waist ties


Rare brocaded satin pregnancy robe, 1790s, 

Pale green silk sprigged overall with ivory and peach trefoils tied with tassels, comprising: petticoat with waist ties and two matching bodices, one high fashion (for early pregnancy) in ‘pierrot’ style cut low and tight with closed front, faux waistcoat panels, short tails to the back lined in striped silk, narrow curved sleeves; the other in open-robe form with inner boned closed front panels and loose deshabillé-like outer panels, the neckline outlined in cartridge pleats, with three ribbon drawstrings to allow for expansion, lined in patches of tartan and striped silk; together with a fine white lawn fichu with whitework embroidered edges 

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Rose Garden


• A roaring engine and a child’s wail from within
• Fingers to lips, hoodies tied around waists, secret marks on wrists
• The Public Debate
• Small town solidarity
• “You were a kiss of lightning in my backyard pool”
• Three of Swords
• Pamper routine


Chapter 4: Jealousy and Sin


Making up his mind, he made his way across the room and, out of nowhere, bumped into someone by accident.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!” Hinata quickly apologized.

“Oh, it’s alright, I usually forget to keep my eyes up while walking…uhm, I believe we haven’t met before.”

Hinata’s eyes widened as he set his eyes upon the girl before him. She was beautiful and dressed in a lovely peachy dress that matched her hair, her waist tied in an elegant black bow. He must have not caught sight of her in previous gatherings before.

Hinata blushed at his late response and stammered, “I-I believe so too. My name is Hinata Hajime, and you must be…”

“Nanami Chiaki.”

Chiaki… she seemed cute.

Looking back at Komaeda and then to Nanami, he decided it was best to spend a bit of his time with someone other than Komaeda. Maybe if he did, he would prove to himself that his infatuation with Komaeda was, simply as the word implied, just an infatuation and nothing more. Besides, he should mingle more with the rest of the elites.

Sharing drinks and even small talk with Nanami, he learned that her talent was her ability to invent all sorts of wild ideas for games. An elite in the entertainment business, a game inventor.

When he mentioned that he’d played some of the games she invented, she smiled all shy and happy, and somehow her personality made him feel comfortable enough to confide his concerns to, admittedly mentioning he was talentless, only an elite wannabe.

Expecting some sort of criticism afterwards, he was shocked when it never came. Instead, she quietly expressed that what mattered the most was being one’s self. That he didn’t need a talent. Her words consoled him and made him smile, somewhat relieved to hear her say that.

Soft music played and many of the elites were heading to the center of the ball for a dance. Gathering courage, Hinata got up to ask her for a dance and she shyly accepted.

Out of all the girls in the room, Hinata found Nanami to be the most charming and actually enjoyed her company to the extent that he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the night with her. She was delightful and sweet, he thought, but somehow thinking of her in that way nudged him with a bit of a twinge in his heart. Namely, he presumed, because his mind was trying to find excuses.

Nanami and Hinata spent their time sometime later playing different forms of games, from using matchsticks to table napkins, but Hinata practically failed all of them. Nonetheless, they shared smiles and laughs, thinking to himself, and here he thought all the elite girls were too much for him but Nanami was not all that bad. He found that he can actually get along with her quite smoothly. If his mother were here, she’d definitely be cheering for him.

He sighed at the very thought and Nanami turned her head to him, “Do you find this game to be boring, Hinata-kun? We can play something else.”

“Haha, not at all. I’m actually feeling confident that I might have a chance at winning this thing.”

Nanami smiled.

Sitting so close on the table, with their shoulders touching almost intimately, Hinata couldn’t help but blush innocently especially when Nanami had leaned forward towards him showing just a bit of her chest. Hinata gulped and looked away quickly, trying hard not to be rude to her. However, he just couldn’t help but look. Especially when she laughed, and her soft shy blush would accent her so well. When she smiled, her soft and glossy lips would look so enticing and her warm eyes would glow and look so very welcoming. Everything she did just made him feel so nervous inside.

Thinking about Nanami and spending time with her, it made more sense that he should overlook his apparent ‘fancy’ towards a certain white-haired boy. Especially because it was inappropriate and unacceptable to have that sort of fascination towards another man to begin with. Besides, being with Nanami proved not to be bad either. If he could get closer to her, he might even fall in love. Maybe.

He paused and thought it over some more. This is probably for the best, for his own sake as well as for Komaeda’s.

Hinata calmly took the night to stride. However, he did catch himself checking Komaeda out of the corner of his eyes. Whenever he could get away with it, he would turn his head and watch him for probably the hundredth time that night.

Feeling hungry, the two head over the various colorful delicacies presented beautifully on tables by the walls. Hinata turned around just in time to see Nanami trip over herself when she had accidentally stepped on her dress. As she was about to fall, Hinata approached quickly and with one swift motion, caught her before she made contact to the ground. Nanami held onto him and blushed while Hinata’s cheeks mirrored the same bright red.

“I’m sorry.” She shyly apologized.

“Don’t mention it.” He said quickly as he bashfully pulled his arms back from her waist.

A quick sense of deja vu hit Hinata, as he remembered the same particular incident with Komaeda. He willed the memories away as he joined Nanami to the table.

Across the room, keen pale-green eyes watched the whole ordeal, staring straight into the scene as he watched in wonder, thinking, if perhaps Hinata has found a more fitting companion to associate with. If Hinata were to get closer to Nanami, it would undoubtedly bring about a more hopeful outcome than if he were to stay with him and lay his time in waste with someone so mundane, he thought.

Komaeda watched as Hinata conversed with her and how they looked to be having fun. Just when Komaeda was about to leave the room, he noticed another elite close to him who didn’t seem to have company. She kept to herself and looked incredibly nervous.

Komaeda was about to ignore her as well and proceed outside, but he was stopped from taking the first step out when the elite who had been nervously fidgeting at the corner earlier approached him.

“I’m, I’m sorry if I bothered you but…uhm…, is it alright i-if I stand here with you?” Mikan had said with a stammer.

Komaeda guessed that she probably found him to be the least intimidating out of the bunch. Nonetheless, he flashed out his welcoming smile, “Not at all. If you don’t mind spending your valuable time with trash like me, nothing could make me happier to stand along a beautiful and hopeful elite such as yourself.”

Mikan’s face showered with shades of red and happy tears at the words.

It was when he noticed how Nanami seemed to have dozed off several times while playing that got Hinata to smile warmly at her before pulling his gaze from her to where Komaeda was again, out of simple curiosity of course, and his eyes widened when he saw how Mikan approached Komaeda nervously.

Hinata didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat, his surprise and fear suddenly overwhelming him. But why though? There was nothing wrong with Komaeda spending time with other elites. He was doing the same with Nanami. Shouldn’t he feel at ease that someone else was willing to spend time with Komaeda instead of being alone? But still he couldn’t help but wonder out of curiosity.

What were they talking about?

Hinata become gradually perturbed and unsettled, agitated even, as he found himself keeping eye on their every move.

‘Calm down, Hajime. You’re with Chiaki, remember? Just… ignore those two!’ he mentally scolded himself.

He tried his best to ignore them but seeing the two together, he suddenly felt downcast, like for some unexplainable reason he felt like Komaeda could easily slip away from him. He hasn’t thought about his leaving though, nor was he prepared for it. He felt an even stranger emotion wrap around his heart when he watched Komaeda offering his hand to Mikan for a dance.

Holding her close, they danced as Mikan smiled shyly at Komaeda and when he smiled back with exactly the same smile he usually gave Hinata, it bothered him to a great degree. Hinata shook his head hard, trying to dismiss the riled up emotions swirling, burning, inside his chest.

Burning stronger with every passing moment.

The more he watched, the more he drank, glass after the other, feeling the burn down to that strange ache in his chest.

It was incomprehensible! Seeing Komaeda dance with someone else disturbed him, to say the least. He didn’t like the feeling he got seeing them together. It was just so foolishly selfish of him. He disdainfully knew that yet he couldn’t help how he was feeling.

Hinata placed his hand on his chest, eyes perplexed in thought at putting a definition to what it was. Watching them, he gasped softly at the realization, eyes widening in considerate proportions.

T-This… This disturbing feeling was…

It was… jealousy.

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy!

Hinata snapped himself out of his thoughts with a slap on both cheeks, snatching his eyes away from the dancing couple. Angrily, he questioned himself; Why was he feeling jealous in the first place? He had no right. Besides, there was no prospect that he could actually hope to have him, or ever dream to. His desires were foolish enough to consider the possibility that he could have Komaeda in the first place! Yes, they shared few kisses but there could be nothing more. He shouldn’t dream of anything more because he could not have that sort of relationship with him. He wasn’t allowed to! It was unheard of, scornful even!

Hinata honestly tried to turn a blind eye to his feelings yet his eyes kept averting back to them.

Another glass, more burn.

As he watched the two dance, for a brief moment, his mind flashed an image of him dancing with Komaeda; his pale green eyes locked with his own with no one else surrounding them. Just them in the room, swaying to the music. Foreheads lean toward each other, crossing the dance floor in smooth steps and circular motions. Dipping him down, pulling him back up then holding him close. And ever so slowly, their lips close the distance for a-

Wrong, wrong, wrong! No… stop.

A girl. It should be a girl. Her hair swaying as he twirled her around, her dress fluttering with the motion. Then, he would pull her in his arms and give her a chaste kiss on the lips like in many romantic classics he read growing up. But when Hinata opened his eyes to that girl, he only saw sharp eyes, black suit, Adam apple dancing with the laughter of a boy that was so beautiful, it made his heart skip a beat. His lovely voice echoing in his mind, saying his name in affection and warmth through an adoring smile, “Hinata-kun.”

Putting his glass down, Hinata inhaled a shaky breath and thickly swallowed the emotions bottling up in his throat.

Being with Nanami and avoiding Komaeda really proved to him one solid and undeniable truth.

Pulling up a shaky hand to cover his flustered face, he gritted his teeth in shame and contempt as he peered through the spaces of his fingers at Komaeda.

I tried, I really tried. I’m sorry mother, father. I-I… I really do have feelings for him. I might have… f-fallen… in love with him!

Upon waking up from her brief slumber, Nanami opened her sleepy eyes up and saw Hinata fixated on something with a strange expression on his face, so she called out in concern “Hinata-kun?”

Hinata gasped softly and looked over Nanami, his face pale and eyes trembling.

“Are you okay?” she said, tilting her head with worry evident in her eyes.

Hinata’s lips form a thin line, quivering slightly. With hesitance, he whispered, “I… don’t know.”


Mikan kept apologizing as she repeatedly stepped on Komaeda’s foot more than they could count but Komaeda did nothing but laugh warmly.

Leaning on her forehead, he said in his most charming voice, of how he didn’t mind being a stepping stone for her. Her cheeks flushed as she held onto him more firmly. He pressed his hand on her lower back and pulled her closer as he glided her around the room. Her hair swirled, covering the blush burning on her cheeks as she gazed upon his warm smile. She smiled back as she moved her hand that was resting on his shoulder to move closer to cup the nook of his neck and pulled his face slightly closer, their lips barely apart.

As the music ended, Komaeda and Mikan pulled away from each other and retrieved back to their place. Suddenly, Mikan tripped, grabbing onto Komaeda, bumping and causing them to be pushed against the wall.

Wincing softly from the throb, Komaeda held onto her arms and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”

Mikan jerked her teary eyes up and apologized profusely. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Komaeda quickly smiled, “As long as you’re okay, there is nothing to worry about.”

Mikan smiled shyly but when she stepped back, noticing the patchwork of her dress had entangled around Komaeda’s suit button, she gasped in dread.

“W-w-w-w-what s-should I d-do? My mother would s-scold me i-if I ruined this d-dress!”

As she panicked, Komaeda tried to give her a helping hand but his body suddenly trembled when Mikan accidentally grinded against him. She tried to free her dress without ruining it, all through her heavy sobbing and hysteria which made the task difficult.


Mikan pressed herself against Komaeda’s chest because pulling back any further will tear the fabric. Her wobbling and trembling causing further grinding against a very sensitive part of him.

“Tsumiki-san, if y-you may please stop… moving?”

She wept and apologized some more, pressing harder , causing Komaeda to throw his head back against the wall, giving light gasps.

Across the room, Hinata’s eyes were round as plates at the scene before him and jealousy burned at his heart hotter than iron on fire. He gripped on his fists, his heart trembling with dread at the sight.

Komaeda distracted her when he placed his hands on her cheeks to stop her from panicking. She broke through her hysteria and, just like that, Komaeda loosened the dress from his button. However, Mikan continued crying, and Komaeda comforted her by placing his fingers on her cheek, wiping the soft tears away. His kind words and genuine smile made her smile through her tears.

Leaning towards his touch, Mikan’s voice dipped to a seductive tone, “As a reward for your kindness, maybe there is something I can do for you to return the favor.”

Offering herself and nudging her breasts against Komaeda’s chest, she said, “I can do anything you ask for since you were so nice to me.”

She moved her fingers to dance in a suggestive manner on Komaeda’s chest, while the other ran down his arm, entangling her fingers with his, insinuating what she meant.

Komaeda blinked, and he thinks he might have blushed as well at the notion. He felt so honored and moved that an elite would bequeath garbage like him with such an offer. However, he simply closed his eyes and smiled brightly at her, respectfully pulling her back. “There is no need. You’ve already paid me with your delightful company.”

Mikan blinked before her eyes got teary again. Wiping her tears away, she whispered a thank you before planting a soft chaste kiss on his cheek to show her appreciation.

The moment where her lips lingered, Komaeda stared in shock, mouth open and eyes wide.

Across the room, eyes trembled.

“…Hinata-kun?” Nanami tilted her head in confusion at the facial expression Hinata was giving. Her confusion rose when she followed his line of focus at the couple across the room, adding more question marks.

“Nanami-san, it was nice meeting you but… I have to go now.” Hinata’s voice was curt and calm. She nodded hesitantly. Hinata lifted his eyes toward her and gave a courteous smile before it quickly disappeared as he turned and headed for the couple across the room.

He charged in and pulled the two apart, not caring about who was watching. Mikan cowered in fear as Hinata pulled Komaeda away and stomped out of the hall, earning few gasps and stares.

When Hinata pulled him outside, Komaeda could do nothing but feel confused. He asked if there was anything Hinata wanted to tell him.

But Hinata was quiet. He even started wondering to himself as to why he did what he just did. Then, Hinata let go of his hand and apologized.

He felt so angry and jealous but it was wrong to take it out on Komaeda. He wanted to tell him how much it bothered him to see him with that girl, how jealous it made him feel, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t his place. He didn’t have any right.

Hinata must have drunk too many that his emotions were all over the place.

“It’s… nothing. I’m sorry for dragging you out here. If you want to go back inside… it’s fine.”


Hinata didn’t know if Komaeda noticed his subtly trembling shoulders, gripping his fists because he couldn’t act upon his feelings.

Komaeda took one step toward Hinata and Hinata lifted his dejected gaze to meet his.

Komaeda tilted his head with what seemed like an affectionate look with a slight blush on his pale cheeks. A smile and eyes so warm that Hinata’s heart skipped a beat. Komaeda took one step closer and swiped his finger on Hinata’s lower lip, causing Hinata’s eyes to lock with his in shock. Komaeda slightly tilted his head in thought, slit eyes conveying wonder, but his lips pursed like he was undeserving.

“Goodnight, Hinata-kun.”

As Komaeda turned away, Hinata felt his heart panging so strongly, his throat becoming stiff, his mind screaming to hold onto his wrist and pull him back for a kiss.

But he just stood there, watching his figure walk away.


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what do u think are some fashion styles that svt would prefer?

S.Coups: Seungcheol likes casual styles. Ripped jeans, flannels tied around waist, baseball shirts. It’s a simple style that can’t go wrong.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan doesn’t really have a preference. He doesn’t mind as long as he feels comfortable wearing it. He’s very fond of sweaters though.

Joshua: Gentleman Jisoo loves special events because those mean he can dress up. Dress shirts, ties, vests. Formal attire is his favorite.

Jun: Junhui likes anything boyish and casual. Varsities, rolled-up long sleeves, dark jeans. Ones that look like he isn’t trying hard, but look great on him.

Hoshi: Soonyoung is a fan of casual fashion. Baseball caps, shorts, Converse shoes. Anything he can freely move in because he’s always jumping around.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo likes trendy styles. Trench coats, turtlenecks, scarves, boots. Dark colors are preferred. Sweater paws and round glasses are a must.

Woozi: Jihoon likes layers. Cardigans, sweaters over dress shirts, casual blazers over hoodies. He doesn’t mind as long as it can keep him warm.

DK: Seokmin is another one who likes casual styles. Flannels, hoodies, skinny jeans. Something he can throw on quickly, but still look stylish in.

Mingyu: Mingyu likes trendy fashion. Skinny jeans, long coats, boots. Styles that show off his tall stature.

The8: Minghao likes an everyday kind of look. Hoodies, light jeans, striped shirts. Anything simple is good with him.

Seungkwan: If he could wear sweaters every day for the rest of his life, he would. He likes cute and preppy fashion. Over-sized sweaters, cuffed pants, dress shirts, Converse shoes. Probably a lot of pastel.

Vernon: Hansol likes “Bad Boy” styles. Leather jackets, ripped jeans, backwards baseball caps. Outfits that are cool and boyish.

Dino: Chan likes playful and innocent styles. Overalls, pullover hoodies, shorts, long socks. Anything childish, but stylish.

thank you for your request!!

Story time: I think I'm out of control

Went to Kohl’s literally just to try on jeans to see what size I am. I ended up liking two pairs of Levi’s, and my bag (medium-size Bernini), was only just big enough to fit both. It bulged and everything but I hid it by putting it in my cart. I was going to leave, but then I saw a pair of corduroys that I wanted, took them to the dressing room and tried them on and fell in love. But I wasn’t about to spend $50 and there wasn’t any room in my bag. So what did I do?

Girls I straight up folded that bitch and put it down the back of my shirt, then put on my leather jacket over it and tied the waist belt real tight so it wouldn’t fall out. I looked like a hunchback but I walked straight outta there with three new pairs of pants yo


Here is how the finished dress looks worn! I think it turned out pretty cute.

It’s made from two and a quarter yards of jersey fabric. The bodice is a simple self drafted pattern with darts at the front and seams at the sides. And the skirt is a full circle skirt. The dress doesn’t have any closures, but it has waist ties to make it more flattering.

It’s really comfortable and I love the length of it. And of course, the print is pretty cute - woodland animals, flowers, and mushrooms, what’s not to love? 

If I used this pattern again I would shorten the straps and move the waist ties back further instead of sewing them into the side seams, since that caused some bunching to occur at the sides.  But other than that I really like it!

I made a video of the process which can be watched here

Coffee Shop -Chpt. 2

The night after meeting Taehyung, if you could even say you met him, was odd. When you went to sleep he wouldn’t leave your head. He joined you in your dream. You woke up feeling better than you had in a while. Even your trip to the shop was better than usual, even with all the snow.

You happily jogged in with a smile and greeted the line of people. You wrapped your apron around your waist and tied it. “Good morning Mrs.Lee! What can I get you today.”

“*Laugh* Well aren’t you in a cheerful mood this morning. I’ll have a Chai Tea Hun.” She smiled and handed you her money. You sorted it and gave her change back.

“I’ll get right on it!” You went to the back counter and prepared her drink. 

Hoseok popped out of the back and noticed you. He smirked at your bubbly attitude. “Someone looks to be in good spirits this morning. Have a good night?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“Oh! Was YoonSoo over last night?” He chuckled.

You groaned at him. “No. No he wasn’t. I think he’s been avoiding me, actually.” You pouted slightly. YoonSoo was your boyfriend, but your relationship seemed to be heading for the worst here lately. He would barley talk to you and when he would he was very rude. You thought about leaving him but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. He has been your boyfriend for 3 years now and it had been great up till now.

“Jeez. Why are you even with him? He’s a total jerk.” Hoseok spat. He had a pretty strong disliking towards YoonSoo. You was sure YoonSoo didn’t like him much either.

“He used to not be Hobi. He used to be the biggest sweetheart ever. I think he’s just really stressed. That’s all.” You dismissed Hoseok.

The door opened sounding off the bell. I looked up to see Taehyung waving with both hands. He had a small smile on his face. You watched him walk up to the counter and smile at you. “Hello~” Your heart dropped at his voice. It was the first time you heard it and you were awestruck. His voice was deep and had an almost purr to it.

“H-Hello. What can I get you…”

“I’m Taehyung.” You nodded as a sign you heard him. “Can I get a…Americano?”

“I’ll have Hoseok get that for you.” You felt your face heat up as he studied your face closely.

“Can’t you do it?” He asked. “It would be better coming from you after all.” You wanted to sink into the floor out of embarrassment. You rang up his order and began making it. He walked over to the seat he’d chosen the day before and pulled his art supplies out again. You giggled as his hands went to work on the drawing in front of him. 

You took his cup over to him when it was finished. “Here you go Taehyung~ I hope it’s to your liking.” 

“Thank you…Uhm. I never got your name!” His eyes widened as he looked at you. Every time he looked at you he just seemed to take in your features more.

“My name is (Y/n). It was nice meeting you Taehyung.” You sang. Your stomach felt like it was filled with butterflies and they were having a party. You took yourself back to the counter and waited for a new customer to some in.

The day flew by, people coming in and out ordering drinks and leaving, a couple dates coming in and being cute. You even got to serve a kid for the first time in a month. They said they were about 7 and it was so cute. They told you about their school work and what the wanted to do when they grew up. They said a firefighter! It was cute.

Taehyung never left through out the day. He stayed in his seat and drew. Sometimes you’d look over to check on him and every once in a while he’d be looking back.

You heard the bell ring and went to greet the person but saw YoonSoo walk in. It had been three days sense you’d seen him last. He looked at you and gave an almost irritated smile. “Hey babe. Can you get me a Coffee?”

“Anything specific?” You chirped at him trying to make him smile.

“Just coffee. I’ve had a long day.”

“Well I’ll be home early tonight, if you wanna come over to my place and talk about it.” You informed.

“Why the hell would I want to go to your place? It’s always a fucking mess.” He growled. You let out a quiet ‘Oh’ and rang up his order.

“You seem stressed, your drink is on me baby.”

He sighed in annoyance. “Whatever. Just make me coffee.”

You turned to make it but Hoseok set a cup on the counter. He glared at YoonSoo and growled. “You got your coffee. Now you can go.” YoonSoo snatched his drink and stormed out. You frowned at the door and watched him pass the window. You spotted Taehyung following YoonSoo’s movements from his seat. He looked over to you and frowned.

“Hoseok…I’m leaving. I’ll come in early tomorrow to make up for it.” You removed the apron and threw on your coat. The cold air on your face felt bitter but somehow still sweet. You took a last look through the window and saw Taehung waving, with both his hands.

Person A’s pants rips in butt area while they are in some public place (school, library, etc) and has to call for help from Person B. This can go 2 ways
(1) B is really nice and brings a nice, normal pair of pants or
(2) B brings booty shorts or some really crazy stupid colored/patterned pair of pants cause why not?

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Hi! Can I have a matchup, please? I'm 18 years old girl with long black hair that reaches to my waist but I tied it back in a low-ponytail either when I am cooking or working out. I have blue eyes and a slender figure with fair skin. I am quite shy and don't stand out all that much, but I'm a very compassionate person. When I make friends, I tend to be very loyal to them. My hobbies include the piano, studying, and trying out new recipes. I also go on morning jogs in order to keep in shape.

I ship you with Iwaizumi Hajime!

Iwaizumi loves going on morning jogs with you, it might be a struggle for him to get up but once he’s going he likes being able to spend time with you like this.  He always asks if you need help when you’re working out, even if you don’t need him there he likes to keep you company and likes it when you do the same.  He also tends to show off a bit for you when working out.  He loves your cooking no matter what it is, and will always ask for more.

Iwaizumi was actually really nervous when he was introducing you to Oikawa worrying that the other would either scare you off or would win you over.  Even though he knows that you’re a very loyal person sometimes he needs a little reminder that you like him and not his best friend.