wails he's so cute

do you ever start thinking of moonbin and just get wildly emotional in .02 seconds

A Birthday Adventure!

(no Judgement, I put this together at 1 am) Happy Birthday to my favorite blue Hedgehog, (And my favorite silly egg shaped villain:)

Amy walked nervously over to Sonic’s hut that morning, pancakes and card in hand. She had woken up early in order to prepare a great breakfast for him, and she had spent the whole night before creating and writing his card. She had spent so long figuring out just how to craft her words, and had poured her soul into each phrase. It contained her full confession. And she was nervous as heck. What if he thought she was lame? What if he didn’t feel the same? What if he never thought of her in that way? She cared so much about him, about all of her friends, but it was time. He needed to know. 

And so did she.

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Richard Armitage is such a fucken nerd. I can’t fucken deal with his giant dorky self and his dumb selfie stick and his stupid hashtags. What the fuck man. You’re 43 years old. How are you a grown ass man and still so fucken cute. Someone stop this madness.