Like GS: Dark Dawn, Lufia/Estpolis III is another game that wasn’t really presented all that great (luckily I have the non-english version and at least it didn’t have as many spelling errors OTL;;;) but it’s another GBC RPG of my childhood and while some characters have criminal potential waste issues going on, I love the general idea and design of all of them A LOT. 

so I wanted to try drawing my final Party in my recent playthrough! it was definitely fun~ COLORS.

You know you play too much Lufia: The Legend Returns when…

You buy Cima: The Enemy because the main duo remind you of Wain and Seena.

…Partly because you hope it’s the sequel L:TLR was clearly pointing towards during the end credits. I gave up on that game before beating the first boss, though. I couldn’t figure out how to hurt it. This was in the days before I was well-acquainted with the internet and its plethora of walkthroughs. Maybe I’ll pick that up again one day… Think I’ll beat L:TLR a nineteenth time, though.