waistcoat and chain

16th Bengal Cavalry Officer’s Dress Uniform, 1906

Comprising blue cloth tunic, full dress waist belt, gilt plate with silver mounts, pouch belt the pricker plate hall marked Birmingham 1906 by J. Co, gold cord cap and body lines, rank boards to a major, gilt regimental pattern buttons, bullion Kullah with very fine blue cotton and bullion embroidered lunghi, navy great coat, navy cloak, full dress girdle, sword slings, sword knot, mess jacket and waistcoat, full dress gauntlets, swagger stick with bulbous top bearing regimental insignia (worn and dented)

Strip Club~Jawliet ((Crack!))

The walk in the unknown city was an overwhelming experience. A lot of things Jawliet had never heard about got revealed for the very first time. He decided to walk into this dark building. The inside had a stage with tables around it. Neon lights covered the walls and a bunch of perverted men crowded the room. It was about to begin, whatever ‘it’ was. Jawliet felt a slight discomfort. He sat down up front and waited for the show to begin. He heard an announcement for a performance of Naughty B. Jawliet was confused. He then saw a familiar face coming up. Normally he would care but Jawliet couldn’t believe his eyes. He removed the hair in front of his eyes to confirm the scene. ‘What the fuck’ 

It was just a job. At least, that’s what Beyond liked to tell himself. Just a way to get money. He had spent a great deal of time there by then, scraping for cash, going to this strange place three nights per week. When he had first started, he had absolutely no idea what they expected him to do but, after so long, his act somehow became so popular that he was the star of the show, favorite to many. On that night, B made his way onto the stage in his tight clothes consisting of hardly anything at all, the most striking part of the outfit being his leather waistcoat with chains and spikes. As soon as he was up there and the music started, he began on his cage act. He got inside, pressing his body up and rubbing against the bars in time to the music, arms snaking out. His eyes barely passed over the crowd or the names above the heads as he ignored the cheers, not even noticing the familiar face in front of him, the same heavy-eyed expression on his face that he had been taught to maintain.