Appreciation post for my amazing mum.

So about 4-5 years ago I bought a dress for £40 because I really liked it. I liked it for the design, just not on me. It was about 3 sizes too big anyways. So it’s been sitting in my wardrobe for years. I’ve thrown out all my other dresses (only had about 3 anyways) because I knew I would never wear them. I’ve been out as transgender to my family for a year or so now, so I thought it was clear for me to stop hiding and throw everything away that I had just got in order to hide behind. 

So my mum, being as amazing and supportive as she is, made me a waistcoat and tie from that dress so I can finally wear the design that I liked and feel comfortable. She had never made either before and tried so hard to make these for me, and I think they are amazing. She is currently working out how to make a bow-tie from the left over material because I love bow-ties too. 

I would love to show her how amazing this is and that it isn’t just me who thinks so. 


Patterned male waistcoats from the 19th century

  • Pink: 1845-55, silk with velvet details (OK-11087)
  • Blue: 1840-60, silk satin (OK-11625)
  • White: 1820-40, silk satin embroidered with silver (OK-03693)
  • Brocaded: early 1800s (fabric: 1770s) (OK-06044)
  • Striped: 1800-30, striped wool (OK-1978-0336)
  • Burgundy: 1840-60, silk velvet with pressed pattern (OK-1966-0010)
  • Ivory: 1875-85, wool with silk embroidery (OK-1977-0109)
  • Black: 1870-99, wool with embroidered four-leaf-clovers (OK-11896)
  • Leaf covered: 1840-60, silk velours faconné (OK-13372)

All from National Museum, Oslo. 

Sleeveless Waistcoat

2 mesh edits of @starlord-sims Gloria Coat [x], with his permission, make sure you check his stuff out because he is seriously one of the best creators out there! ♥

Comes in 10 different colors!


Sleeveless waistcoat (Round Neck Version): [ MEDIAFIRE ]
Sleeveless waistcoat : [ MEDIAFIRE ]

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