wail wail

AX Wacom Demo

Ahh h-hey everyone!! I’m very nervous to share this here, but I wanted to mention that I was invited by Wacom to do a demo at their AX booth which is in the Entertainment Hall. ;; I’ll be… hopefully demo-ing some colouring techniques.

I’m really scared about it since I’m not very used to drawing in front of people, but I’m going to do my best…. ;;; if you want to stop by for a little bit and see it, I’m drawing from 12-12:45-ish on July 1st.


With the new season around the corner and no longer being blind, I decided to work on Jaime and Brienne fanart I’ve neglected. Was a little frustrated with shading, so ended up just doing a palette challenge coloring for now. New eyes, new tablet and new computer is messing with me. Eventually I’ll finish the shading on this and have a normal piece :p

Edit- Added part of a bg tile I did for myself as an extra piece. 

every time. every time I say I can’t stand tomatoes someone emerges from the mist to offer me an heirloom cherry tomato from their garden. “It’s good. It’s sweet. You’ll like it,” they wail and wail. I make attempts to deflect them with no thank yous and jokes about them being close relatives of deadly nightshade to no avail. they continue to attempt to force the red orbs upon me. I give in to their plea and take a bite. “It’s ok I guess,” I whimper as my eyes water and I struggle not to gag on the sour, mushy, hell fruit.


[It seems like your characters make kind of an odd combination.] I think when you find both of our characters, they’ve both been working together for a couple of years, so they kind of have a shorthand between them. The way they communicate is old hat. They’re sort of brought together in an unlikely, unexpected friendship. - Scarlett Johansson