In the Heart of the Storm (Part 6)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are house-sitting for some friends on the Chesapeake Bay in the middle of a hurricane. Unbeknownst to you, you’re not alone. Takes place immediately following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Warnings – Knives, mentions of torture

Word Count – 1,503

Notes – I had originally planned to take this fic one way, but the more I write, the more I’m led in a different direction.  There are so many possibilities and I’m having fun trying to explore them all!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

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“I may not remember much, but I know that I remember Steve.  The only way I can remember him all skinny and sickly is if I am Bucky Barnes.  I can’t explain how I survived that fall, or how I still look 28 after all of these years, but Steve believes I’m Bucky, and I believe in Steve.”

You were about to say something, but the words died on your lips as the power suddenly came back on. “Bucky” jumped up from his stool and grabbed a knife from the block on the island as the sound of the refrigerator turning back on startled him.  Before you knew what was happening, he had yanked you off of the stool and was standing in front of you with the knife outstreched.  Last night  he’d threatened you, but today it seemed as though he was trying to protect you.  Maybe he really was Bucky Barnes.  Maybe he wasn’t the bad guy after all.


“It’s just the refrigerator turning back on,” you explained as calmly as you could.  You could feel him draw in a deep breath in front of you as he seemed to try to regain control of himself.

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I’m screaming because I decided to combine these two requests and it ended up longer and more convoluted than expected BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AAA @chiimei @anonymous Thank you for sending them in! c:

From the prompt list (x)

It wasn’t the first time he’d thrown himself in the line of fire to protect her, and while Ladybug was always grateful to have someone always looking out for her, she couldn’t help but worry that one day irreparable damage would be done to him and she would be without her partner.

Chat Noir was reckless and often in peril, and most of the time it was because he was covering for her in one way or another. As years of their partnership went on, her fear of losing him built up over time. The only thing she could do was build a dam over the river that was her feelings on the matter, because she knew Chat Noir only wanted to protect her, and she couldn’t fault him for that.  

Today’s akuma attack, where she actually saw a sword go through her partner’s stomach, broke that dam in one fell swoop.

It all spilled out and she completely freaked out, and when Marinette freaked out she lost sight of everything and anything in her immediate vicinity, and it was by sheer luck that she had her freak-out in a completely secluded area with only Chat Noir as witness.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine if Emily was AD. Just imagine. I think the fandom would be shook for 22 years. Nobody would ever expect Puppy Eyes Emily Fields ;)

Dude I said this like…two days ago to someone!!! Emily being A.D. would be the biggest plot twist in the history of entertainment television. We, as a fandom, suspect everyone one and their unborn fetuses but nobody suspects Emily at all. If I were a big time writer, that’s the exact angle I would go with for a reveal. Without all the plot holes and inconsistencies, I would make my villain the most innocent person to the public, this way no one would ever consider the possibility - all while making very subtle hints towards that person.

Man…if it made sense, Emily would shock me for the rest of my life, deathbed and all. I would have paranoia and trust issues until the day i died.

We all know it’s like the most unlikely idea on the planet but can you imagine her motive? Like her infatuation with Alison got out of control until she became obsessive? Over the years she lowkey became one of those delusional lovers to the point she purposely implanted her eggs inside Alison this way they had no choice but to be together. Everything she did to Ali was “out of love” but because her brain is so warped, she doesn’t see the line between love and torture. She did all those things in the beginning to see if Alison was really dead and if she would come save her/her friends if they were in danger but over time, she became “addicted to playing with everyone’s lives”, as Mona referred A.D. to in 7x15. However, she keeps her act of innocence towards everyone and targeting herself along with the others but really doing up her victim role so that nobody would suspect she’s the mastermind because of all the situations she got herself into. That………that would be so wild.

Try Me (M)

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REQUESTED: by @bambamedaf ; a kind of funny but mostly smutty scenario where you’re best friends and you jokingly fight about who is the biggest hoe. 

Reader (you) x Bambam

Word count: 1641

Warnings: SMUUUUUUT 

none: FINALLY POSTING A REQUEST YAY! I’m so sorry for those who are waiting for SO LONG i’m such a bad writer why. I WILL GET TO THEM I PROMISE AND THANK TO @bambamedaf FOR WAITING SO LONG! ILY~ ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST EVER BAMBAM FIC YAYYYYYY! read well, my dears! -admin

A best friend is someone who is referred to as the closest one to you. They are the ones who make you happy whenever you’re feeling down or the ones who laugh at your stupid jokes. Either way, the closest one to you is the one you connect with the most. That was Bambam to you. All throughout high school, everyone had thought you and Bambam were dating at one point. You two spent so much time together, walking side by side, people had the right to assume you two were dating. Naturally, a thought like that had you develop feelings for your best friend. However, the only thing in your way was the connection between you two.

You didn’t want to lose the friendship you had with Bambam. He would always be there for you, whenever you’re in trouble or need a shoulder to cry on. And you didn’t want to lose that connection. However, you didn’t know Bambam had those same feelings as well.

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: You guys are literally too much, all of your sweet and wonderful comments literally make my day anytime I upload a part. It’s only been the first season and you guys constantly tell me how wonderful my writing is, and I can’t thank you enough. All of you, every one thousand seven hundred of you are absolutely amazing and just <3 I love you all.

This is it! I’ve finished all of season one, and next , two which i’m SUPER excited about. I’m constantly thinking of plans for future episodes and ahhhh! I’m just so excited. Also, finales are coming up and i’m starting to stress a bit, my page might be on hiatus for a bit, but not too long!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 01x12 and 01x13

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You groaned, slowly opening your eyes as you blinked. Everything was blurry, and you couldn’t quite remember where you were, Last thing you remember was being with Clarke and Finn. You moved to sit up, immediately grumbling in pain and looking at the source of your pain, your shoulder, you saw an arrow sticking out. Memories of being shot flooded in, and looking around, you found only Bellamy standing at a table.

You were in the drop-ship. 

I’m gonna keep you safe.

You heard the curtain to the drop-ship open, and looking over from your laying position, you saw Jasper walk in. He looked angry and you furrowed your brows, confused of everything. 

It was clear they didn’t know you were awake, so you stayed quiet for now, curious to see what was so wrong. There was clear tension between the two, so thick you felt as if you could slice through it with a knife. You bit your lip from groaning any further, you didn’t want to bother them and have them run towards you if they knew you were awake, so you closed your eyes, pretending to still be asleep.

“Don’t you think I want to go after them, too?” You heard Bellamy ask, and you furrowed your brows. Had they not gone to search for Clarke and Finn? You figured that to be who he was referring to, as you don’t remember anyone else going missing. You felt a spike of panic, knowing that the grounders had found, you knew they were in clear danger.

“If it was you out there, do you think Monty, Clarke or Finn would hide behind these walls?” You had been right, but you paused at the mention of Monty… Monty was missing too? 

“No. They’d go after me, and then they’d be dead, too.” Bellamy snapped. “I am doing what I think is right for the group.” 

“It’s funny, you didn’t think that when Octavia went missing.” Jasper mumbled, taking a breath you froze when you could just feel his eyes on you. “And you certainly aren’t worried for them now that you have Y/N.”

Bellamy paused, and you held in your breath, scared that they would find out you’d been ease-dropping. Though, you guessed Bellamy’d find out when you snap at him for leaving Clarke and Finn behind. “Where you going?” You finally heard him ask.

“More gunpowder for you mind-field… sir.” Jasper sarcastically replied, before you heard the thunking of his footsteps heading up the ladder.

You heard groaning and moaning, and finally opening your eyes you found Myles just a bit away from you. He was clearly injured though you weren’t sure how. You guessed he’d gone hunting and had gotten hurt by an animal or grounder or something. You barely noticed that you’d had your eyes open, clear for Bellamy to see when you heard his voice come out in a whisper; “Y/N?”

Turning your gaze to him, you went to shift towards him but immediately stopped when a sharp pain flooded through your arm. Groaning, you grabbed your shoulder and fell back against the bed. Footsteps echoed and soon Bellamy was by your side, his hand on your arm as he kept you stable. “Woah, woah, be careful. You’re still in bad shape.”

You opened your eyes, looking up at him as sweat covered your pale face. He brushed a strand of hair out of your face, looking down at you with caring eyes. Though despite the moment, you couldn’t help but see the conflict he felt and the frustration that flooded his vision. “We can’t help you without Clarke.”

Coughing slightly, you shifted so you were more comfortable. “Speaking of, you should’ve gone to find her and Finn. And now Monty?” 

“I needed to get you back. I needed to keep the people in here safe.” You turned to Bellamy, shaking your head at his stubbornness. “You know that isn’t right Bellamy.” Myles moaned again, coughing in pain as he grumbled to himself. Still Bellamy continued to look down at you, biting his lip in frustration.

“You wanted me to just leave you there to die?”

“Better than three of our most resourceful people dying.” You snapped; “Bellamy, Clarke inspires these people. Finn’s a great tracker and Monty has the brains to save us. I offer nothing but trouble.” Bellamy took a deep breath, shaking his head in frustration as Myles moaned even louder. Narrowing his eyes, he looked down at you, “you know that’s not true.”

“Yes, it is.” 

“Water…” Myles whispered, “water…” Bellamy’s hands slapped against your cot, making a thunk echo. You flinched, not sure why he was so angry but before you could ask, he walked off, mumbling that he’d get Myle’s some water. Sighing, you shifted on the cot, taking a deep breath at the uncomfortableness you felt in your shoulder. Bellamy was just so stubborn, arguing with him made you extremely frustrated.

Myle’s moaning annoyed the hell out of you, but you weren’t about to yell at a man in pain. Closing your eyes, you tried to ignore the annoying whining and tried to fall back asleep.

Before you could, footsteps came about again, though you chose to keep your eyes close, thinking it was only Bellamy. You didn’t want to get into another fight and if he was only bringing in water for Myle’s, there was nothing he needed from you. You heard some faint scuffling, before a sudden muffled shout came about. 

Panicking, you opened your eyes, following the trail of voices when you found Murphy holding a plastic bag over Myle’s head. You went to go to him when you remembered your predicament, and holding a hand over your mouth, you tried not to sob as you watch the life be sucked out of Myle’s. You didn’t know him personally, but seeing anyone choked to death was a terrible sight. “This is for tying the noose they hung me with.” Narrowing your eyes, you knew it was too good to be true that Murphy had turned to the better. He, like Bellamy, was stubborn and held grudges. Only if you had believed your gut, maybe Myle’s would still be alive.

You wondered how Murphy hadn’t seen you, but looking where you’d been placed, you noticed how you were just out of view to someone who wasn’t watching close enough.

You feared what he’d do if he found you in here, and with your injured shoulder you definitely couldn’t fight him, not like you could before. Looking over, you found a safe enough spot you could hide until you found a better solution, and biting your lip you begin moving off the cot. It took everything within you not to bellow out in pain as you leaned heavily on your injured shoulder. You managed to get off the cot without making any noise, but when you dropped into your nook, you let a little whine out. Panicking, you held your mouth but looked up to find Murphy too preoccupied with Jasper who had reached the bottom of the ladder.

“He stopped breathing… I- I was just trying to help.”

You watched with anxiousness as there was a stare off before something caught Jasper’s eyes, following his line of vision you found a gun. Murphy must have noticed it as well, as they both raced to reach the gun. Jasper was a second too late when Murphy manage to grab the gun. 

“Murphy, just put the gun down.” Jasper pleaded, holding up his hands in surrender.

“He tried to kill me.” Murphy defended, looking back at the lifeless figure of Myles. Jasper backed up in panic before Murphy moved the gun up, “hey! Don’t move!”

“Okay. Okay. It’s cool.”

“No, it’s not. You know what’ll happen to me if you tell Bellamy.” 

“Tell Bellamy what?” Bellamy’s voice came over the radio and you released the breath you’d been holding. Despite the situation, and it seemed damn near impossible to fix with Jasper at gun-point, something about hearing Bellamy’s voice, even if it was through static, gave you hope. Despite the number of arguments you two had had recently, you trusted Bellamy with your life. With Jasper’s life, you knew he would leave Jasper to die.

“Give me the radio, Jasper.” You couldn’t see his face, but from his tone you could tell Murphy was mad. Holding your shoulder, you kept your mouth shut completely in fear of letting out a noise, as you looked around you for a solution. Honestly, Murphy scared you, you knew he did what he did to survive and he didn’t care who happened to get in the way. It didn’t help with your condition that you couldn’t do much with your right arm.

Jasper brought out the radio, as if he was going to give Murphy the radio before he brought the radio to his lips, “Murphy has a gun. He killed Myles.” Jasper was knocked over the head with the gun mentioned and you jumped out to help him but stopped, knowing you could do nothing.

“Jasper…” You whispered.

“Murphy I know you can hear me.” Bellamy’s statice voice echoed out. You knew he knew you were in here, you only hoped he didn’t say anything. If you were quiet enough, you could maybe sneak around and open the drop-shop door. Maybe. Or try to attack him. It would be hard especially with Jasper tied on the ground with the gun pointed at him, you couldn’t risk Jasper dying. “All our ammo and food is on the main level. You’re leaving us vulnerable to an attack and you know I can’t let you do that.”

“Yeah, well in case you haven’t realized, you’re not exactly in control right now.” 

“Come on Murphy, you don’t want to hurt Jasper, you want to hurt me.” You felt your breath stop, with wide eyes you stared in the direction of Murphy. Bellamy couldn’t really be thinking about trading his life, could he? It would be just like him, but none of that mattered. You didn’t want Jasper dead. But you did not, at all circumstances, want Bellamy dead. Well, you were right about one thing, Bellamy wouldn’t let Jasper die, but at what cost? “So what do you say? How about you trade him for me?”

You watched Murphy’s face fall as he thought over the decision, you paused, shaking with terror. 

“All you have to do is let him go, and i’ll take his place.”


“Simple. You open that door, he walks out, I walk in.” Taking a deep breath, you calmed your nerves. Once again, preparing yourself, you began crawling forward, staying within the shadows as you got as close as you could so that you could jump out at the perfect moment and attack Murphy.

Murphy walked over to the lever, opening the drop-ship door. You crept forward, bracing yourself. “Just you, Bellamy. Unarmed. Ten seconds or i’ll put one in Jasper’s leg. One.” You watched Murphy pick up Jasper, placing him before the curtain, once he heard Bellamy’s confirmation that he was there, you took a deep breath and took your chance.

You jumped forward, ignoring the pain and jumped on Murphy. He grunted, but once he saw the arrow in you, he took his chance grabbing it and twisting it. You bellowed out in pain, sinking to the ground pitifully as Bellamy walked through. His eyes immediately fell on you, crumpled to the ground, grunting out in pain as Murphy closed the drop-ship door. You knew your plan was stupid and risky, but you hated yourself for failing so easily.

Holding your shoulder, you bent forward over yourself, cradling your shoulder. 

“Let her go.” Bellamy immediately jumped to protect you, “I said you could have me, no one else.” 

Murphy grabbed you, picking you up and holding you against him by your hair. It was like that night with Charlotte all over again when he had a knife against your throat, but instead with a gun this time. You felt the sweat pout down your face as you stared at Bellamy ashamed, you thought you could do better. “I traded Jasper for you, I didn’t even know Y/N was in here.” Murphy smirked next to you, “this just makes everything more interesting.”

Bellamy stepped forward, as if to reach for you before Murphy fired a gunshot next to your foot. You let out a little scream, flinching. Licking his lips, Murphy gestured over to the pile of seat belts on the ground. “Good. Tie those together. Do what I say.”

“Bellamy?” You faintly heard Octavia’s voice through the radio. Bellamy stared at the radio, begging with his eyes if could answer it. “Bellamy! Are you okay?”

“Want her to know you’re alive?” Murphy asked, point the walkie-talkie towards Bellamy, you watched with terrified eyes. “Start tying.” Again, your eyes landed on the seat belts on the ground, and grabbing Murphy’s arm that held your hair with your good arm, you pleaded; “no please. Murphy don’t do this.”

“Shut up.” Murphy ordered, pulling tighter on your hair, you groaned in pain.

“Bellamy! Do you copy?” Octavia’s desperate voice asked, and you could just picture the worry on her face. Making direct eye contact with Bellamy, you watched as he hesitantly began tying together the straps. “I’m fine. Just a misfire. Now stop worrying about me and get back to work, all of you…. and tell Raven to hurry her ass up.”

“Alright. That’s long enough.” You furrowed your brows at the mention of Raven, searching for an answer in Bellamy’s eyes but he only looked away. “Tie those two ends together.” Murphy ordered Bellamy again. You seethed when he pulled on your hair, turning to set down the walkie-talkie.

You could feel your heart beating against your chest rapidly, and the fear that radiate throughout you. Your arm stung like crazy but there was nothing you could do as Murphy held you in a locked position. “Alright. Now get up and toss it over.”

Your eyes followed where Murphy pointed, and fell back to Bellamy who reluctantly stood up, swinging the noose he’d created over the pole. You closed your eyes in terror as you tried to think of a way out of this one. This was all our fault, if you’d only tried harder. “What do you want me to say? You want me to apologize? I’m-” Murphy raised the gun when Bellamy took a step forward, effectively pulling harshly on your hair and forcing the end of the arrow to stick out, you screeched agony. Bellamy immediately stopped, taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”

“You got it all wrong Bellamy, I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then… then I want you to die.” Dread filled within you, as you pathetically struggled, but gave up when you realized struggling would do nothing but cause you more harm. 

Suddenly the grip on your hair was released and you were shoved forward, stumbling over yourself, you nearly fell but Bellamy caught you. You froze, turning to look at Murphy as you were unsure of what his plan was. He definitely wasn’t going to just let you go, he wasn’t that stupid. You watched as Murphy smirked, looking at yours and Bellamy’s position. Wiping his nose, he sniffled, before dryly ordering; “Y/N, why don’t you drag the stool over and place it right below the noose.”

You looked over at the stool, moving out of Bellamy’s arms and shaking your head. “I-I can’t…”

“Do it.” Murphy ordered, all amusement lost in his tone as he pointed his gun at you. You froze.

“Murphy come on, just let her go. She has nothing to do with this.” Bellamy countered.

“You’re wrong Bellamy.” Murphy smirked, teasingly smiling over at you. “She has everything to do with this.” He turned back to you, shooting another bullet as warning. You jumped, flinching when the bullet shot just to the left of your foot. Looking up at Bellamy for some kind of solution, you felt alarmed when he nodded, telling you to grab the stool. Reluctantly, you walked over to the stool ignoring the pain in your shoulder and dragging it over. 

“Stand on it.” Murphy ordered Bellamy, grabbing the other end of the noose. You stood helplessly behind Bellamy before Murphy ordered you over to him. You followed obediently, not wanting to anger Murphy when Bellamy was in such a vulnerable position. “Put it over your head.”

“This is insane.” Bellamy hesitated, “grounders cou-” Before you knew what was happening, Murphy’s hand was on your back, pressing you against him and his other hand fell on the arrow in your shoulder. You tried to shove him off you, but soon you were blinded with excruciating pain when Murphy ripped the arrow out of your shoulder. You fell to the ground, missing the way Bellamy called your name as you cried out in agony. “Put it over your head, or that’s not the only thing i’ll do to her.”

Bellamy placed the noose over his head, shrugging angrily at Murphy. “happy now?” Murphy pulled on his head of the straps, you laid on the ground, holding your wound as blood started to cover your hand. With tears in your eyes, you stared up at Bellamy. “You’re so brave aren’t you Bellamy? I mean you came in here, thinking you were just gonna turn it around, that you were stronger than me, and maybe one of your friends would come and help you. Well what help she was.” Murphy spat, looking down at you teasingly. You glared pitifully up at him, cradling your shoulder. 

Murphy tightened his strap on the noose, pulling Bellamy so he was only able to stand on his tip-toes. You reached out for Murphy’s foot, crying out. “Please. Murphy, don’t do this.”

“You know I got hand it to you Bellamy, you got him all fooled. They actually look up to you, almost as much as they look up to Clarke. You even convinced Y/N who hated you.” Murphy laughed ironically, pointing down at you. You looked at Bellamy, finding his concerned eyes on you and you whimpered. “You know, Y/N how’d you managed to turn Bellamy around? You’ve changed him.” 

“I didn’t change him…” You panted. 

Murphy took a deep breath, pausing for dramatic effect. “Well, we know the truth don’t we guys.” Turning to Bellamy, he glared, “you’re a coward. l learned that the day you kicked the crate out from beneath me.”

“Bellamy…” You gasped, “don’t listen to him.”

“You know Y/N,” Murphy said, turning to you. He crouched down to your level and you watched as Bellamy moved as if to reach you, but stopped when he realized that it wouldn’t do you nor him any help. Your eyes fell on Murphy who smirked down at you cockily, “I see the way he looks at you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” You glared, knowing he was only trying to get under your skin. Though when your eyes fell on Bellamy and you saw the sense of alarm in his eyes, you wondered what Murphy was actually talking about. “Fine,” Murphy smiled mischievously. You watched with fear as he looked back at Bellamy knowingly, “don’t believe me?” You screamed, biting down on your lip when Murphy dug his finger into your wound.

“Y/N!” Bellamy called, stepping forward as he wobbled. He held the straps around his neck, trying to stay steady as he tried to gain Murphy’s attention away from you. “Stop! Murphy, I should have stop them! Just stop!” Murphy left your side and you panted restlessly. Questioningly, you looked over at Bellamy who seemed immediately relaxed that Murphy was nowhere near you.

“Yeah, well it’s a little late for that now.”

“You think they’re just gonna let you walk out of here?”

“Well, I think the princess is dead… but i know the king’s about to be.” Murphy turned to you; “and Y/N’s useless. So who’s really gonna lead these people, huh? Me. That’s who. And yeah, maybe i’ll have to kill your little grounder-pounding sister and Y/N shouldn’t be too ha-” Bellamy shot out, kicking his leg at Murphy. Though he easily blocked, grabbed his end of the rope and pulling harshly.

“Murphy! Murphy… please…” You begged.

“Ahh!” A sudden scream came from beneath you all, you stared in confusion at the ground before you remembered Bellamy mentioning something about Raven. 

“I’m guessing that’s her right now.” Murphy guessed, stepping forward and shooting his gun multiple times over the floor of the drop-ship. You winced, hoping he missed Raven. 

“No!” Bellamy bellowed.

Murphy gun soon clicked, meaning he had no more ammo. Realizing this was your chance, you looked desperately for anything that could help before your eyes landed on the arrow that had been ripped from your skin. The sharp part was still in tact, and shooting out, ignoring the discomfort you grabbed the arrow and looked over at Bellamy. He shook his head but you ignored him, you weren’t going to fail this time. 

Murphy shot forward, kicking the crate from beneath Bellamy. You gasped, sitting up so you were on your knees and without Murphy noticing you shot forward, stabbing him in the leg with the arrow. He grunted in pain, falling over from the pain, you tried to get to Bellamy but Murphy grabbed you from the waist smacking you against the ground. You blinked as everything became blurry, and when Murphy wound his arms around your throat. You choked, trying to breathe as you felt your vision turning black in some spots. You barely recognized the drop-ship door opening before Murphy’s hands left your throat.

Gentle hands fell on your shoulders, “Y/N, Y/N are you oaky?” Opening your eyes, you found Jasper before you and looking over at Bellamy you shoved Jasper away desperately. “I’m fine! I’m fine! Help him!”

Jasper listened, and siting up you panted as they got Bellamy down. You sighed a breath of relief when he started to breathe again, albeit roughly. His eyes fell on you and you nodded. “Murphy!” You heard him yell hoarsely as he made his to the ladder you guessed Murphy had gone up on. “Murphy! Give it up, you’re done!”

Jasper followed in to, but you looked up at Octavia when she headed towards you with bandages in her hands. You lost sense of Bellamy there, instead focusing on Octavia as she gently pulled your jacket off. You yelled in agony when pulled it off, the jacket sticking ever so slightly to the blood from your wound before you were left in only your tank-top. She looked over at you, “are you okay?”

“Fine despite the burning pain in my shoulder.” You joked, smiling weakly at her. She shook her head at that fact that you could still make jokes even in a time like this, and begin wrapping the bandages around your shoulder. You helped her by holding your arm up and biting your lip from the pain.

“How is she?” You heard Bellamy asked, turning you saw him heading down the ladder. 

“I’m not a doctor, but the arrow being pulled out got the pain over and done with quick.” Octavia explained, before looking back at you. “You should be fine as long as you don’t work this arm too hard.”

“All gunners, we got movement outside the south wall.” You heard come over Bellamy’s radio. Standing up, you nodded gratefully at Octavia who helped you before running outside with the rest. Relief filled within you when Clarke and Finn walked through the gates, you smiled upon the sight of them. “Hey! We heard an explosion, what happened?” Clarke asked, reaching Bellamy.

“Murphy happened.” 

Jasper flew past you, hugging Clarke, you watched with a fond smile. “Thank god.” He sighed, pleased at the sight of those you all thought were gone. Pulling back, his eyes searched for another. “Where have you been? Where’s Monty?”

“Monty’s gone.”

“Went missing the same day you did.” You finally spoking, snapping Clarke’s attention over to you. Her face immediately erupted into a bright smile when she saw you, and jumping forward, she hugged you tightly. You left your arms open, shocked by her hug. You never knew she cared that much for you. “You’re alive! I-I thought I left you there to die…”

“It’s okay.” You reassured, patting her on the shoulder.

“Clarke. We need to leave, now.” Finn interrupted the moment. “All of us do. There’s an army of grounders, unlike anything we’ve ever seen, heading our way. We need to pack what we can and run.”

“Like hell we do.” Bellamy shook his head, “we knew this was coming.”

“Bellamy, we’re not prepared.” You argued. 

“And they’re not here yet,” Bellamy argued. “We still have time to get ready. Besides, where would we go? Where would we be safer than behind these walls?”

“There’s an ocean to the east. People there will help us.”

“You saw Lincoln.” Octavia stated, staring at Finn.

“You expect us to trust a grounder? This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind this wall in this ground. Our ground! The grounders think they can take that away. They think because we’re from the sky, that we don’t belong here. But they’re yet to realize one very important fact; we are on the ground now, and that means we are grounders!”

“Bellamy…” You whispered, mainly to yourself. You were unsure of his statement, but looking around you only saw nods of agreement and of encouraged. You realized that it didn’t matter what you thought, they all believed in Bellamy.

“Grounders with guns.” 

“Damn right!” Bellamy agreed, “I say let em’ come.”

“Bellamy’s right.” Clarke announced, stepping forward. “If we leave, we may never find a place as safe as this. And God knows, in this world, we could be faced with something even worse tomorrow. But that doesn’t change the simple fact, that if we stay here tonight we will die. So pack your things, just take what you can carry now.”

You went to follow the crowd, confused of what would really help. But a desperate voice caught your attention; “help me.” Turning, you saw Raven with blood coating her jacket. Panic filled you, and quicker than you’d ever ran before, you caught up to her. Holding her as she fell against you. “Raven!” You called, worried. You ignored the way she leaned on your bad shoulder, she was clearly worse than you and a dear friend, you wouldn’t just ignore her.

“Murphy shot her!” You announced, turning to the rest. Finn grabbed Raven from you, hefting her up as he carried her to the drop-shit. You held your bloody hand against your mouth in concern.



“What Y/N?” 

“What are you doing?” You asked, looking as he stood still in the drop-ship. “We’re getting ready to leave. There isn’t much time.” You hesitated, unsure of what he was planning. You don’t know why, but with his speech earlier you were worried he wouldn’t come along and rightfully so.

“We shouldn’t be leaving.” He shook his head, finally turning to you. “Cowards. We should be fighting them.”

“We can’t fight an army we have no chance against.” You tried, walking up to him as you shook your head. His eyes fell on your shoulder which was still bandaged, you’d left the jacket off, figuring it would do you no good and you could just find another. You watched his hand carefully as it fell on your arm, and his eyes turned to yours.

“Bellamy, please.” You begged.

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to say that you’re with us. That you’re coming.” You pleaded, eyes curled up in concern. Grabbing a hold of his hand that held your arm, you squeezed tightly, “I can’t do this without you.”

“Fine.” He relented, sighing. You could see in his eyes he didn’t like this, but you let a smile fall on your lips. You nodded to him reassuringly, turning towards the exit and walking out. Bellamy followed you, and the both of you made it so you were standing next to Raven on the stretcher. Bellamy left your side slightly but you stayed next to Raven, smiling weakly down at her. She reached her hand out for yours, her face covered in a thick sweat. Despite the short amount of days you’d known Raven for, you cared for her, and it hurt you to see her in so much pain. You grabbed her hand, squeezing tightly and then the crowd began walking, but you didn’t let go of her hand.

The walk was long and silent. You kept a straight face and a guarded exterior as you walked next to Raven. A solemn feeling entered your body as you left your home. It had many bad memories and many good, but it had become the only home you ever felt like you belonged in.

Suddenly Octavia raised her hand, effectively stopping the crowd. “What?” You whispered, looking through the trees for any danger. “What is it?”

“Why are we stopping?” You heard Raven ask, you looked over at Finn. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t see anything.” Jasper mumbled. Suddenly a spear shot through the sky, hitting a boy in the chest. You held your hand against your mouth, gasping as panic erupted around the crowd. 


Running through the tunnel, you held your breath, trying to stay quiet. You ran until you found the back of Bellamy, and without saying anything you dropped next to him. Bellamy’s attention immediately fell on you and he stared at you in shock, “what are you doing here?”

Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself, placing your gun on top of the ledge before you. you positioned yourself so you could see clearly through the viewer off the gun. “Helping.”

“Y/N, you’re not a-”

“A gunner.” You interrupted, turning to him. Nodding your head, you agreed; “I know.”

“Then what the hell are you doing here?” He asked, his voice raising slightly.

“I told you already, i’m not leaving you or my friends to die.” You announced, turning back to the forest in front of you. You felt Bellamy’s gaze on you, reluctant to let you throw yourself in danger like this. Realizing you weren’t budging and no matter how long he tried to convince you to leave, it wouldn’t change a thing. He sighed. You missed the way he opened his mouth, hesitant to say his next words; “Y/N?” You hmmed a response, focusing on preparing your gun. “I’m sorry for getting mad at your dad.”

With shocked eyes, you turned to look back at him. That’s definitely not what you had expected; “I-I..”

“You’re not a murderer.” He repeated that famous line, turning to you with sincere eyes. “And just because your father killed my mom, doesn’t give me the right to get mad at you.”

“Thank you…” You mumbled, unsure of how to reply. He smiled lightly, before nodding and turning back to his gun.

“Where’s Octavia?” Bellamy asked through the walkie-talkie.

“She left five minutes ago. Didn’t say where to.” Miller’s voice came over the radio. “She thinks she’s a damn samurai.”

“Maybe she is.” You threw in, trying to lighten the mood. Bellamy smirked at you, shaking his head. “See anything?”

“No.” Monroe panted, “what the hell are they waiting for?”

“The longer they wait, the better.” You explained, “it’s about buying time for Raven.”

“I see them!” Sterling panicked. “They’re moving. I count one- two… no wait! There’s more! I don’t know man, there’s too damn many of them.”

You jumped slightly when you heard a gunshot go off, taking a deep breath you straightened your own gun out, placing your finger on the trigger. You faintly saw an image of your mother pop up, but shook your head. This was no time for you too be afraid of killing people. If you wanted your people to live, you needed to toughen up.

Looking over at Bellamy, you blanked out what he was saying. If you wanted Bellamy to live, you needed to toughen up.

More gunshots went off, “south-fox hole, report now.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’re okay. They didn’t attack. It’s like shooting at ghosts.”

Looking through the trees, your heart picked up when you saw a shadow run across the forests. Panting, you rocked in fear as they continued to run back and forth. “There!” You shouted hoarsely, “I see them!” You yelled before gunshots went off next to your ear. Following your teams lead, you began shooting, aiming for them. It was too damn hard with them constantly running around though. 

“Stop! Stop!” Bellamy ordered, you immediately obeyed, holding your fire. “Hold your fire!” Every one stopped, and you pulled back, moving to reload. “Reload now.” Bellamy ordered once again.

Staring baffled, you panted; “those were our last clips.”

“We should- we should fall back.”

“No if this position falls, they’ll walk right through the front gates.”

“They’re drawing our fire,” you mumbled. Watching as all your bullets missed them. It made complete sense, with them running around and the clear fear that radiate off of you all, they could draw your fire so you were unable to fight them. A battle tactic. “They want us to run out of ammo.” Shaking your head, you grabbed the walkie-talkie from Bellamy’s hand. “all gunners, listen up. The grounders are not attacking. They’re making us waste bullets. Don’t shoot when they’re running laterally.”

“Y/N’s right.” Bellamy backed you up and you handed back over the radio, blushing slightly when he smiled proudly towards you. “Don’t fire until you’re sure it’s an attack. Repeat, do not fire until your sure it’s an attack.”

You panted desperately, swinging back and smacking the back of the gun against a grounders head. He grabbed the gun, holding your hands as he punched you in the stomach. You groaned, folding over as you slumped to the ground, but before you could fall, the grounder grabbed your hair, pulling your head up to his view and pulled out a knife. You seethed, terror filling as you watched him smirk mercilessly and bring the knife so he could stab you.

Looking around with only your eyes, you found the gun you’d used before and reached for it. You grabbed it just in time, using all your force as you pulled back and smacked the gun in his gut. You let out a grunt, quick to rip the knife out of his hands and with a cry stabbed him in the chest. Letting go of the knife, you slumped exhausted. You barely paid mind to the blood that covered you, as it wasn’t the moment.

You hadn’t had to be this ruthless before and it scared you, but the adrenaline rushed through you along with the fear that made you continue fighting. You’d been separated from Bellamy when Octavia had gotten hurt and the others along the way. You stared at the bodies that littered around you, and realized you needed to get back to ship. You were all getting overrun and if you weren’t on that ship in time then you would be burnt to a crisp. Standing up, you pushed your way through the trees, when you caught sight of the drop-ship.

You smiled at the sight before a bellow caught your ears, it was all too familiar. And almost in slow motion, you found Bellamy smacked to the ground by some kind of leader-looking grounder. You found Clarke at the entrance of the drop-ship, her face twisted as if she was gonna cry when she caught sight of Bellamy. They were gonna close the doors and leave Bellamy, you deciphered. Looking back, you couldn’t blame them as there was no way he’d be able to make it back in time without the drop-ship being run over by grounders.

Taking a deep breath, you took one last longing look at the drop-ship before running towards Bellamy. You picked up a spear on the way, smacking the grounder up the neck as he grunted in pain. “Y/N!” You heard Clarke scream, looking up, you smiled reassuringly. 

Turning you found the grounder you’d hit fine and turning to you with the look of a killer. You gulped, holding the spear up as he raced towards you. He grabbed the spear from your hands easily, smacking you over the head. You felt all the air be knocked over you as you fell to the ground, the grounder following you, a lustful look in his eyes as he went to kill you. 

His face twisted into shock when Bellamy punched him, knocking him off to the side slightly. Bellamy was quick to grab you, pulling you up. “Y/N!” He yelled over the screams, “go!” His hand shot out behind him, to the drop-ship and you only shook your head no.

“I’m not leaving you!” You shouted back, turning when the grounder got back up. Bellamy grabbed his jacket, trying to hold him off. “Please, just go! I can’t loose you too.”

“I’m not leaving you.” You said again, nodding determined. You saw Finn run past you as he helped Bellamy out. Nodding, you turned to Clarke, signaling her to let you all go. And turning, you prepared yourself, nodding before you ran back to the grounder, helping Finn and Bellamy.

You paused, smiling when you heard the drop-ship close. You looked at Bellamy, who had tears in his eyes as he shook his head at you. You stared at the grounder, that with the help of the three of you had been knocked to the ground. “Y/N…” He panted, walking towards you.

“Before we die, Bellamy.” You interrupted, “I just wanted to say, i’m really glad I met you.” You smiled. “even you Finn.” You joked, turning to Finn as he smiled, shaking his head as he breathed heavily. Turning, you stared at the mass of grounders running your way, and with a nod to the other three, you ran forward.

Blood flew everywhere, and you screamed in pain as a grounder smacked you in the face. You kept expecting to feel the burn of the explosion evaporate around you, but it never came. As if in slow motion, you felt yourself fall to the ground pitifully, looking up and finding the same grounder that had fought you, Bellamy and Finn before you with a smirk as he picked you up effortlessly. At this point you were a far distance away from the drop-ship.

There’s was nothing you could do as he carried you, on your own there was no way you could beat him. Everything was moving so quickly. One minute your beside Bellamy and Finn, before the drop-ship and the next your on your own, faraway enough from the drop-ship that the explosion could potentially not insure you. Your eyes felt heavy as your head swayed, and you felt the dirt that stuck to your face make your head feel even heavier. 

As he hauled you over your shoulder, you saw him dragging Finn. Panicked, you searched desperately for Bellamy, wanting to see him one last time before whatever would happen to you, killed you. You couldn’t find him, no matter how hard you tried. And despite the dizziness you felt and the way you felt no strength left, you felt tears fall from your face.



The difference a year can make. You can see how healthier and happier he looks now (and more handsome as well). I’m proud of this man in every possible way there is for one to be proud. I’m so proud we stood by him and supported him. I’m so proud of him for reconsidering what he had to do to get his life back. So proud that he tried to move on and succeeded. I’m so glad he got himself those long ass vacations in Ibiza. I’m so glad he spent quality time with his family. And I’m so glad he’s moving on with his life. Ughhh I love him so much and nothing will change that ❤️ (ALSO: HUGE SHOUTOUT TO EVERY DEPPHEAD OUT THERE BECAUSE YOU HELPED HIM AND SUPPORTED HIM AND I LOVE AND THANK YOU FOR THAT)

I’m scared I’m never going to find someone who looks at me the same way you did. Someone who admires the ground I walk on and compliments me in ways that compliments my soul rather than my body or my face. You were one of a kind in that way. You touched me in ways that no one physically could and our minds aligned in ways that seemed other worldly. Your wit challenged me. Your humor had me enamored. I am terrified that you were it, that that was the closest and the most in sync I will ever be with anyone. How is it that I can walk around scared of this while you go about your life? A few weeks before you left, you told me that I saved your life. You told me I pulled you out from a dark place and that I was the light for you at times. How is it that you can say all that and I can believe it and then you can just move on? How is it that in a place with all of our friends it is always me that is the one who seems out of place? How is it that you are so coy about all of the tension that dances in the air around us? How are you? Because I am scared.

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Are your drawing sfw or nsfw/18+?

Almost all of my work with the exception of one is sfw. Because of the way the one nsfw (which tbh was honestly barely nsfw to begin with) was stolen and reposted extensively, I’ve decided that I will no longer be posting any nsfw online because art theft in general makes me feel like absolute shit but nsfw art theft brings that discomfort to a whole new level and it’s not worth it for me.

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nobody likes me. i don't know what to do. my mum is having a mid-life crisis. my only friend is my therapist. most of the times my dog doesn't even like me. i'm sad. and anxious. i'm lonely. and hopeless. and alone.

I’m sorry anon :-( life sucks sometimes and that’s the thing. people say that if things suck that means it can only get better. that’s 100% true but I know it definitely doesn’t feel that way. I know what if feels like to be backed into a corner where it seems like you don’t have any way out. except there is. there is one way out of the corner but you’re just facing the wall. it’s not gonna be a fast process you can’t just up and walk away from the corner. eventually you’ll slowly start turning away from the wall and one day you might even take a step away from it. but it’s a lot about changing your perspective and becoming the change in your life. I’m proud of you for seeing a therapist it’s a big step and definitely helpful. I’m sorry your mum can’t be supportive for you right now but in a mid life crisis maybe you can be supportive for her too. and trust me, your dog always loves you. take care anon, the corner is not your forever.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm using the label "ace" as a shield to avoid forming connections with people. But I feel like I really am ace? And I want to be in a relationship. But when they express sexual interest I bolt and feel repulsed. But at the same time I've been okay with having sex with my partners in previous contexts (like maybe that's an issue of being repulsed by feeling objectified?) I feel confused and I can't seem to justify my identity one way or another.

If you think you are ace and sex repulsed I’d suggest not trying to justify it to yourself. I know a lot of sex repulsed people say this behavior doesn’t make sense, why am I doing it? And honestly, it could take a realllly long time to figure out the why. I noticed why I did stuff… 4-5 years after the event that caused the behavior.

If you think therefore you are. You don’t need to prove it to yourself. You don’t need to be like ODD BEHAVIOR MEANS U FAKE. Instead make a mental note, and validate yourself. That likely will give you the peace you need to figure it out.

X-Files Fic: Sapokanikan, Part V

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


Staggering down the stairs, she tried to catch her breath, her hands shaking, her mind filled with the same terrified mantra she heard whenever she woke up this way; the repetitive I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared resounded while she made it through the living room, found that the study’s closed door still held some light beneath it. The rest of the house was dark, and hours ago, she’d gone to bed alone while Mulder insisted he would be up in a few minutes, and after a combination of surgical training and being on-call in the emergency room, she’d felt spent enough to fall asleep without him. However, one of her recurring nightmares had woken her, and though the dream itself hadn’t stuck in her mind, the fear it left behind had taken over her body. She always felt emotions in this way, one so overwhelming and somatic that only diligent breathing exercises or creature comforts could calm her; mental reassurance and positive self-talk hardly helped, so she needed something extra, either chemical or physical, and when she’d turned over in bed to find herself alone, she’d decided to seek out physical first.

Gripping the door handle so hard that her knuckles blanched, she threw open the study’s door, her chest heaving, her body shaking, and as usual, Mulder sat at the desk, his feet up on top of newspapers and photographs, his laptop on his outstretched legs. When she’d asked him to bed, he’d been in the same position.

“Hey,” he said, his gaze at the screen as he typed. “I know, I know. Just give me five more minutes, okay? There’s something I want to finish off.”

While she leaned against the door jamb, she tried to find words, her anxiousness making her shudder.

“Scully, you ought to see this,” he said with amazement, a little smile on his lips. “There’s…it’s science, pure science. And it’s all coming together now, the things we used to do. It’s all starting to mean something.”

Sharply, she inhaled, her mind too full, and thankfully, that sound garnered his attention, for he glanced to her with concern, and suddenly - for once - she started to take priority.

“Hey,” he asked, fear in his eyes as he stared at her crumbling figure. “What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath, she managed, “Dream.”

“Shit, Scully.” He tapped his lap like he used to tap her pillow, left the laptop on the desk in front of him as he rested his feet on the floor. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. Come here.”

She forced herself to walk steadily, to appear better off than she felt, and once she reached his chair, he pulled her into his arms, let her rest against him on the chair, her body limp on his, her arms wrapping around him while his held her close. With her forehead against his neck, she softly closed her eyes.

“It’s okay now,” he whispered to her, his comforting voice - one she hadn’t heard in months now - bringing tears to her eyes. “You’re safe. I’m right here.”

He gingerly stroked her back, the sweat stains on her pajamas overlooked. Then, she took a deep breath, wanted to take in the familiarity of him, but he held no aroma of his deodorant, the tea tree soap they kept in the shower, a day’s sweat; instead, she could smell days-old laundry, sebum, a boys’ locker room stench, and momentarily, she wondered when he’d last showered.

He kissed her forehead, then tugged his chair closer to the desk.

“I’m just going to finish this, okay?” he said, his hands favoring the laptop’s keyboard. “And then, I’ll take you to bed.”

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As much as I love Lacelot this retelling of SoC just reminds me of how bad I felt for Fairy and Bubbie throughout this :(

It really is a raw deal for all parties involved in one way or another….

Once in a blue moon, Hunk and Lance will be found roughhousing. This often includes hair pulling, pinching, slapping and lots and lots of elbowing (Lance’s pointy joints can be damn right lethal).

It’s not because they wanna hurt each other, it’s just sometimes they feel a little too playful and need something to do in order to release all the energy (better to mess about with each other rather than with one of Pidge’s experiments, they learnt that the hard way)

Though at one point Shiro got worried when he saw Hunk body slam Lance but just when he was about to intervene Pidge caught him by the wrist and said “It’s Leg Business, leave them be.” which just left Shiro questioning what on Earth did he do to deserve being a babysitter to these weirdass kids.

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Why do su fandom always labels any new gem/gem relationships as platonic? "Ruby and sapphire are good gal pals, Rose and Pearl were like mother and daughter, pearl and amethyst only like garnet because fusion with her feels good, diamonds are sisters, Topaz is actually two twins". It's so annoying.

Again, they can be whatever you want at this point. it’s up to interpretation. it’s not something that is set in stone as one way or the other. just if someone decides to draw them together dont write a stupid ‘arent they sisters :\’ comment on it. that’s it.

Unanswered Questions

Characters: Gabriel x Reader kinda

Summary: Gabriel is stuck up a tree.  How did he get there?  How will he get down?  Why are the police after him? What is he wearing?  

Word Count: 1373 words

Prompt: I want to see you try to talk your way out of this one.”

A/N: So this is for @trexrambling and @wheresthekillswitch  and their amazing crackfic challenge.  It’s also kinda for my fellow Mitten @thewhiterabbit42 because it’s her fault I had this image in my head.  

Gabriel had been sitting there for forty minutes now and his ass was beginning to go numb.  This was absolutely not going to plan and he was running out of options.  Swinging his legs lightly he surveyed the drop once more on the off chance the ground had mysteriously got closer since the last time he looked.  Sitting at the base of the tree was that damned cat watching him somewhat smugly. “This is your fault fleabag. Consider yourself lucky I’ve lost my mojo or you would be in a world of pain right now.” He frowned.  This whole human thing was really not as easy as he had hoped, they were so damned breakable.  Sliding his phone out of his pocket he flicked through his limited contacts wondering which would be the least humiliating to call and help him out of this situation.  Cas? He wasn’t sure if he could put up with the endless questions.  “Why are you sat in a tree brother?”, “Why are you dressed like that?”, “What cat? I can’t see a cat Gabriel.”.  No, not Cas.  Dean?  Oh hells no. That wasn’t even an option.  His thumb lingered over your number for a moment but then explaining the outfit would mean explaining he had caught feelings and he really wasn’t ready for that rejection, especially while stuck up a tree.  The longer he sat here the greater the chance he would get caught so he took a deep breath and called the last option.  “Sam. I need your help.”

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