clear.

Here is another J2 pic from their afternoon panel. 

Look how awesome is the SPN Family! Here is what happened: 

So many other things happened of course. Big thank you to everyone who tweeted out. 

Thank you ritabewithj2sdtl atstakemagazine :)
 & @__kaz2y5  and many others.