waist hooping

Hoop history

I grew up in a suburb of Greater Miami called Opa-Locka. It borders Carol City very closely. That was where I went to first grade and it was walking distance and I think it all might be Miami Gardens now.

My childhood best friend lived across the street from me. Her dad worked as a manager for a Dollar General for a bit. One day, he came home with 3 or 4 hula hoops for his daughters, of which there were 4. Their brother was maybe 2 and the girls were 12, 10, 8 and 5 or thereabouts. I was 14. The three youngest girls picked it up right away. My best friend and I had a more difficult time understanding waist hooping.

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thetoastlady  asked:

31 and if you make this angsty I swear I will do something Really Bad so you will Regret

I would NEVER make anything angsty. But I will make you regret for threatening me, so here I go (Plz don’t hate me):

31. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”

It‘s just special to watch your crush and fiance grow up from afar: that includes seeing how teenage Viktor got rid of his braces, or when he told the whole world „Hey hello I’m gay“ with some questionable costume and music choices (but the most obvious sign was his theme for that year. It was gayness, with a heart scribbled over the y for some reason)

A thing that was and still occasionally is surprising about Viktor is how goofy he can be.

Of course, there‘s just no way to live together with someone for over a year and not realize that they‘re not who they pretend to be for the press, but sometimes it‘s still overwhelming to see Viktor Nikiforov, gold medalist and living legend suddenly pretend to be a crab so he can pick up Yuuri‘s favorite cereal out of the lower shelf right in the middle of the grocery store.

It‘s endearing.

And offensive, really, how fucking good Viktor looks. No one probably laughed at him when he suddenly did these amazingly goofy things, partly because Viktor just looks unbelievable good with chopsticks shoved up his nose which is the sole reason Yuuri believes that yes, god does pick favorites, and also because the first few times it happened Yuuri would have rather believed that he hallucinated than to believe that Viktor would do something like that.

The worst part about this is that he does it all with a straight face like it‘s no big deal. Viktor just doesn‘t know how funny and goofy the things he does are, and Yuuri somehow doesn‘t want to tell him.

And then one day, it all reaches its climax.

After Yuuri had to see Viktor trying on red cowboy boots, dance to kalinka and fucking biting his lip like he was trying to hold back a moan Yuuri sat down on the couch and tried to relax a bit from Viktor‘s hotness.

There‘s just so much a human can take without going up in flames or grinding all over said person (Which is not an option because Yuuri is sleep deprived, feels his anxiety spiking and the frustration cold in his stomach, and sex is not really a thing he thinks of when he feels like that)

So when Viktor rolls out his yoga mat there is nothing special about it. Viktor wants to give Yuuri space without leaving him alone, but he knows when to leave if Yuuri is feeling worse and wants to be alone.

So Viktor isn‘t unwelcome in the living room.

Well, if he wouldn‘t be so damn distracting with his hot pink yoga pants with Katsuki Yuuri‘s Property written over his juicy ass. (A gift from Chris to Viktor‘s birthday. Yuuri is still bitter about the way Viktor‘s eyes lit up and then began tearing up. Yuuri will never forget the smug smirk from Chris)

When Viktor makes the downward dog pose Yuuri wonders if he does this on purpose. Viktor makes another pose, and god, his whole face is so concentrated and pink lips parted and the light hits him just so-

Yuuri licks his lips.

When Viktor takes a break Yuuri tries really hard to relax which works actually pretty well.

But then Viktor comes back with a blue hula hoop ring.

Yuuri chokes.

Viktor hula hoops, right in their living room, Viktor Nikiforov the living legend, a gorgeous, 28 year old man. Hula hoop.

Yuuri feels something hot and heavy sit in his chest.

Viktor is bad at hula hooping, and the hoop falls to the ground more than once.

Viktor clicks his tongue every time, bites his lip and tries again.

There‘s fucking glitter in the hoop.

Is Yuuri having a stroke? It feels like it.

God, the noises he makes. It reminds Yuuri of tennis somehow, but this here is way more lewd because Viktor‘s whole face contorts into his sex face, blushing and brows furrowed, biting his lip to keep all the moans inside, and god, Yuuri wants to bite and suck them, and they are so so red from all the biting, probably all soft and moist, like boobs but in a face, and-

Wow the sleep deprivation isn‘t doing good things to his brain.

„Mnn…“ Viktor makes and bites his lip.

„Stop biting that fucking lip!“ Yuuri almost screams. Viktor‘s head snaps to him with wide, shocked eyes.

It’s unfair how even like this he looks beautiful.

Yuuri gets up from the couch and pulls Viktor into a deep kiss, and god does it feel good when Viktor gasps into his mouth. He immediately presses further into him because his lips taste even better than they look. Yuuri runs his fingers through Viktor‘s hair and Yuuri smiles into the kiss as he feels him shudder, his other hand going to Viktor‘s ass and squeezing tight.

They both pant as they part, and Viktor already looks beautifully wrecked, lips red like strawberries.

„W-what was that for?“ he rasps.

„Gay me the fuck up.“ Yuuri almost groans, jumps up and wraps his legs around Viktor. He kisses him again and bites down hard into Viktor‘s lips until he feels hands digging into his ass.

Viktor gays Yuuri the fuck up.


I love dancing in this skirt even if I can’t do half the tricks I like! 💖🎀 stomach almost recovered after a motorbike-sarong incident, hurt a little to waist-hoop but at least I’m active again! #hooping #hooper #fairyhooper #hoopdance (at Pai | ปาย)

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11/15/17 and some notes from the week

I got my 40″ -42″ Warrior hoop on Monday and just had a blast trying it out. It is LIGHT. So even though it’s a bit smaller than my almost 43″ HDPE 160 psi hoop, it is work to keep it on my waist. I know the only thing that’s going to fix that is practice. 

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an affair of honor and of the heart

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO @mryddinwilt!!!!! I know I’m off by a day, but this had to be (as close to) perfect as possible because you are fantabulous and deserve the very best :D I’m so glad we started chatting a couple years ago, and I’ve loved all of our chats ever since! I hope your day was wonderful and that you enjoy this!

Summary: “Princess” Emma was so done with working at her family’s ren fair, and especially with one annoying pirate re-enactor. (Or was she?)

AO3 | FF.net | 5.5k

It was hot. It was humid. It was raining just slightly enough to be annoying. The corset was too tight, the roads were too muddy, and Princess Emma of Misthaven was too done.

Why couldn’t I just have gotten a job at the mall this summer, like everyone else?

She knew why. “Its tradition, Emma!” her mother always insisted. And who was she to go against the decree of Queen Mary Margaret?

Her mother’s family had ran the Storybrooke Medieval Faire every summer for years, and as such, held titles of royalty within its perimeters.

When she was a little girl, she loved the spectacle of it: the jousts, the performers, the food, the stalls of goods, and dressing up. She couldn’t wait for when she was old enough to actually work there, and while she was more than happy to assume her “princess” duties, she secretly pined for something else.

Now that she’s spent in the royal role, she wasn’t sure it was all it was cracked up to be. Teaching princess lessons was fun, don’t get her wrong—if only to see all the adorable little girls (and occasional tiny prince) practicing their curtsies and best manners.

No, it was the thrice-daily parades, having to ride in a carriage with her parents and sit up stock straight, followed by “knights” jousting for her “favour” at the end of the day that had her rethinking her family ties.

And, as she was just about to be reminded in today’s midday parade, the pirates. She had childhood dreams of joining their ranks, but now? They were the most frustrating.

“There she is! Finest lass in the kingdom.”

Correction: it was one pirate she was annoyed by.

“Pray tell, Your Highness: what does a man have to do to captain his vessel into your most beautiful port?”

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