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The Easy Way (Part 9) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: everyone is a badass

a/n: this is basically my prediction of what’s gonna happen in s7B so sorry if by the time you read this you already know what happened but ye if you’re reading this before feb 12th congratulations here’s what i thought up

You and Carl walked to the Hilltop with the rest of the group from Alexandria. It was hot, so your jacket was tied around your waist and the flannel you stole from Carl was tied up on your torso with the sleeves rolled up. Sweat dripped down your temple and on the back of your neck, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen Maggie since… Negan. When you got to the Hilltop Colony, you ran into Maggie’s arms. 

“I missed you so much,” you said into her shirt. 

“I missed you more, sweetie,” she replied. 

Sasha was there, hugging you once you pulled away from Maggie. So was Daryl, which almost made you cry. Almost

“What are we waiting for?” Maggie asked, looking at Rick. Rick looked to Daryl, who lead the way. 

“You all ready?” 

Everyone was ready. You were fighting for Abe, Glenn, Olivia, Daryl, and Eugene. You were fighting for Maggie’s kid, and for Rosita, who would never forgive herself if Eugene got hurt at the Sanctuary. You were fighting for Carl, and for yourself. You were fighting so you two could stay together without the fear of a man with his baseball bat. 

You headed out to the Sanctuary, staying hidden the best you could. The group decided against taking vehicles; You would be less visible on foot. With no guns, there was no way you could get a car in the Sanctuary without dying. Branches snapped and leaves crumbled beneath everyone’s sneakers and boots as you waded through the fallen trees. Your flannel was rolled back down with your jacket over top, as the nights were much cooler than the days. 

“So,” Jesus started, “We gonna come up with some kind of plan?”

“I know my way around,” Daryl said, volunteering his assistance. 

“Me too, kinda,” Carl added. 

“Should we split up? Or is it safer to go in numbers?” you asked. “I feel like we’re much safer in a group, but they’ll know something’s up when they see a ton of unfamiliar faces walking around together. We’re more vulnerable in pairs or alone, but the chances of us getting caught are much slimmer.”

“You’re right,” Rick said. “Let’s have Carl stay with Sasha, Michonne, and Maggie, (Y/N) with Jesus and Rosita, and I’ll stay with Enid, Tara, and Daryl. How’s that sound?”

Everyone nodded in approval. “Carl and Sasha, you focus on finding Eugene and making sure he gets out okay. (Y/N), Jesus, Rosita; you guys, find the armory. Take everything you can. We’ll find Negan.”

“Dwight, too,” Daryl added. 

“Alright. Everyone know what they’re doin’?” Rick asked. 

Everyone knew their job, and you all head your separate ways. You gave Carl a quick kiss before heading your separate ways. You and Rosita followed Jesus to a back area of the Sanctuary. There was only one guard, but he was loaded. Rick was the only one with a loaded gun, so shooting him wasn’t an option. Jesus wasn’t at the lineup, so you didn’t think they would recognize him. 

“I’m gonna go see what I can do,” he whispered. Stay here. You and Rosita were crouched behind an old statue. Jesus talked with the man. You were unsure of what either of them were saying, but nobody was dead yet. That must have meant nothing too bad had been said. 

Before you even saw it coming, Jesus kicked the guy in the stomach and had him on the ground. He took the gun our of his hand, using a trick Daryl taught you a while ago. You and Rosita were still too far away to hear what they were saying, but you noticed his hand creep into his belt and pull out a blade.

 The dagger was plunged into the man’s brain, and his gun was stolen. Jesus looked in your direction and waved his hand at you, urging you to come closer. 

“You know, killing people isn’t fun, but we gotta do it to make sure everyone we care about is safe. Let’s go.” And with that, the three of you headed into the Sanctuary. 

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