waist flannel

Character Quirks, Pt. 1

Always tucks their shoelaces into their socks

Refuses to sleep with a clock in their room

Keeps a caprisun in their purse just in case

Only has bandages with cartoon characters

Collects hair accessories but never does anything with them

Wears socks on their hands to sleep

Wears cardigans, gets ticked off if someone else shows up with one on

Eats Nutella out of the jar as a snack

Pretends to talk to pretty people in the mirror—in full sight

Skips because they claim it’s faster than running

Wears fingerless gloves everywhere

Carries a pack of cards in their pocket

Has a flannel around their waist—Emergency Flannel

Lies down on the floor at random times because their back hurts

Pretends to take notes but really looks at sensory and aesthetic pictures

Breaks into school lockers for candy

Grabs people’s wrists really hard when they get worried to the point of pain

Won’t stop singing whenever they’re doing something

Cites made up DnD statistics when they watch people

Always has headphones in, but really they’re on an app that amplifies sound so they can hear everything.

Carries around snacks like raw onions

Eats clovers for ‘luck’