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mommy can u pls make my wish come tru and write somethin about eric bein overlyattached and possessive coz a guy was flirtin with u and hes gone mad ?????

of course bby, if eric saw a guy flirting with you he’d probably wait a minute to see if you could easily handle him but if the guy wouldn’t leave you alone he’d storm over and hold your waist and look the guy straight in the eye and say something rlly witty and snarky, I don’t think eric would necessarily start a fight but if the guy tried anything he’d hit him back 

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U-Know Yunho 37

#37 ~ “Can I kiss you?
   100 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’
   ↳ Yunho (TVXQ)

Yunho held your hand securely as you two waited in line to get some popcorn and drinks to snack on during the movie you were about to watch.

It was only the second date and Yunho was already bold enough to hold your hand, hold your waist and play with your hair in public. You didn’t mind. His touches were always so gentle yet so affectionate.

“I’m paying for these since you bought the tickets,” you mumbled tugging on his arm a bit as he walked you two forward.

“But I’m the one that asked you out on this date. I should be the one paying.”

“You paid for everything last time. I wanna treat you too…”

You gave him a small pout when he looked down at you to reason with you, but boy, was that a mistake. With your big round eyes and puffy bottom lip, it really did take him a moment to restrain himself from taking your cheeks into his hands and kiss all over your face.

“Fine, fine… but please, don’t make that face. I won’t be able to watch the movie if I’m tempted to stare at you all night.”

You blushed from his words and slipped out of his grasp when you two were next. Ordering a small box of popcorn, a box of your favorite candy and two drinks, Yunho gathered up all your treats as you paid for them. He thanked you with a bright smile and you nodded, walking with him to your designated theater. 

It wasn’t so crowded as you thought it would be, but it was in the middle of the you decided to go on this date so you weren’t too surprise. It was a theater with couches, side tables and mini lamps instead of regular seats. It felt more like a lounge than a movie theater, but you loved it since it felt so cozy. Yunho picked a spot near the back for a bit more privacy even though there weren’t even eight people in the entire theater. He placed the drinks and snack on the side table and pulled you in close to him, sitting right in the middle of the comfy couch.

You’ve only been dating Yunho for a short period of time, but skinship came so naturally between the both of you. You snuggled up in his embrace, his arm draped over your shoulders as the other pulled up your legs, placing them over his lap for you to get more comfortable. You blushed, feeling a bit too warm, but snuggled closer to him without any hesitation.

The movie started as the rest of the lights in the room turned down. Yunho reached for the lamp beside him and dimmed that down too, but kept it on just in case you wanted to reach for a snack or drink.

You kept your eyes on the screen, enticed by the storyline of the movie, but you couldn’t help but feel your boyfriend’s eyes on your face. You pried your own eyes away from the movie and looked up at him and just like you predicted, he was staring down at you. You blinked up at him, confused as to why he was paying attention to you and not the movie.

The hand that was lying on your lap came up and caressed your cheek and you felt yourself blush once more while Yunho gazed down at you. You gasped, noticing him leaned forward and you shivered, feeling his breath touch your skin.

Can I kiss you?” his was so soft, but you did hear him. 

And you couldn’t answer, still mesmerized by the way he was staring into your eyes as if searching for the answer inside of you.

Nodding was the only thing your brain allowed you to do and Yunho smiled, leaning further, pressing a tender, innocent first kiss on your lips.

“What do you like about me?”

There’s a loaded question if Akaashi’s ever heard one. They’re curled up together on Bokuto’s bed; Akaashi’s nuzzled into Bokuto’s neck and breathing deeply. Bokuto holds his waist, tracing spiraling patterns on Akaashi’s hips and the lower planes of his stomach. Akaashi’s skin rises pleasantly.

Akaashi mouths a wet kiss at Bokuto’s jaw. “Everything.”

Bokuto snorts. He squirms at the sloppy kiss. “That’s cheating.”

Akaashi smirks and leaves another just under Bokuto’s ear.  “No it’s not.”

“Yes it is! That’s so cheating! You can’t just say everything!”

Akaashi settles at the slope connecting Bokuto’s neck and shoulder, peppering it with soft kisses. A pre-apology to the hickey he absolutely will leave there by the time they’re through. “Why can’t I?”

“Because it’s lazy,” Bokuto says. “And you’re just saying it because you don’t want to compliment me, even though I compliment you all the time.”

Akaashi makes an irritated little noise. The huff of hot breath makes Bokuto giggle and shake underneath him.

“Come on, Keiji,” Bokuto whines. He tugs on Akaashi’s shirt. “Just one thing? Your favorite thing.”

Akaashi sighs, defeated. He props his chin on Bokuto’s chest to get a good look at him. His favorite thing? A list of Bokuto’s good qualities flash through his mind: nice smile, great cuddler, killer biceps, easy to talk to, weirdly charming, compassionate– Akaashi’s scowl deepens.

“Keiji that face is scary!” Bokuto says. He leans forward and kisses away the wrinkles of Akaashi’s frown. “Is it really so hard to think of one good thing?”

“That’s not it,” Akaashi says. Soft lips, Akaashi adds to the list as he’s kissed. Broad chest, warm hands– “There’s a lot.”

Bokuto hums happily. Deep voice, good leader, great friend. “Really?”

Akaashi sighs as Bokuto’s lips buzz against his cheek. “I like all of you.”


“But it’s true,” Akaashi says. Good-natured, confident, strong presence. “I like everything.”

Bokuto tuts. “So stubborn.”

Akaashi grins. Soft-heart, he adds. Nice eyes.

He takes Bokuto’s hand and kisses his palm. “I’ve got it.”

Bokuto blinks, perks a little in surprise. “Yeah?’

“That you’re mine,” Akaashi answers.

Bokuto’s smile comes on slow and sweet. “Really? That’s what you like most?”

Akaashi nods. He kisses Bokuto’s wrist. “All mine.”

“All yours,” Bokuto repeats.

Their next kiss is deep and desperate, and confirms that Akaashi’s all his too. 


Tamlen felt Dorian’s stubbly chin resting against his shoulder, then his lips gently planting a kiss on his skin.

“I hate seeing you like that,” he murmured as he laid his arms around the elf’s waist, holding him tightly.

“Like… that?” Tamlen repeated, the grip of his fingers around his left upper arm tightening.

“Hurting. All over,” Dorian explained quietly, his breath warm against Tamlen’s neck. “I wish I knew a way, a spell, to help you feel better again.”

“It’s never that easy,” Tamlen sighed, biting his lip.

Dorian was watching him in the mirror, looking just as weary as Tamlen felt.

“It pains me to see you hurting like that,” they both thought at the same time.


Why do I keep hurting myself? Well, I guess I’ll just blame Bioware for hurting the nerds so much in the first place :’)

Anyways… this was a bit of an experiment concerning coloring that got slightly out of hand. I kind of like it, what do you think?

Also I have the headcanon that the Anchor left scars that are similar to Lichtenberg figures (you might know them as “lightning trees” or “lightning scars”). They’re just a little more three-dimensional. They’re really pretty in some way, and I like that they resemble Tamlen’s vallaslin – but considering in what a (painful) way he got them he isn’t too fond of them ;A;

Boyfriend Vernon means
  • you lucked out because he can speak english, so communication is easier for you two
  • and you actually liked this because since he spoke both, he could help you learn korean
  • he’s a bit shy, so pda wasn’t a huge thing
  • more behind closed doors was when he opened up more
  • he loved keeping you close
    • wrapping arms around your waist, holding hands
    • and cuddling, that was his favorite
  • he loved just laying in bed with you, for hours at a time even, and just talking
    • or not talking
  • he loved to ask about your day
  • but you two loved talking about traveling
  • you two planned to one day travel the world, seeing things you had only ever seen pictures of
  • he loved to surprise you
    • whether that be with gifts, texts, phone calls, himself even
    • he just loved seeing how happy you got
      • your smile was one of his favorite features on you
  • he would always love checking in
  • letting you know if he would be late to the dorm if you were waiting up on him
  • or even just asking about your morning
  • he was super caring and really loved you a lot
  • he didn’t really have pet/nicknames for you
  • but he loved to call you babe
    • but like when he said it, it sounded different than how any other person would ever say it
    • maybe it was because he was a rapper? but it just a flow when he said it

I just want to see Abbie and Ichabod act out the stereotypical trope of a woman shaving/trimming her man’s beard with soft music playing in the background. Abbie sitting on the countertop with Ichabod standing between her legs and she gently trims his beard of sorrow for him while they gaze into each other’s eyes and Ichabod’s hands are shaking while he holds her waist and breathes in her scent and Abbie smiles at him seductively. Platonically. Of course. 

“Hand gestures” - h.s. Part 5

Sorry for the wait. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4


In a gust of wind Harry was in your room as you opened the door. He didn’t wait as he reached out for you, grasping your face in his shaky hands and pressing his lips to yours with determined force. It didn’t matter that you were mostly naked in nothing but your thong as your bare chest was pressed up against his unbuttoned shirt, chest to chest. 

You scrambled to shut the door, Harry eventually turning you both around with lips still locked as he pushed the door closed with his foot. Backing up, your back hit the wall separating the bedroom from the kitchen as your arms snaked around his waist, holding him close to you as his hands remained on your face, holding you securely against him. 

Just as you felt your breath about to leave you, Harry’s lips slowly pulled away from yours, his forehead resting against yours as you both caught your breath. Your fingers were digging into his waist, his pelvis pressing yours against the wall as your chests rose and fell together. His hands shakily fell from your face and resting lightly on your hips as you reached up, running your fingers through his hair.

Harry’s eyes closed and then opened as you stared at him constantly, watching as he let out a sigh of relief as your fingers threaded through his long curls. 

“I - I’m sorry,” Harry whispered, “I don’t … Don’t know why I just did that.”

“It’s okay,” you said quietly as you softly kissed along his jaw and cheek until your lips pressed to his forehead, you ankles wobbling from standing on your tip toes. 

“It’s not,” Harry sighed. His large hands wrapped fully around your waist, encasing it in your waist in his arms. He was hugging you, holding you tightly as you swayed slightly and held onto him for dear life. Eventually, he stood to his full height, taking you with him as your toes dangled slightly over the floor. Slowly, you wrapped your legs around his waist as his arms secured around you tighter. 

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(306): thanks for piggy backing me around for the rest of the night when i got too drunk to stand +jungkook or yoongi

“J-Jungkook, you need to help… My legs won’t work…”

The sigh that escaped the man’s lungs could have blown down the walls of the bar if he had willed it to, but instead he dragged a hand down his tired face and stared at your slumped figure. You were intoxicated, so utterly and adorably drunk in your pretty little black dress and boots that were high enough to make your knees wobble as it were when you were sober. Your fingers were curled around the edge of the lacquered bar top, a look of genuine concern distressing your glazed eyes. And so he obliged, he always did for you, twisting around on his heel and crouching down so your arms could snake around his neck, legs latching around his waist and holding on for dear life until he was lifting you up, hoisting his own forearms beneath your thighs and weaving the pair of you out of the bustling atmosphere. The bartender saluted Jungkook on the way out.

“Where are we going?” You cooed in a high tone, words slurring together. “Where are you taking me, sweet Jungkookie?”

“Home,” He retorted gruffly, though you could not see the small smile on his face. “You called me fifteen minutes ago asking me to pick you up-”

“And now you are doing it, literally.”

“Yes, and now I am doing it literally.”

His grin widened at your cute chuckle that drifted down the lane, left beneath one of the softly glowing street lamps as he tramped your bodies down a right turn. Jungkook could see the entrance to your apartment building up ahead, tightening his grip on you and hoisting you further up his back, initiating another round of giggles that ultimately resulted in your face burying into the crook of his neck. Without realising until you were questioning it, he had stopped entirely still at the small action. What are you doing?

“What are you doing is the more appropriate question here,” Jungkook murmured quietly, tilting his chin to the side so he could catch sight of a wisp of your hair drifting in the breeze.

“Give us a kiss,” You teased, leaning closer to him and pouting your lips. When his cheeks flushed roses, you giggled again. “Aw come on, I’m not that bad, am I?”

“No, you’re just stupidly drunk, that’s all,” He sighed, staring off down the street to where the steps of your apartment building were illuminated. “Otherwise yes, I would definitely oblige to that.”

“How about if you put me down, and I walk the rest of the way to prove how oh-so-sober I really am, you will oblige?”

“No,” Jungkook immediately retorted, setting off again and hugging you closer. He grinned when you instinctively wrapped your arms firmer around his neck. “It’s nice carrying you like this. You’re so warm.”

“That’s unfair!” You whined as the entrance to your apartment building loomed into your dizzied vision, toppling slightly when Jungkook set you down onto the stairs three up from the one he was standing on. You curled your fingers into the lapels of his coat once he was facing you, smiling when he unhooked them and instead replaced them with his own filling the gaps. “How about a reward then for carrying me home?”

Jungkook eyed you, taking two steps up so he was taller than you once again. He licked at his lips a little, dampening them or out of nerves, you could not tell until the world was spinning and his arms were around your waist, bringing your mouth to his with a frustrated yet also entirely delighted fine. He tasted like the night air, a bite of cold against your buzzing warmth that still held the edge of caramel whiskey, but neither of you minded until he was coming up to breathe and you were left wanting more, endlessly more.

Pressing his lips to your own in another affectionate peck, Jungkook let go of you, stepping back with a tentative smile until he was back on the pathway with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. His voice sounded lighter than before.

“You better remember that tomorrow morning.”

And with the most sobriety you had attained all night, your words came out clear and auspicious, determined. “Go to breakfast with me at ten in the morning and you can remind me.”


Louder (Seungcheol smut)

Originally posted by howona

A/N: omg Coups is my biggest wrecker like writing this was v threatening to Soonyoung as my bias. but this is the shortest scenario I’ve written so far (maybe) but i think it turned out well~ i hope you enjoy it:) ps; it was really hard not to add the Daddy kink in this one ogtfnrdijnfde

summary: shower sex w/ coups

word count: 866

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#93 Niall Horan & Justin Bieber – VMAs

You are a famous singer and this year you are performing on stage with Justin Bieber. You and Justin are good friends and often see each other when you’re both in LA and not on tour. Of course, media believes that you guys are dating, but you aren’t. You don’t confirm or deny anything though – that would be bad publicity or something. So it’s better for both of your to just don’t say anything.

When you and Justin started to practice for the performance, media took it as clear sign that you’re definitely dating.

So tonight, when you and Justin perform, things get very hot and steamy up on stage. Everything goes as planned and you and Justin end the performance with his arm around your waist, holding you close to his chest. You both are breathing heavily from singing and dancing, as Justin rests his forehead on yours. The crowd goes wild, cheering, clapping and yelling your ship-name. Justin smiles and you can’t help it but chuckle before he lets go of you. The show goes into the break and you and Justin smile at the crowd. You look around as you and Justin hold hands. When you spot One Direction in the crowd, you see all the boys clapping and cheering, except for Niall. He looks tensed up and irritated which makes you sad because you and Niall have talked few times and you thought that he likes you.

Justin pulls on your hand and you look away from Niall. You follow Justin backstage and then to go to your dressing room, while he goes into his. You quickly change into new clothes and shoes before you put some perfume on and leave your dressing room. As soon as you step out, Niall comes up to you and you stand still. His eyebrows are furrowed but loosen when you smile at him, making him smile a little too.

“Hey (Y/N).” Niall says and stands himself right in front of you. “um… tell me one thing, alright?” He sounds shy but at the same time confident in what he’s planning to do. “Are you and Justin dating?” He wants to know. You look at him, confused by his jealousness.

“Why are you asking?” You ask back and he licks his lips. He looks at the sign on the door, seeing that it’s your dressing room and opens the door. Niall takes your hand, pulling you inside. He pushes you against the wall next to the door and closes it.

“What are you doing?” You ask as he takes your hands and pins them to the side of your body.

“Are you and Justin dating?” He answer with a question. You shake your head no and before you can do or say anything else, he attaches his lips to yours and kisses you passionately.

“Niall.” You gasp when he pulls his lips away but presses his body against yours.

“What are you doing after the show?” Niall wants to know and rests his forehead on yours.

“Flying to London.” You say and a smirk forms on his lips.

“Great. Me too.” Niall chuckles and takes your hands and his.

“Are you really?” You ask smiling at him. You’re heart is racing and your lips start to crave his.

“No, but now I am.” Niall says smiling and satisfies your cravings by kissing you again. He lets go of your hand, putting them around your waist as you put your hands behind his neck, deepening the kiss.