This is What I Wore #53: To Opportunities *clink*

(This was in January!) Second outfit this year!! Today, Just & I head out to ABS CBN (yes wow nice) for a meeting for a project that we will have part of as freelancers. Since I thought it’s sorta of something formal (big company, big people to impress), I dressed up for the occasion. Top portion is the “casual” of my smart casual attire, just a simple basic crop top that I use to highlight my pants. Bottom part is “smart” part where in I wore black high waisted trousers and pointy, fancy flats. I feel like this outfit tells that I’m serious for the job but also that I have fun while doing it. Then it turns out, the office was full of young adults who wore casual outfits for work. Cool.

The meeting went well, but the rest of the project/process didn’t. It’s a whole story but to cut it short, I was very optimistic about my role in the project, but then they had a lot of expectations from me and I had 0 experience which resulted in me backing out. It was a BIG opportunity that only a stupid person would not take, but then I feel I wasn’t the right person for the job even if I try my hardest. There was crying and arguing in between those moments. It was SOOOO stressful. After a while, I was called back again but this time I only had a little contribution for the project, that’s okay though, I still got paid! 


Top: White Cropped Top (Ukay Ukay-Asos, P25)
Bottom: Black High Waisted Trousers (Online Find/Secondhand - F21, P300)
Shoes: Black Pointed Sandals (Ukay Ukay, P150)

heart-attack-harry  asked:

10, 11, 14

Name one thing you dislike about solo harry: I dislike the fact that I didn’t get tickets to solo harry jfkdjfl also sometimes I miss ot4 you know

Who is your favorite member of Harry’s band: They all look really nice and supportive of harr buttttt probably mitch cause of their friendship or alex cause he’s cute lol

What has been your favorite solo Harry look so far: UHm this was really hard to choose but I’m gonna go w this iconique look 

I mean,,,,,the all black…high waisted trousers, hair strand hanging from his head.. i will choke and die 


@thegreycrayons do you mean a picture in my high waisted shorts?? They’re a little tight in the thighs for my liking so I don’t know if wear them out yet but they fit well in my waist and I’m happy with how it covers my mommy bulge! You could pull them off I think. These are 3 years old though from target

where do all these retailers get off calling pants that go up to the bellybutton “high-waisted”. no. fuck you. that’s called “mid-rise”. i want to wear a crop top and not have a single inch of belly showing. i want to be able to button my pants over my tits. are you listening? you’re not listening. i want my shirt to feel redundant. i want to feel like i’m being vored by my own pants. bad-end, six pages into the comic,

skinny white/tan girl: wears like, high waisted jeans or something

aesthetic blogs: hhholhy shit, hhghhgoly fuck siht, i

Steven, 23

”My style inspirations are David Bowie, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto. Styles I like: bold colors with some architectural interest, high waists, sharp collars, New Wave androgyny, pattern mixing, glam with some malevolence, tweed, colorful fustiness.”

Apr 12, 2017 ∙ Union Square

Revamped version of my Denim Skirts - Tumblr Exclusive

I never really liked the shape of my Denim Skirts, somehow it looked a bit strange. I changed the mesh, so it’s now more high waisted and a bit shorter, but I kept the textures. This is a whole new package, so you can have only this version, or both. ( If you want, you can download the original here. )

  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 16 swatches
  • edited EA mesh by me - base game compatible
  • please read my TOU

[Download the Revamped Version here]

Special thanks to all the amazing creators whose CC I used on my models.