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So apart from the whole ‘saving the world from eternal darkness’ thing, Noctis is pretty sure he’s not a good king. He kinda wishes he’d paid more attention to his dad’s advice, or to Ignis’s lecturing, years back, when they were trying to prepare him for the role. He’d been more interested in playing video games at the arcade with Prompto, though. And things have come full circle, yeah, in the sense that now he’s more interested in lounging around in bed with Prompto all day. But he’s the king, and there’s meetings to attend. There are diplomats to meet with, treaties to forge with the remnants of other nations. Altissia held out surprisingly well, and their government remained intact through the ten years, and they’re still kinda holding a bit of a grudge about the time Noctis let a god wreak havoc on their city, imagine that.

Noctis is pretty sure that the fact that he saved the world from eternal darkness is the only thing that’s making people overlook the fact that he’s an incompetent fool. Prompto is always quick to point out that Noct’s not doing a half-bad job. Ignis is quick to point out that as dumb as Noctis might be, he is more than capable of covering up the king’s messes.

Noctis, King of Lucis, is currently trying to take an afternoon nap. Trying, being the key word. He’s got a miraculous break in his schedule. He’d spent all morning hashing out a trade agreement with Altissia. The one good thing about a city being in ruins and inhabited by a mad immortal king and a boatload of daemons is that the royal coffers are still full. The downside is that money is less important than commodity goods. It’s giving him a headache.

He has three hours until he has to be back to work, and he shows up to royal quarters in a mess, toys strewn across the living room, Prompto’s breakfast half-eaten on the coffee table, the television droning in the background, and a panicked husband pacing back and forth with a screaming baby.

“He won’t stop crying,” Prompto says, in a voice that suggests he’s thirty seconds from an emotional breakdown, “all morning, Noctis, I’ve tried everything…

Noctis is not getting his nap.

“Give him here,” he sighs, and Prompto passes their screaming son over. Usually, the magical connection is soothing. Right now, though, it does nothing. The baby is still screeching his lungs out. His soft black curls are matted against his forehead. His little freckled cheeks are splotchy and wet with tears. His face is scrunched up into a pathetic wail.

“Ignis says he’s probably teething,” Prompto runs a hand through his hair, and he collapses onto the couch the moment he’s not holding the screaming baby anymore. “He said to give him something cold to chew on but it’s not helping, Noct, I’m sorry, I know you’re busy but I didn’t sleep last night and I’m so goddamn tired and he’s hurting and—“

“Calm down,” Noct sighs. He’s good at the king voice. He knows it cuts through the panic and the fear that still grips Prompto at times, when he’s feeling particularly helpless or useless or upset, and right now, it’s sorely needed.

Prompto falls silent. The baby’s still crying, though the sobs have died down a little, are at least no longer shattering their eardrums. His little fists are clenched into his shirt, and Noct’s pretty sure he’s got snot stains all over the fine, satiny fabric. Fantastic.

“I’ve got a thing later,” Noctis says, his voice softening a touch. “But I’m free till then. I’ll take him, you should sleep.”

“I can’t sleep while he’s in pain,” Prompto whines, and as if in response to that, the baby breaks into another wail, loud and miserable. Noctis groans, and Prompto buries his face under a pillow.

“Hate to break it to you, but I don’t think we can do much,” Noctis understands, though. His heart’s breaking in a way he hadn’t quite expected, seeing those tear-filled, bright blue eyes – Prompto’s eyes – staring at him. Pathetically. Asking him to make it better, in the only way he can. Fuck.

“Just gotta grin and bear it, little guy,” Noctis says softly, cradling the baby up against his chest, chin propped against his shoulder, one hand gently smoothing over the back of the baby’s sweat-covered tonberry onesie.

“Parenting sucks sometimes,” Prompto grumbles. “Why did nobody tell us it was gonna be hard?”

“You expect anything in our lives to be easy?” Noctis laughs a little, and the baby wails again, in response. “Hey, it’s okay, shh, I know, I’m talking in a big scary voice, huh…?”

Prompto slowly lifts his head, and sits up. His eyes are red with exhaustion, maybe a few tears of his own shining wet across freckled cheeks. “You’re way better with him than I am,” he admits, frowning, chewing his lip. “Totally not fair, Noct.”

“I’m not better,” Noctis says – though he’s mindful of his voice now, keeping his tone gentle, low – pacing slow circles around the room. “You’re just as important. You’re just tired, you’ve been dealing with him all morning.”

“He’s not crying as much with you,” Prompto points out, “… not that it’s a bad thing. Just. Hard, y’know?”

Noctis frowns. He paces his way back around, to the couch, and crouches down, back aching, to pass the baby back over. “Luck, more than anything,” he says, and it’s still amazing, still goddamn perfect, the way Prompto’s eyes light up as he reaches out and cradles their son close to his chest.

The baby’s still crying, but his sobs die down a little more, hitching, and he offers up something close to a smile as Prompto settles him in his lap, a hand gently ruffling through the boy’s dark hair.  

“See? Think he just cried himself out,” Noctis mumbles, exhausted, and he settles down on the floor, right on his knees, leaning his head to rest on Prompto’s thigh, eyes drifting shut. Prompto’s foot nudges into his side, and they share a moment, quiet, exhausted, happy despite it all.

“You’re always right, y’know that?” Prompto’s voice is drifting, and they’ll only have a couple of moments  of blissful dozing before the baby starts screaming again, but it’s enough. “Stupid chosen king.”

Stupid chosen king, indeed.

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Naegi and Hinata swap places as the protagonists of their respective games.

A/N Remember when I switched Naegi and Nagito?

Togami and Twogami switch

Protagonist in the Wrong Game

“The culprit is obvious enough.” Togami proudly claimed as he then pointed his finger at a certain someone. “Tell them, Hinata!”

“Not your slave, Togami.” Hinata grimaced, not taking any of his lazy bullshit.

“How d-dare you talk back to m-master like that!” Fukawa stammered at him accusingly. “A-Apologize to him right this instant!”

“For someone with a persecution complex and low self-esteem issues, you’re abnormally too defensive for this guy who doesn’t need it.” Hinata casually pointed out.

“I’ve got an idea! I know who the culprit is!” Hagakure cheerfully yelled in between the dispute. “Okay, so hear me out. What if it’s–”

“If you say aliens one more time then I am cutting you off right now.” Hinata said testily as he narrowed his eyes at him.

“Uh, guys?” Asahina timidly squeaked. “If you haven’t noticed yet, we haven’t made any progress in the case whatsoever.”

“That’s because aside from Kirigiri and me, everyone here doesn’t even bother to thoroughly check the crime scene like they’re supposed to.” Hinata audaciously complained. “Seriously. Stop relying on us too much and start doing some actual investigating more.”

“While I agree that there is merit to your words, let’s put this petty squabble aside for now.” Kirigiri commented evenly and then nodded to him. “Hinata, if you would. Please summarize what we know so far.”

“Must I do everyhting around here?” Hinata let out a dragging sigh.

This was going to be another long class trial full of problematic people.

“Fine. You’re all lucky I’m here to save your asses.”

Meanwhile, in another class trial…

“Hey! Whoever the murderer is come clean now! Seriously, I don’t want to die!” Souda wailed miserably as he then glared at someone. “It was probably you, wasn’t it!”

“No, it wasn’t me.” Naegi calmly replied, already used to being framed as the culprit right after Nagito’s name gets cleared. He sighed and then looked at them with determination. “Everyone, I think we should calm down first. Nothing good will come out of suspecting others.”

“I am inclined to agree with Naegi.” Sonia seconded although she was a bit more nervous than him. “We haven’t discussed anything yet. It’s still to early to point fingers.”

“That’s not exactly what I meant but I appreciate your voice of support.” Naegi gratefully smiled at her and then redirected his attention to the whole class or rather, to those who were left of the class. “We shouldn’t be doubting each other like this.”

“Why the hell not?” Kuzuryuu refuted as he crossed his arms in disagreement. “There’s a fucking dead body here. Don’t tell me nobody did it. I ain’t trusting any of you.”

“No, you’ve got that wrong.” Naegi firmly objected. “It’s precisely because we’re in this situattion that we should trust each other more.”

“Huh? You lost me there.” Akane said as she scratched her head in confusion. “Are you saying that we should trust a murderer?”

“I’m saying that we should trust each other.” Naegi corrected. “I believe that everyone here are good people. we were just forced into this by Monokuma!”

“Hey! I didn’t force anyone!” Monokuma angrily shouted and then blushed in embarrassment as he sweetly said, “I just motivated you guys!”

“Precisely. All of this is Monokuma’s faullt.” He built up on his argument. “It’s true that one of us killed someone but it’s not like they really wanted to. That’s why until we figure out who it is this time, I want to believe in everyone.”

“I agree with Naegi.” Nanami backed him up. “If we just doubt each other right from the start then we won’t be able to move forward together.”

“Thank you, Nanami. I’m glad someone understands.” He smiled gratefully to her.

“Ahahaha!” Komaeda’s laughter burst forth as he then fervently spoke, “Amazing! You’re shining brightly with hope as always! I truly am lucky to be here with someone as hopeful as you. You who never give in to despair. You who continue to inspire hope in others. You who just might have the SHSL Hope as your talent!”

“Uhh, thanks I guess, Komaeda?” Naegi awkwardly scratched his head. He’s still not used to Komaeda’s fanaticism over hope but he had to put that aside for now. “Anyways, let’s put all suspicions aside for now.”

If they wanted to survive this then they better start trusting each other.

“I want everyone to believe in each other just as much as I believe in all of you.”

The two protagonists continued to struggle with trials of their own and unbeknownst to them that they were in the wrong class.

#322: 'Deepest Blue'

How Long Will I Love You: Deepest Blue- One Shot #322

+past one shots

No visuals in this one.

Song: The Light- Sara Bareilles  

::WARNING: Contains mention of breastfeeding, language and discussion of Postpartum Depression (PPD). Sometimes called Postnatal Depression (PND). Please read only if you are comfortable. ::

“Daddy!” Harry heard a little voice cry, perking his ears and making him turn from the cheese toasty he’s fixing for her. Chunking up an apple to set beside it so maybe he’ll at least get a little fruit in her. He sliced the sandwich into two triangles. ‘Not squares, Daddy!’ and leaned over to stir the red pepper soup on the stove because she didn’t like tomatoes but insisted on having ‘red soup’ with her cheese toasties. Perhaps she’d been watching the food channel with him too much. You had a bit of a foodie on your hands, it looked like.

He could hear little socked feet scampering towards him. “Careful, baby,” he called out a warning. Not wanting her to take a tumble on the hardwood floors. A few heartbeats, later and he could feel a little hand fisting into the thigh of his jeans, and giving a tug.

“Daddy!” She removed her fingers from his jeans and slipped them around a couple of his fingers, tugging on his hand anxiously. He looked down to be met with her eyes, swimming with tears and her lips formed into a pout. Harry immediately dropped the knife he’d been using onto the cutting board.

“Oh, sweetheart. What’s wrong? What’s the matter? C’mere.” He grunted as he lifted her up and settled her in the cradle of his elbow. He pet through her soft, wavy curls that just swept to her collar and kissed her forehead.

She clung to the collar of his henley and buried her face into his warm neck. Her spot, he liked to think of it as. She always seemed to land there. Even when she was a tiny baby. Somehow, she’d always nudge her way up to rest there.

He ran a palm down her back soothingly, still perplexed as to what was making her so upset. He pressed a few more kisses to her temple. “C’mere, I’ve gotcha. What’s making you so sad?” He caught a tear with his thumb that went skating down her full cheek.

“Daddy, Mumma’s crying,” she explained tearfully. His heart turned over inside his chest. He gave her a few more reassuring kisses before squeezing her tight and setting her down. 

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Fallen (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles One Shot

For previous One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance.

Warnings: Slight sexual content, talk of angels (If you are uncomfortable with any of the following topics, I urge you to not read. Thank you.) 

~Many years ago~ 

He gazed down at the crying child from the tree he was perched in. His wings tucked closely to his body as he watched the little girl wail miserably. All he wanted to do was go through the window and cradle her in his strong arms. 

He wanted to hold her there and rock her back and forth, his wings keeping her warm as they came around the both of them. He wanted to see her big eyes look at him and he wanted to feel her little heart beating as she rested against his chest.

He wanted to stop her whimpers and kiss her cheeks to make her babble contently again. Her parents were exhausted from all of the crying and were sleeping heavily, oblivious to her cries. He had rolled his eyes when he had gone to see them through their window. 

They lay there in a heap of sleeping masses. Content expressions on their aged faces. Having a baby was hard work and they required the attention that they were not giving her at this moment. 

After thinking it over he decided to just go in for a moment and soothe her before leaving. He reached over and opened the window easily, hoping from the tree and into the nursery smoothly. 

He went over to her bassinet and looked down at this little angel, his little angel. She looked up at him miserably and her cheeks were coated in tears. It made him angry that her parents were ignoring their daughter but he shrugged his annoyance with the humans off as he picked up the baby. 

She quieted immediately when he held her close. She rested on his chest and blinked drowsily as held onto his finger tightly. His wings rustled and frightened her because she began to cry again. Loud wails filled the room and the harsh sound touched his ears. 

He kissed her forehead several times and shushed her, his white wings coming around her to create a cocoon of feathers. Curiosity got the best of her and she hesitantly reached out to touch them. 

When she had felt how soft they were she couldn’t keep her tiny hand off of them. She held on tight to one as she had with his finger. She pulled lightly and one of them came off. The large white feather was plucked from her grasp as Harry took it from her before she placed it in her mouth. 

He smiled down at her and gave her another kiss on her forehead. She gave him a toothless smile and rested her head back down on his bare chest. He put her little hand on his chest right next to his heart and stayed still. 

She blinked several times as he ran his fingers down her back, holding her tightly to him and making sure she was warm enough. She let out a tiny puff of air and snuggled more into him. 

His bare skin warm and pulsing heartbeat lulling her back to sleep. When he was sure she was fully sleeping he gave her a kiss on the nose and placed her back in the bassinet. 

He looked around the room he had seen many times before and walked back over to the window and climbed out. He still stayed on the tree as he watched her sleep. There was only a nightlight that illuminated the room and gave it a pale white glow. 

He looked away and up towards the sky as there was a clap of thunder. His gaze shifted back to his angel and he listened to see if her breathing had faltered from the sound. He let out a sigh of relief when he heard she was still resting. 

He rose, standing on the tree branch, before jumping down. Once he hit the ground and made sure no one was watching or around, he extended his wings fully. They quivered and the feathers ruffled in the breeze. 

He touched the pendent on his neck and gave on last look at his angels house before vanishing in thin air. As soon as he left the child began to wail for him again. 


“You’ve failed me boy!” Garrett yelled down to him with a pained expression. His body shook with anger as Harry stood there held by two other angels. 

He stood tall, grey wings at full expanse behind him. His gold eyes were ablaze as he stared down at his creation. Harry looked straight back and all he could feel was contempt ooze from his creators stance. 

“You’ve broken the rules.” He said mournfully as Harry stood still. His wings were out to their full span and soon Harry was being brought to his knees. He could feel hands holding him down while other hands touched his wings. 

“I’m sorry my boy, but you know the rules. You’ve exposed yourself to a human! A filthy human at that. Is she worth being thrown out? Sent to live down there with the great masses of them?” Garrett yelled down to him and Harry fought the hands holding him down. He pushed them off and stood up to his creator. 

“She is not filth!” He screamed and stormed up to his creator, looking Garrett dead in the eyes as he spoke his next words. 

“I would rather live my existence down on earth with her then the filth that resides here.” He spat and then Harry was thrown to the ground. 

He felt pressure on his wings and soon all he felt was pain. Hot, blazing pain rushed through his body and all he could do was lay there as his wings were ripped from his body. He screamed several times in sheer anger and pain as he lay helpless as his only link to this part of him was ripped away.

Tears leaked from his eyes as he was carried out of the throne room. The open area where angels could travel down to the mortal world was open and Harry was held right beside it. He had just stood here earlier, under much different circumstances then now.  

“Oh my boy, such a fool. You’re such a fool.” His creator spoke mournfully and dropped Harry right off the edge, leaving him to fall right down to the cold hard ground that earth provided. 


You tapped your foot nervously as you knocked on his door, waiting for him to come and answer it. The weather outside was freezing and rain was pouring down in sheets as you stood on his doorstep for him. 

You held your books tightly as you shuffled on your feet. Your coat was damp and you let out a long sigh and was about to leave but the door opened. 

There stood your history partner Harry in nothing but low slung sweats and no shirt. His longer hair was over to the side and he didn’t say a word but moved over to let you in. 

His house was warm and you placed your books on his table as you shrugged out of your coat. Your shirt had stayed dry as you placed your coat on the chair beside you. You turned to look at Harry but he was no longer in the room. 

You picked up your books and went to go sit on his living room couch but his voice from behind you stopped your movements. 

“We’ll be working in my room.” His voice was deep and raspy, as though he had just gotten up from bed. You nodded at him and followed him up the stairs. They creaked in certain places and the rail was shaky but you didn’t mind as you walked with him down the dark hallway. 

His door was open so you both walked right in. You looked about and saw that it was very minimalistic. Just a bed, two nightstands, a desk, and dresser took up the room furniture wise. There were no photos or personal items around except for the clock that rested on one of the nightstands and a few lamps here and there.  

You sat on the edge of his large bed, your fingers running over the soft grey duvet. You looked up at him shyly as he was standing by the doorway watching you. He was always watching you. 

“Do you want to sit down?” You asked him softly and he made his way to sit down. He sat as far away from you as possible and it hurt your feelings that he didn’t like you. You two weren’t friends just partners on this project together. You had tried to be civil with him and engage him in conversation but he just was too moody and snapped at random times. 

Rumors of him being dangerous went around and part of you believed them.  The whispers in the hallways always greeted your ears as you walked down them. 

People would say they felt sorry for you since you had to work with him. 

They would share the stories of him and all of the supposed bad things he had done. Rumors of him going crazy at parties and picking up random girls was common among them. People would say the drinks would run heavy when he was around. He was bad news, very bad news. 

You choose not to listen to them with too much of a narrow mind but somethings were hard to ignore when they were thrust in your face. You two had barely spoken more then 10 minutes the entire time you had known him but something about you must not sit well with him since he could be the most cruel at times. 

He was not an inviting person to talk to and he would overreact at the slightest things all the time in class. He had a temper that you had been told about, not by a peer but from a staff member. He scared you but you tried to not let that affect your project in any way. 

“So I did some outlining for the project and I really think we should focus on the Victorian Era, it’s quite fascinating.” You mumbled as you looked up him. 

He had a hard look on his face but his eyes were soft as they gazed at you. You felt your heart pick up and for the most odd reason whenever you were around him it felt as though a piece of you was his. There was no way to explain the connection you felt with him but it was there, and it sure burned bright. 

“That’s fine.” He said and stood up, walking over to what you assumed was his closet. You didn’t notice before but there was two narrow scars carved into his back. You gasped when you saw the bright angry red cuts and his head whipped around to see if you were alright. 

“What is it?” He asked tightly and you just shook his voice off. 

“Your back. What happened to your back?” You questioned lowly but it was though he heard you loud and clear. He quickly pulled out a shirt and threw it over his head. When it was on he turned and came towards you, walking fast until he stood right in front of you. 

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers too.” He spat and opened his door. “Leave.” He said to you and you grabbed your things before walking right past him. You jogged down his stairs and grabbed your coat, not even bothering to put it on as you went over to his front door and opened it up. 

Rain and lightning were now happening and the thunder claps the sky gave away were loud as can be as you left his house. You were soaked by the rain but you didn’t care as all you wanted to do was leave. 

You could do the project on your own and you didn’t need to be spoken rudely too by him. 

You tossed your things into the back seat of your car and was about to open the drivers door when a hand on your arm stopped you. Your back hit the the car as you were pressed right up against it. Harrys hair was matted against his face and water ran right down his face, going between his pink lips as he stared down at you. 

“Why do you hate me?” You said loudly over the pouring rain. You were hurt and you wanted him to know that. 

“What the hell did I ever do to you?” You screamed but were cut off by him crashing his lips down on yours. 

A spark of heat ran down your body as you shivered against him, your hands griping his biceps as he kissed you right there. 

His lips moved against yours and you couldn’t marvel enough at how soft they were. His arms came around your waist as he picked you up and set you on the hood of your car. Your hands wound in his hair and you gave him access to explore your mouth. 

He kissed you deeper then before and pressed his body more into yours as you locked your ankles around his back. 

He broke away from your lips and pressed them long your neck, pushing your wet hair behind your shoulders. His tongue licked over the skin here before his mouth began to suck little red marks onto the area. 

It felt as though the contact he was giving would be forever imprinted in your mind. You used to think just the mild brush of your hands was enough to make your heart flutter but now it was full on pounding. You couldn’t get enough of him and nor he you. 

He pulled away from you all together and pulled your bodies closer, placing your foreheads together.  

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for that.” He breathed out and momentarily you forget everything else and lived in that moment, right there. His hands coming up to cup your cheeks, the water running down both your faces, the softness of his skin against yours. 

“I don’t hate you, I can’t hate you.” He said to you as he held you close. You rested your head on his chest as his fingers ran down her back. It sparked feelings in you that you couldn’t describe but you just simply let it be. 


You laughed at what Harry was saying as you sat knee to knee on the school bench. Your laughter carried in the breeze as he kept his hand in yours. You looked down at your conjoined hands and smiled at the sight. 

Glancing up through your lashes to peek at him only to find him gazing in the distance. He had a hardened look in his eyes but when he noticed you staring at him it softened slightly. With one last glance in the distance Harry fully turned back to you and spoke. 

“Come on lets go over to your house.” 

“There is still one last period of the day-” he cut you off with a kiss. You could feel him smile into you as you melted against him. 

“It’s your study hall angel, now come on or we’ll get caught.” He winked and pulled you to stand with him. You both made your way to his car. Harry had decided to get a car seeing as you were uncomfortable with his bike. 

As you settled into your seat Harry held your hand as he drove to your house. Your parents wouldn’t be home until later that night due to work so it would only be the two of you. 

He pulled into your driveway and you both got out. As you unlocked your door his arms came around your waist and he picked you up, carrying your throughout the house and up to your room. 

You shivered as he placed you down on your bed. Your room the same as it had been before you left, clothes here and there, books tossed in random places. 

Harry strolled about the room and was going through your jewelry box, a gift from him, before he stopped his movements. 

“What’s this?” He questioned as he pulled out the large white feather you had always had. You jumped up and took it from his grasp, holding it close to you. 

It was still as soft as always, no matter how many times you had touched it. Your parents always said that the feather had to have come from an angel since it was sound next to you when you were a baby one morning. 

“It’s my feather.” You said softly as you pet your finger over it. You moved Harry to the side and opened the box again and placed it delicately inside. 

“I’ve had it since I was a baby. My parents found it next to me when I was sleeping one morning.” Something in Harry’s expression faltered as he turned away from you and went to sit on your bed. He seemed harder then he had been moments before so you were hesitant to move next to him and touch his shoulder.  

He jumped at the contact of your hand touching him and his whole body turned to face you. 

“What kind of feather is that?” He asked tightly and you furrowed your brows at him. What a dramatic shift if behavior. 

“My parents always joked about it being an angels feather… I always thought so too.” You said to him and his expression turned blank. 

“Do you believe in them?” He questioned sharply. 


“Angels, ones that still hold rank and the ones that have fallen?” He asked desperately and you nodded your head at him. He pushed off of the bed and paced around with a tight expression. Suddenly he took off his shirt and pulled you to a standing position. 

“Do you remember how you asked me what the scars on my back meant? When I tell you you’re not going to want to have anything to do with me.” He choked out and turned so that his back faced you. 

“Touch them.” Your hand had a mind of its own as it reached up to touch the scar on his left side. 

It was jagged and an angry red color that had your stomach drop from within you. They were rough under your smooth fingertips and when you pressed down lightly Harry hissed loudly. 

“What are they from?” You breathed. He turned back around and took your forgotten hands. He looked so torn and serious in that moment that you knew whatever he said was not to be taken lightly. 

“I’m one of the fallen.” His voice shook and his façade fell apart as he pulled you to his chest. In some way your mind registered his motives as ones that he used to calm down, you being the first cure. 

“The fallen? As in a fallen angel?” You had to make sure that was what he was speaking off. He nodded against your head. 

“Do you not believe me?” He asked as he face was buried in your hair. 

“What happened? What made you fall?” 

“I was bad, I broke the rules.” He spoke with much venom as he let go of you and took a few steps back. His body was pressed against your dresser as he stared into space, speaking of what happened. 

“My creator wasn’t happy with me. Dropped me himself, said that was what had to happen.” 

“Why did it have to happen?” You whispered as his eyes flittered to meet your wide ones. 

“I fell for a human. At the time she was no more then months old, but she still had me. Do you know that even angels have what you humans consider ‘soul mates?’ Well I found mine and my creator wasn’t happy that I dropped everything to get a glimpse of her.” 

He continued speaking to you as he just stared unmoving. 

“The night I was thrust out of my home I had just visited her. She wouldn’t stop crying and when I held her she quieted immediately. I still had my wings then so when the came around us she pulled a feather out. I placed it next to her before I left her. I didn’t know that would be one of the last times I saw her that close, I didn’t know that would be the last time I could hold her until a few months ago. I didn’t think I’d be able to hold her, kiss her, stand less then 2 feet away from her.” He stepped closer to you and your could feel your heart hammering in your chest. 

“I didn’t know she’d ever be mine.” He touched your cheeks lightly before pressing his lips to yours. You both fell back onto your bed, him on top of you. 

“You are mine, my little angel.” He continued to kiss you and suddenly there was a shift in the room. Things became more heated as his hands traveled from your face to your shirt buttons. 

He popped open the first one open and as your legs wrapped around his waist he opened the rest of them. 

You ran your lips up and down his neck as he touched your bare skin. His hands lightly tracing the edge of your bra, and them moving down to the edge of your pants. 

Your breathing because more shallow as he rubbed at your hips. He brought your face back to meet his and he pressed a kiss on your forehead before he caught your hands in one of his and he placed them above your head and he kissed you again. 

“Harry,” you gasped as soon as you could speak. he looked at you expectantly. 

“Yes my angel?” He asked as he kissed the area below your collar bones. His lips were so soft against your skin that you couldn’t get the sensation out of your mind. You felt the coolness of his necklace touch your heated skin and your hand snaked between your chest and his to grab ahold of it. 

“What is this?” You asked out of nowhere. He propped himself up on his elbows and kissed your nose before speaking. 

“I’ve had it since I was an angel.” You fingered the chain lightly and peered up at him. He looked so content, very unlike he usually did. Sharing his past with you, what he was had opened doors for him to be who he was. 

He sat up and his hands reached around his neck and unclasped his necklace. He reached around your neck and placed it around you. 

It felt cold around your neck though Harry was just wearing it. As you touched it, sparks ran down your hand and a coldness seeped there as well. 

“I love you,” he said as you still held his pendent tightly in your grasp. You smiled over at him and crawled closer, straddling him. You placed your forehead against his and grinned at him, the necklace dangling between the both of you. 

“I love you too.” 

“Oh my little angel,” the kiss he shared with you was one that’s never been shared before. There was no lust, no heated attack on your lips. No it was just plain love; warmth flooded your body as you just held him to you. 


You both laid there, sitting in the tree right outside your window as you looked up at the stars above you. 

“Do you ever miss it?” 

“No, I quite like it down here. You’re down here.” 

“I swear you were never this sappy when I didn’t know what you were.”

“I wasn’t sappy last night.” You blushed as heated memories came rushing back to you. 

Your back pressed against the door, his lips just about everywhere as well his hands. Your shirts had been lost somewhere down stairs and he was working on getting your pants off. 

Once he did his hands dipped inside to explore, leaving you a moaning mess right in front of him. You clutched onto him as his finger slide over your slit. You could feel your wetness pooling out of you as his finger slide into your folds, teasing your opening. 

“Do you want my finger angel?" 

"Yes,” you whimpered and you felt his finger slide into you. Your walls clung to his fingers as he slowly worked it in and out of you at a leisurely pace. You lifted your hips to meet his finger and he added in another. 

“More.” You moaned and he moved his fingers at a faster rate inside you. You rested your head on his chest as you felt your release about to hit. 

You gasped when you finally came, his fingers riding you through your orgasm.

“Are you even listening to me angel?” You broke away from your playback of last night and looked at your fallen angel. 

“What did you say?” He laughed loudly and nuzzled his face in the crook of you neck. 

“I love you.” He murmured and you melted right there. 

“Love you.” 

Something that came to mind a bit earlier! I hope you have enjoyed this piece. 


Please let me know your thoughts and request ideas! Send them in HERE.

As always, thank you for reading xx-Samantha 

Cracking Down on Corruption


Have this and take responsibility. ;A; I’ll probably post it on AO3 at some point but for now I’ll just give it to you like this lol.

Note: When the singing starts, Mark is in bold. Danny is italics.))

They weren’t supposed to find out.

Mark knew they’d never let him keep them all. Even if he could keep one, it wouldn’t be worth losing the rest. Each of them had a life and personality all their own. Personalities too big and real to be bubbled away forever in some dusty room. Oh, Mark knew what the Grumps did to corrupted gems.

He’d nearly been in that room himself.

So he hid them all away in his own little sanctuary. The kindergarden no one bothered to visit except for Barry (and on occasion one of the gems that didn’t hate him; like Kevin or Danny). They were safe and happy there. Plenty of space to run around and play with each other where nothing could harm them.

Well, except each other. But corrupted gems were surprisingly sturdy and Mark hadn’t experienced any real issues beyond the occasional accidental poofing.

Until now.

Sobbing, distraught, desperate in a way he hadn’t been since that day Barry realized who he was; that he’d returned to Earth and didn’t need to be bubbled. He cradled a cracked, oval gem in his hands as he launched himself onto the warp pad at the edge of his kindergarden. It glinted with brilliant streaks of red and pink as the gemstone beneath his feet hesitated. Mark cursed and rammed his heel into the reflective surface. “FUCKING WORK!!!”

There was a bit of static, but then he was being transported away in a beam of light. The warp pads were a little finicky with him. Probably because the corruption had never been fully “healed”; only contained by Danny’s song. But it worked with a little convincing and Mark had no time to make the necessary journey on foot. He needed to get to the temple. Now.

Blessedly, seconds later he was there. Mark didn’t even take a second to see who was currently there. He was shouting thru his tears before his foot fully left the warp pad. “DANNY!!! DAN!! Dan, Dan please!! I need Dan! Where is he?! DAN?!?!” In his frenzy, Mark had made almost two laps around the house before a strong hand caught his shoulder. He narrowly avoided falling on his ass from the abrupt stop and whipped his head around. “Dan-?!”

“Woah. Woah. Mark. Mark, dude, hold on. Calm down before you break something.” Like yourself. “What’s going on?”

It was Barry. Oh thank Diamonds. If there was any other gem Mark could run into besides Danny, it would be His Diamond. He choked on another sob and snuffled pathetically as he clutched the gem pieces close to his chest. “M-My Diamond-”

“Barry. I told you, it’s just Barry. Seriously.”

“Barry!! B-Barry, I need Dan, where’s Dan? I-I, it’s important, I need him right away, I need him to heal-”

“Wait, what? ‘Heal’? You didn’t crack your gem, did you??”

Barry’s concern as he peered closer at Mark’s gem was touching. He hiccuped from all the emotion, but no amount of affection and admiration could soldier through his panic. “N-no, no, shit no Barry look, it’s not me. It’s just- this gem, I need it fixed, please Barry you have to help me find Dan!! Please!!” Mark was practically wailing. He felt miserable and pathetic, sniffling there in front of His Diamond, but Barry didn’t admonish him for it.

The larger gem merely sighed and gave Mark’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “Okay. Okay. I’ll go find Danny. He’s probably just in his room. Hang on.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you thank you My Diamond-


“-Barry, thank you!!” Mark watched Barry’s retreating back for a moment, then dropped his gaze when the other went out of sight. Slowly, he peeled apart his hands. The sight of the cracked, corrupted gem resting in his palms triggered fresh tears to well up in his purple eyes. The lavender droplets fell to his open palms but did nothing to repair the damaged gem. He sniffled again. “Chicaaa…. Chica, Chica-bica, it’s okay. It’s okay, Chica, I-I’m gonna fix you. I’m gonna get you help, it’s okay, he’s coming. I’m gonna help you, I promise. Please….” His voice cracked into a soft, pitiful whine.

“Holy Homeworld what happened here? I haven’t seen him this distraught since we almost bubbled him.” That was Danny’s voice. Danny! Barry had found him!

“I don’t know. He won’t give me any details; just keeps babbling about needing you to repair a gem-”

“It’s not his gem, is it??”

“No, his gem looked fine. I don’t know whose gem it is.”

They were talking about him, but for once Mark didn’t care. He didn’t care, because Danny was entering the living area with Barry and Danny was going to fix Chica. He’d have his little gooperschnoop back. Nearly tripping on his own feet in his haste, Mark approached Danny so fast he could have sent them both sprawling. Without hesitation, he opened his hands again to shove the cracked gem into Danny’s face. “Dan!! Dan, please, you have to help her. I need you to sing, please, I’ve seen you heal cracks before. I know you can do it. Please, fuck, I-I can’t- I don’t-”

“Fucking shit Mark calm down. Let me see.” Danny peered down at the odd gem, then jerked back with wide eyes. “Oh fuck. Barry. That thing’s corrupted. It’s cracked, too, but it’s definitely corrupted. We need to-”

“No no no! No, no listen, she’s fine. It’s fine. You don’t need to bubble anyone. I promise. She won’t hurt anybody. I just. Need you. To fix her.” The words spilled free without Mark’s full consent, but he couldn’t let them bubble Chica. He’d never get her back. There were still tears prickling at the corners of his eyes; face smeared with snot and dirt from the kindergarden. Silently, he pleaded with the two gems; with eyes, body language, expression. Everything he had.

Danny and Barry exchanged concerned glances. Barry made a shrugging gesture. Danny sighed and turned back to Mark. “If this thing poofs us, it’s your fault, Barry. But fine. Give it here, Mark.” He sounded less than enthused about the idea, but Mark trusted Barry. So he tenatively let the cracked gem slide into blue hands.

“Please be careful with her….”

Danny sent him an odd look but shook it off. “I don’t know if this’ll work. I’ve never tried healing a crack on a corrupted gem before. I know I won’t be able to heal a full corruption like this, even if I do fix the physical damage….” He quirked a brow at Mark, as if that fact would change his mind on the matter. Mark just stared resolutely at the gem without saying a single word. Danny sighed again. “All right, here goes something…” What should he even sing to a corrupted, cracked gem? It sure seemed awful important to Mark. Closing his eyes, he let the words flow thru him.

“If you could begin to do
Half of what he thinks of you,
You could do about anything,
You could even learn how to love.”

At first, it was just song. But the longer Dan sang, the stronger and more potent the words became. Until they were practically visible in how they danced in the air alongside the notes. They curled recklessly around the three gems before swirling in a concentration of faded blue down into the fourth gem Danny held in his hands.

“When I see the way you act,
Wondering when they’re coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.”

Danny had chosen the right words. He could feel it in his gem as it glowed a soft blue beneath his cupped hands. The fractured gem was trembling against his fingers while his singing forced its way inside. Stirred up the split pieces and coaxed them back together. He hoped it was working.

“If you could begin to do
Half of what he thinks of you,
You could do about anything,
You could even learn how to love like him.”

Danny’s brow furrowed with concentration. The gem was resisting. But it might have just been the corruption. It felt like the crack was responding. He put more force into his song.

“Love, like him…”

He startled at the sound of another voice joining his, but managed to maintain his rhythm. As he picked up the next lines, he realized he knew the voice. Though he’d never heard it used in song before.

Mark had a lovely baritone.

“I always thought I might be bad,
Now I’m sure that it’s true
But I think you’re so good
No, I’m nothing like you.

Look at you go,
You just adore them,
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special”

The two gems sang in tandem with each other. Neither had meant for the song to get so personal, but these things just came naturally more often than not. The important thing was Danny could tell the gem was healing. Maybe Mark was actually resonating with him and increasing his abilities. Barry, to the side, remained silent and just watched the events unfold.

“If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you,
You would do about anything,
You would even learn how to love.

When I see the way you look.
Shaken by how long it took,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.

Love like you…

Love me like you.”

Mark closed out the song, and both gems opened their eyes. The Amethyst almost started crying again with joy when he looked down to find the little oval perfectly whole again- if still corrupted. Mark didn’t care. He was babbling his thanks and appreciation to Danny in a constant stream that could barely be understood. Danny was smiling and trying to process everything that had just happened. Both failed to realize the gem in Danny’s hands had started to glow.

Barry didn’t. “DANNY, DROP IT.” The Diamond slapped the gem out of Danny’s hands but it was already producing a form before it even hit the floor. For a brief moment the brilliant light took on a vaguely humanoid shape. Then it fizzled, warped, and morphed into something monstrous.

When the light dispersed there was a four-legged beast standing quite happily in the middle of the house. She easily rose up to Mark’s waist. The design appeared somewhat canine, but the corrupted gem was ceaselessly oozing some kind of goo that shimmered messily from orange to pink to red and every shade in-between. Four large, red eyes stared up at them. As the creature’s gaze settled on Mark, its stringy tail of goo set to wagging. The only part of the gem that remained solid besides her eyes was a stark white, crystalline neck. It crackled every time she moved her head; oval gem glinting clearly upon her forehead. She let loose a distorted bark.

“Chica!! Oh, Chica-bica, my little nugget, you’re back! You’re okay! Oh, don’t you ever, ever scare me like that again, you hear?? No more cliff-diving! I don’t care if you see a hundred bunnies! Understand?!” Mark knelt down to admonish the gem, but the relief and affection were obvious in his voice. The gem, “Chica”, let loose another bark and then threw herself onto the Amethyst. Mark immediately became coated with goo while she eagerly licked at his face. He spluttered. “Chica!! Chica no, Chica down, down nugget, fuck-”


The happy reunion was put on hold as Barry’s stern tone finally cut in. Mark stilled, hands holding Chica at bay, and looked up to His Diamond anxiously. He recognized that tone from millennia ago. “…yes, My Diamond?”

Another sigh, but that was probably because Mark hadn’t called him Barry again. Oops. Danny was busy staring at Chica dripping all over Mark as if he was torn between cooing or throwing up. Barry stepped forward. “Mark. I think we need to have a talk.”


((Aka the story of how Mark’s corrupted beans got spilled everywhere because Chica wanted to chase bunnies off a cliff. I decided she was an Alexandrite.

Also, yes, the song started out as Danny singing about Mark and the corrupted gem (Chica). But it sort of turned into more of a mutual admiration/belief thing between Mark and Danny? It was a bonding moment. Let’s put it like that. I highly suggest listening to this version when reading that part of the story.

HC #1: Mark can’t heal with his singing, but he can resonate with Danny to produce faster, more powerful effects. Their fusion does it automatically.

HC #2: Mark is still technically corrupted but it’s not visible. Danny couldn’t heal him fully, but it’s enough that he won’t distort his form. He can also summon his weapon (with considerably more effort needed than he used to) and use the warp pads (with some love taps).))



More smol!obi-wan in which baby!obi melts the ice cold hearts of two jedi Masters (Obi is like 2 maybe 3 years old). Written for @ewock thank you for the brilliant idea ily. Happy Star Wars Day!!!

Obi-Wan giggled to himself as he raced down the temple hall. Strictly speaking, running in the Temple halls was forbidden – something about how running “disturbs” the peace and also something about how younglings could hurt themselves, but Obi-Wan didn’t really understand that. He never hurt himself running before and the halls were empty anyway. 

“Youngling!” a stern voice rang out.

Obi-Wan looked up just in time to see a tall figure before he collided with them, toppling to the floor with a small thud. Tears welled up in his blue eyes when he landed on his arm. Shrinking in on himself, he looked up fearfully – eyes widening when he recognized who he had run into. Master Windu.

“Initiate Kenobi,” Mace Windu admonished. “What are the rules regarding running in the Temple?”

Obi-Wan shrunk down even further as he looked up at the towering figure of the Jedi Master. “Not ‘sposed to do it,” he mumbled – tears now sliding freely down his cheeks.

Mace opened his mouth to continue his lecture, but frowned when he noticed the tears streaming down Obi-Wan’s face. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, suddenly feeling guilty for berating the child. Most of the time he had no problem with lecturing younglings – but with those innocent, tear-filled blue eyes staring up at him… he certainly had a problem with it now. He’d never felt so guilty.

He knelt down and lifted Obi-Wan to his feet. “Are you injured?”

Obi-Wan blinked back his tears and nodded, confused by the turn of events.

Mace stood up and held his hand out to Obi-Wan. “I think you need a trip to the healers.”

Obi-Wan hesitated for a moment then slipped his hand into Mace Windu’s. “Am I in twouble?”

Mace sighed to himself. Ordinarily, the child would be in trouble but… he looked down into those pleading blue eyes. “No, Obi-Wan, but promise you won’t run in the halls again.”

Obi-Wan nodded his head seriously, “I Pwomise.”


Obi-Wan sniffled sadly and hugged his knees. After what felt like hours, he’d finally cried himself dry. And he still wanted to cry! It just wasn’t fair! Pai’klo didn’t deserve this!

“Mmm. Much sadness I sense from you, Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan blinked owlishly and lifted his puffy red eyes to look at Master Yoda. “I can’t find Pai’klo.” He wailed miserably, fresh tears spilling out onto his cheeks.

“Know who Pai’klo is, I do not.”

Obi-Wan rubbed his eyes before looking at Master Yoda incredulously. Not know who Pai’klo is? “My little Ewok! Bruck hid Pai’klo from me!”

Yoda surveyed Obi-Wan for a moment then shook his head gravely. “Forbidden, Attachments are. Learn to let go, you must.”

Obi-Wan’s face crumpled. Let go? He couldn’t just forget about Pai’klo. Pai’klo needed him! Pai’klo was out there somewhere, alone and probably scared. He couldn’t just leave Pai’klo like that!

“Pai’klo needs me!” Obi-Wan protested tearfully, “He’s scared and then… and then.” Obi-Wan gasped as realization struck him. “He’ll turn bad! ‘Cause he’s got fear!”

Yoda considered Obi-Wan. He wanted to tell the boy to go back to the crèche – they needed to learn at a young age to let go of their attachments. But those earnest eyes, wide with concern for Pai’klo stopped him and he found himself wanting to help Obi-Wan find his Pai’klo.

“Help you to find Pai’klo, I will.”

Obi-Wan’s eyes lit up with happiness and he leapt to his feet, babbling about how cute Pai’klo was.

Master Yoda was gonna help him save Pai’klo.

A/N: all I need in life is baby!obi-wan hugging an ewok doll. bye.

BSM A/B/O #4 You mate with one of the boys

/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me. I have decided that for now I’ll just focus on the A/B/O series.

So basically, mating is a two part process, at least in my universe. Part one: Have sex while the omega is I heat. Part two: The alpha gives the omega the mating bite during sex. Omega’s can get suppressants so as to not get pregnant during this process.

Request: You mate with one of the other boys and he get’s protective.

LOUIS (Zayn) Age 19: “Y/N? Is that you?” You took a deep breath, squeezing Zayn’s hand and running the free one over the mating mark on your neck. “Don’t worry;” Zayn breathed in your ear just as Louis came into view. His otherwise bright smile faltered slightly as he raised his head an inch and sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?” Before you could answer, Louis head snapped in your direction, eyes stormy as they stared Zayn down. “You didn’t.” Zayn smiled sheepishly, pushing you behind him a bit to protect you from the raging alpha. Not that Louis would hurt you, but it was an instinct embedded in him now that you mated. “Come on Lou, aren’t you glad it’s me, whom you’ve known for almost four years, instead of some random dude? You know I won’t hurt her.” Louis rubbed his scruff thoughtfully, eyes flickering over Zayn’s arm draped across your shoulders. Even though Louis didn’t seem to be as angry anymore, Zayn’s shoulders were still tense, ready to defend you in case Louis turned out to be dangerous. “Fine!” Louis surrendered, smirk back in full force when you squealed in delight and ran into his arms. Over your shoulder, Louis gave Zayn the finger with a teasing glint in his eyes, to which Zayn just chuckled.

ZAYN (Harry) Age 18: “He’s going to kill us,” you and Harry muttered at the same time. Harry sighed deeply, head thrown back, sneaking a glance at you out of the corner of his eye. “But the mark suits you though. I love knowing everyone can see you belong to me now.” You laughed, voicing your agreement, before forcing Harry out of the safety of your room and down the hall to Zayn’s. You knocked, throwing a reassuring smile over your shoulder at Harry when you felt him tremble slightly. Zayn opened the door, raising an eyebrow at the two of you. He then glanced at your neck and the undeniable mating mark, and sniffed the air. “You guys mated?” he asked, voice void of emotion. Harry stepped up beside you, seemingly ready to fight Zayn off if he were to attack you. “Yes we did,” Harry answered simply, suddenly confident. Zayn glowered at him. “Don’t sass me Styles. I have the right to be pissed.” You pulled Harry behind you again, stepping up to face Zayn, sensing your mate’s distress behind you. My mate, you thought. You cleared your throat. “No you do not. My life, my choices, my mate. So suck it up pretty boy and get used to it.” Zayn seemed slightly taken aback, but seemingly decided it wasn’t worth the fight. “Fine,” he grumbled.

HARRY (Niall) Age 19: “What if he freaks out? What if he forbids us from seeing each other again? Oh god Niall, I can’t lose you now I finally got you!” you wailed miserably, tracing a finger over the brand new mating mark on your neck. “He won’t, love. Calm down. He can’t keep us apart, he knows that. It’d be futile.” You sighed, calming down at the carefree tone of your new mate. “Fine. Let’s tell him then.” You called for Harry to come to your room. As soon as he entered, he wrinkled his nose. “It smells like sex in here.” Then his eyes widened and he was by your side in a second, inspecting your mating mark. A wide smile spreads across his face, much to your confusion, and he sweeps you off the floor in a massive hug. Niall laughed behind Harry, and your heart soared at the delighted sound from your mate. “Congratulations! Oh Ni, I’m so happy it’s you!” Harry set you down, enveloping Niall in much the same hug you had just gotten. When they broke apart, Niall walked to you, and bent down to kiss your mark. “See? I told you not to worry.” Harry’s face turned into something more serious. “Don’t hurt her Horan. I’ll kick your ass.” Niall laughed again, and you smiled as you realized you would get to hear that for the rest of your eternity.

NIALL (Louis) Age 18: “God, I could look at you all day. Especially now that I’m branded into your skin,” Liam murmured behind you, watching with a smile as you gingerly touched the mating mark on your neck, radiating happiness. Because of your bond, you could feel how Liam was about to burst with happiness, and you wanted to cry. “Lovebirds! Couldn’t you at least have limited the sex to your room? The whole house reeks!” Niall screeched. He came to a halt as he noticed you and Liam standing in front of your mirror, his gaze immediately zeroing in on your mating mark. “Liam? Did you mate my sister?” Niall asked calmly after a minute full of tense silence. “Yes,” Liam spoke confidently, snaking an arm around your waist as he felt how nervous you were. Niall contemplated this for a while longer, before he shrugged. “At least it’s you. I know you’ll treat her right. ‘Cause if you don’t, I won’t hesitate to kill you, Liam!” Liam grinned, placing a kiss on your cheek before bro-hugging Niall. They whispered something you couldn’t hear, but you could feel Liam relaxing completely, letting the happiness and love flow through his veins. “I approve,” Niall exclaimed, patting Liam’s bicep. You grinned, a pleasant buzz spreading through you. Love.

LIAM (Louis) Age 20: “Louis! Not now!” Louis groaned into your neck, pulling you closer in an attempt to distract you. “How can you still be horny? Come on, we have to tell Liam.” Louis placed a last chaste kiss to the sore patch of skin where he had marked you as his, before he let you drag him to the kitchen where Liam was swallowing the last of his power shake. As he looked up, he lifted an eyebrow, nostrils flaring as he sniffed the air. “You had sex!” he suddenly bursted, immediately followed by: “and you mated! Louis!” The last part was yelled angrily, directed at the seemingly calm man who was placing himself in between you and Liam. “You think I would hurt her?” Louis shrugged at that, reaching back to take your hand. “No, but she’s in distress. I have to help to the best of my abilities. Like any good alpha would do for his mate.” You couldn’t contain your smitten smile from behind Louis, placing a kiss to his clothed shoulder. Liam sighed exasperatedly, throwing his arms in the air in surrender. “Fine. But only because I know you so well. And please, no sex in the kitchen.” Louis smiled sheepishly, and Liam jumped down from the counter with a horrified gasp. “I’m leaving.” When he was gone, you tapped Louis’ shoulder. “We didn’t have sex in the kitchen.” Louis hummed with a smirk. “But we should.”

                                              The End-2.

The End-1:


Delirious turned on his phone.

Tons of messages poured in, some from his fans, some from his friends, including Luke, who was out on a tour with his girlfriend.

Delirious replied back individually, saying that the only reason he hadn’t been online was because he was feeling ill and that there’s nothing needs to be worried about.

There’s only one person left unanswered.  

The mere thought of Evan punched Delirious in the chest. It pained him to recall the plain happiness in Evan’s voice. He could taste the gnawing bitterness within himself.  "No,“ he thought to himself, "I am not fucking ready yet. I am not ready yet to face him.”  

Suddenly, somebody called.

It’s Luke.

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Tantrums

YOU GUYS, I am loving your prompts so much! xx

“i was wondering if you could one where there kid has a tantrum and how they would deal with it??”

Luke: “Daddy, I want ice cream,” Kayla whined, following her dad around the kitchen as he cleaned up the mess from dinner.

“Honey, I said no to ice cream because you already had cake at Uncle Michael’s after lunch,” Luke explained calmly for the third time.

“But I didn’t know then that we had ice cream!” Kayla sighed dramatically. It made sense in her five year old mind, but Luke stood his ground.

“Maybe tomorrow after lunch, babes. You don’t need any more sweets tonight. Besides, it’s too close to bedtime for sweets anyway. But instead of sweets, why don’t we go watch a movie as soon as Daddy’s done cleaning the kitchen,” he offered.

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One Direction BSM #63 You're famous he's not

Request: You’re famous he’s not

ZAYN (age 18): “Please, won’t you be my date at the award show? I can’t come alone.” You pouted sadly at your brother with your hands clasped in front of your chest in a pleading gesture. “Y/N, I don’t fit in with those people. ‘M not talented like you.” You groaned and flipped your hair annoyed, well aware that you were being a huge brat. “But Zayn, you’re just as good as me. We’ll get you in with the right crowd, and soon we can tour together! Please.” Zayn got up from the couch with a great sigh. “Love, it’s not necessary. I missed my shot when I slept in that day, and you got it. I’m happy for you, okay?” You grabbed his wrist so he had no choice but to face you. “Then just come as my brother. I really need you to be there for me.” Zayn hesitated with a funny look on his face. “No chatting me up?” You shook your head reverently. “No! Promise! Will you go?” He fish-mouthed for a moment, made a face, and then nodded. “Thank you thank you thank you!” you rushed out, shuffling to Zayn and enveloping him in a big hug. “I’m so proud of you, bug. I don’t tell you nearly enough,” he admitted quietly into your hair. “You don’t have to.” You squeezed him once around his waist before reluctantly letting him go. “Now we just need to get you a tux,” you said with a beam. Zayn whined as you started dragging him out to your Porsche. “I’ll even let you drive and everything,” you said as you tossed him the car keys. “If you scratch my baby, I’ll castrate you.”

HARRY (age 17): “You’ve gotten so far so quick. It’s surreal sometimes,” Harry admitted one late evening on one of your rare days off from tour. You were both sat with fuzzy sock-clad feet on the coffee table with steaming mugs of hot cocoa in hand, watching Disney movies. “I know. It’s can get to be a bit too much,” you whispered, half-hoping Harry wouldn’t hear. If he did, he decided to ignore it. “It’s so silent around here without you. I didn’t know I could even miss your crappy music.” You giggled wetly, blinking rapidly against the tears springing to your eyes. “I miss it here. I mean, I love performing, but it’s difficult. No one is there when I get cramps, or when I feel insecure or just need someone.” The silence dragged on for a few tense moments before Harry disposed of his mug and pulled you into his lap. A flashback of being 7 and scared of the dark swamped your mind. This was an entirely different kind of darkness, but you still curled into Harry, hid your face in his neck, and let his curls tickle your cheek. “You know you can always call me,” Harry whispered, but his voice was shaking. “It’s not the same.” Harry blew out a breath and your hair lifted slightly as he sighed into the crown of your head. “I know. I know.”

LOUIS (age 20): “Look at my little sister! Making it big!” Louis howled from the stage into the empty venue. You watched silently as he threw his arm out and started singing I’m on top of the world off-key. “If you’re going to sing, at least do it right,” you teased lightly. “You know I can’t,” Louis threw back, but he was grinning from ear to ear. “Yes you can, and you would’ve if you hadn’t chickened out of that x-factor audition.” Louis rolled his eyes and flung an arm around your shoulder to pull you close. “Nah, I’m glad you were the one to make it. I would love it even more if it didn’t include horny teenage boys masturbating to a picture of you, but what can you do?” You both laughed, and happiness spread from your chest and to the very tips of your toes when the sound bounded off the walls. “I’m happy, yeah? Because you’re happy. This was my dream once, but now it’s yours. I’m just here to be big brother Louis.” You didn’t want Louis to notice you were about to start crying, so instead you picked up a microphone, handed it to Louis, and said: “Now I want you to sing Grease. Go!” Louis beamed as you grabbed another one and winked at him. “You’re the one that I want, right?” he asked, and cheered excitedly when you nodded. “I’m ready!”

NIALL (age 19): “I-I can’t do it a-anymore,” you hiccupped into Niall’s chest, as a fresh wave of tears crashed into you and left you heaving for breath. “Of course you can Y/N. You’ve worked so hard for this. You can’t give up because of one scandal.” Niall softly ran a hand through your messy hair, slowly working out the knots you’d formed by pulling on it. “But it’s not just a scandal, Niall! My fans think he paid me for hooking up with him! They think I’m a prostitute!” you wailed miserably, and you noticed Niall took a shuddering breath. “It’s been proved that he lied,” Niall tried to console you. “But people don’t care, Ni. It was out there, and it stays out there. I don’t know what to do.” Niall hooked a finger under your chin and pulled it away from his chest so he could catch your red-rimmed eyes. “Listen, your fans, they know it’s a lie. All the people who know and love you, knows it. The only people, who are focusing on this, are the ones who are jealous of you. The ones who seek out ways to ruin your reputation. That’s how it is when you’re famous. The only thing you can do, is to ignore it. If you stop doing what you love, what you’re best at, then they win.” You sniffled one last time as Niall wiped away a stray tear before nodding. “I-I don’t know Ni.” Niall smiled sadly before tucking your face into the crook of his neck. “I do. You’re so talented. You have so many fans that adore you. You can’t let them down because some guy decided to be a dick.” You relented with a tiny nod and a watery smile. “Okay. Yeah, yeah okay.” Niall grinned. “That’s my girl.”

LIAM (age 21): “Thank you Sydney!” you bellowed into your microphone and relished in the screams and cheers your voice emitted. “You’ve been amazing! Give yourself a hand!” You were still smiling so your cheeks ached when you got off stage. “Y/N? Someone is waiting for you in your wardrobe,” your manager said with a smirk and a twinkle in her grey eyes. You shrugged it off as you bounded happily to your wardrobe. “Hi, uhm, Nina said—LIAM!” You ran into your wardrobe and jumped into your brother’s arms as he laughed and spun you around. “Hi love. Thought I’d surprise you.” In lieu of response, you squealed into his shoulder. When you finally clambered back down, your heart was still hammering in your chest. “D-did you see the show?” Liam beamed and nodded excitedly. “Yeah! Oh Y/N, you’re so good. I’m so proud of you.” You thanked him and felt a blush creeping up your neck and pool in your cheeks. “Did you, uh, did you hear the whole ‘getting caught in the act’ innuendo thing?” Liam’s eyes widened comically. “No?” You sighed in relief, but then Liam opened his mouth again: “No wait, did you mean the thing with the couch and the blonde dude? No I heard that.” You let your head tip back as you groaned. “Please don’t tell mum,” you pleaded around a whine. “I’m so glad fame hasn’t changed you.” At the disgruntled look on your face, Liam cracked up as he pulled you into another hug. “So glad.”

The Metaphorical

Kramer slides in through Jerry’s front door.

“Ah,” says Jerry, standing at his kitchen counter. “It’s you.”

A pained expression seeps onto Kramer’s face, his jaw wiggling as if chewing on something unpleasant. Finally, he replies, “Morty and Frank at NoLIta. Morty of Florida. Florida under two moons. Frank of Queens. Queens of crossroads, at NoLIta. NoLIta, her sky gray.”

Jerry stares blankly at him for a moment. “Okay, so what’s the problem today?” he says exasperatedly.

Kramer shrugs, confused. “Puddy beneath MoMA.”

“Puddy? David Puddy? Why’s he under the MoMa?”

Kramer shakes his head. “Uncle Leo, his eyes closed.”

Jerry sighs. “Jerry, his patience running out. Here, why don’t you have some coffee? It might calm you down.”

Kramer waves his hands. “Bania, at rest.”

“Oh, this is just a whole new level, Kramer. I thought you were a little odd before, but this really takes it.”

Nearly in tears, Kramer turns toward the door. “The beast at Niagara!” he shouts, storming out.

“Well, all right, then,” mutters Jerry, returning to his newspaper.

Rushing outside, Kramer bumps into Elaine.

“Kramer!” she exclaims. “You’ll never guess what happened to me today. I was in my office when Peterman—“

“The East River in winter,” interrupts Kramer.

“Wh… what about it?” asks Elaine, confused.

“Davola at court, the court of silence.”

Elaine frowns. “Kramer, I have no idea what you’re trying to say.”

Kramer runs away, wailing miserably. “Sacamano, with sails unfurled!”

Hours later, George finds Kramer sitting forlornly on a park bench.

“Hey, Kramer. You seen Jerry? He left a message on my machine, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. He didn’t answer the door. I think something might’ve happened to him.”

“Newman, on the ocean.”

“What do you mean? Did Newman do something to Jerry?”

Kramer shakes his head sadly, frustrated by his communication difficulties. “Uncle Leo, his eyes closed.”

“He killed Uncle Leo too?”

“Puddy beneath MoMA!”

“And he buried Puddy under the Museum of Modern Art?” George clutches his bald head in dismay. “What the hell is going on?”

Unable to take it any longer, Kramer stands up and shouts, “Whatley, his face black, his eyes red!”

“Tim Whatley? He was in on this, too?”

Kramer shakes his head and gestures toward Jerry’s. “Jerry and Newman at Niagara.”

“We gotta call the police,” says George, heading toward Jerry’s apartment.

Moaning in agony, Kramer follows after him.

George spots Newman walking up the street and rushes angrily toward him. “What did you do to Jerry?” he demands.

“Jerry?” asks Newman. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Puddy beneath MoMA!” shouts Kramer, tugging on George’s arm. “Puddy beneath MoMA!”

“Yeah, I’ll get to that in a second, Kramer,” says George. He grabs Newman by the front of his postal uniform and slams him up against the nearest wall, cracking it behind him. “Tell me what you did to Jerry!”

“Nothing!” replies Newman, his eyes wide with terror. “I didn’t do anything, I swear! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

George punches him in the face.

Kramer tries to pull him away, but George’s fury is too intense. “Puddy beneath MoMA!”

“I don’t care about Puddy right now, Kramer,” growls George, throwing Newman to the ground. Some bricks tumble out of the damaged wall.

After several minutes, Jerry and Elaine appear around the corner nearby. When they see the mess, they both spin and try to walk away without being seen, to avoid getting pulled into the undoubtedly ridiculous situation.

George catches them out of the corner of his eye and stops his assault on Newman. “Wait… Jerry?”

Jerry drops his head resignedly and turns around. “Hi, George.”

“Jerry, I thought you were… but Kramer said… he… I… I…”

“Oh, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” roars Newman, clambering to his feet, backing away furiously. “All of you!”

Kramer sighs. “Jackie when the walls fell.”




somethingwickedthiswaylives  asked:

Prompt #20 with Sam Wilson please darling. ☺

“I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.”

“Haaaaaaah! Danny, you’re feeling pretty firm! I guess you really have been working out~” You squealed as you surprised your best friend by jumping onto his back and curling your arms gently over his shoulders to steady yourself.

Luckily he had quickly grabbed hold of your thighs and caught his balance otherwise the two of you would have tumbled forward onto the ground.

“D, what’s with the change in cologne? I thought you- OH MY GOD. YOU AREN’T DANNY.” You had leaned forward to get a look at your friend’s face because he was quiet and usually he started complaining as soon as you grabbed hold of him. Now you understood why he was so out of character, because it wasn’t him.

It was some other amazingly hot guy who looked like Danny from the back and oh my god you very quickly unhooked your legs and practically jumped off his back and stumbled onto the ground. “Oh my god, oh my god.” You clutched your chest and wheezed. You were having trouble breathing and you were screaming internally because your tombstone would actually read ‘DIED FROM EMBARRASSMENT’. It would become a legit thing!

There was a ringing in your ears and spots in your vision. You were too busy trying to deal with it to realise someone was gently rubbing your back and making exaggerated breathing motions for you to mimic. You worked through your panic attack and blinked away tears from both frustration and shame.

“You alright? Let’s go sit down.”

You were still in a bit of a daze as someone guided you by the shoulders to sit on a nearby park bench. “I-I’m sorry.” You hiccuped.

“Don’t worry about it.”

There was a chuckle and you forced yourself to meekly take in the appearance of the stranger who you accidentally assaulted. He was definitely handsome and had a very kind smile and oh gosh, that just makes things so much worse… You were probably red as a tomato with puffy eyes from crying too.

“Is Danny your boyfriend?”

“No!” You shook your head and waved your hands frantically in dismissal. “No, no. Oh gosh, he’s my best friend. You guys are around the same height and physical build, so I mistook you for him. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to jump on your back. You should have just dropped me or something.” You wailed miserably.

“Aw, but what kind of guy would I be if I let a cutie like you hurt yourself?” He gently elbowed you. O-oh. He thought you were cute! Oh no! “But seriously, are you alright? I can wait here with you until you’re okay. It’s not problem.”

“Gee, you’re so nice.” You sniffled. “I’ll be okay, you can leave me here. I’m really sorry I mistook you for my friend.”

“I can’t leave you here on your own; it wouldn’t be right of me. I’m Sam Wilson by the way.” He offered a hand for you to shake and you accepted with your name. His hand was so nice and warm. “So, what are you up to today?”

The next time you saw Danny you would give him a solid punch in the arm for reasons he didn’t know or understand, but you had a massive grin on your face and announced you had a date, so it couldn’t have been too bad, right?


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"Can you come over...." Pokeshipping please!!

Geez, I had to scroll through so many other, newer requests to find this one! Agh, I didn’t realize how many I had!

Anyway, here ya go, anon-chan! I admit I went on a little longer on this one than I wanted to, but it felt like there needed to be a proper amount of leading in order to reach the climax of the fic. I’m still a little touch and go on how I feel about it too, which makes me sad, but it gets a very good point across and puts Ash in a delicate situation, which is always fun for me to explore.

I hope you (and everyone who happens to read it) enjoy this fulfilled request!

Title - “challenges”

Summary - All of the times Misty had watched awful things happen to him because of his own stubbornness? Let alone the times she’d gotten personally involved, either by helping him out or simply stopping him from making anymore rash moves… Well, maybe it’s finally time to pay back some of those dues. Pokeshippy/friendship.


He’s home for the first time in almost a year when he receives the phone-call.

“Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. How can I–”

“–Oh, I’m - like - sorry, I think I have the wrong number.”

The person hangs up and Ash pulls the handheld away from his ear and stares at it with a quirked brow for five or so seconds before hanging it up and walking back into the kitchen to get the drink he’d previously been pouring before running to pick up the ringing living room phone in the first place.

Only, as soon as he opens the fridge door, there goes the phone again so he sighs, mumbles to himself that someone clearly doesn’t want him to quench his thirst, and backtracks once more.

By the time he’s gotten there, Pikachu has beaten him to the punch and has just grabbed the receiver in his paws and tipped it towards one of his big ears.

“Pikaaachaaa!” he croons in greeting to the person on the other line.

From the one meter or so distance between him and the headset, Ash can hear the person trying to make sense of his best buddy’s ramblings of his own name. So, smiling and sighing all at once, he pats the electric mouse on the head and takes the receiver back into his own hands.

“Sorry buddy, let me get this, okay? Thanks for your help though…” followed by, “Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. Is this the person who called me a minute ago?”

“I swear, I’ve totally got the right number!” the airy-fairy female tone states confidently and confusedly from their end of the line, “Look, I’m sorry, I’m - like - trying to reach Delia.”

“Oh, yeah, Delia, that’s my mom!”

“That’s your… then this must be…” The young woman on the other end falters and dissolves into a fit of giggles before doing her best to pretend she was clearing her throat all along and doing her best to reinitialize the conversation, “… Is this that Ash kid? You might remember me. This is Daisy, one of Misty’s sisters. You traveled with her a couple of years ago–”

“–Yeah, I remember… And I remember Misty too… You don’t have to make it sound like it’s been that long, Daisy.”

“Well, anyway,” she blows off his skeptical tone with her jubilation and continues, “I needed to - like - speak to your mom. Is she around? It’s important!”

“Ah, no, sorry… She left town a few days ago to join Professor Oak and his assistant Tracey on a survey expedition. I’m house-sitting for her.”

“Oooh,” Daisy groans in negativity, the first time she’s lost her charm since the conversation started, “she was our last chance though!”

“Uuh, sorry…?”

“The Sensational Sisters have a photoshoot in Goldenrod City a few days from now. We’re taking - like - all of the local members from our charter with us as part of the crew so our little sister - Misty; you said you remember her, right? - is going to be running the gym all on her own.”

“I… don’t see the problem. Didn’t she do that when you guys went on your trip around the world?”

Keep reading