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Fun fact! There’s another vampire request that I should get to soon! Sombra’s in it too! (On another note, forced marriage is some A1 shit.) I hope this is what you meant by “getting herself a waifu” tho? LOL


“Cariña,” Sombra calls. “Wait.”

You flinch, drawing your coat tighter around your body, and speed up, not daring to turn around. Her voice huffs as if pouting.

“Are you really going to ignore your fiancee?” Goosebumps break across your body as the voice sounds like whisper in your ear. You break into a sprint.

You’re knocked to the ground quickly, cold hands pinning you down.

Don’t run from me.” Sombra noses your neck and groans. “Not tonight, cariña. Not tonight. I’ll chase you tomorrow.”

A scream catches in your throat, lungs expanding to expel it, and a hand catches your mouth instead.

She shushes you with a dangerous smile

“Marry me,” she says. “Tonight.”

You shut your eyes instead and let the coldness of her hand wash over you. Reminding you to refuse. Reminding you that she’s a vampire. The same one that’s been warned to have drained people from the surrounding towns dry. You feel sick. She scowls. She doesn’t understand.

“You’re mine,” Sombra says simply, “and because you are mine, you must marry me.”

She’s been watching you for a long time, waiting carefully to introduce herself, and traveling far to find new prey all so you would not discover her. Your scent called her in with such magnetic force it was impossible to ignore. Her heart began to beat again. Eyes dilated. Nostrils flared. She wanted you right then and there.

But you insisted on being proper. You wouldn’t put out until you were married, barely allowing Sombra a peck of your lips until she proposed. Tentatively opening your mouth to allow her tongue in, you poked yours out carefully, only to prick yourself on her teeth. Her snapped open red and hungry, sucking at you tongue and, well. Here you are now.

“No,” you plead, eyes opening. “No.”

Hurt flashes through her eyes, then anger. If you refuse to be with her, she’ll drain every possible suitor you have lined up until your town is dry. Can’t you see she loves you? Her head jerks down, nosing your neck. She groans and twitches, clasping a hand over her mouth, and physically restrains herself.

She can’t wait much longer.

If she bites you, she reasons, you’ll have to say yes. Vampire venom is very addictive.

She bites you.

So, woody’s roundup was really great, but people started to just grab ANY deactivated URL- which was no bueno. It was only intended to target bad people, and taking innocent people’s URL’s was just…wrong. So the Woodysroundup blog deactivated, and now the actual original woodys (the ones with the bad people’s blogs) have started to change to that spongebob icon and the title “orgasm” on their blog.

Also, there’s a real gross person behind the Stinky Pete retaliation, and all the stinky pete icons you might see are people that are your typical “i love my waifu and 800 guns” people who just arent good.

UPDATE: Stinky Pete was banned from the site.what he did wrong was basically excuse another user saying “futa isnt transphobic” and “actually child porn is Good”, as well as say that nazis on this website arent something to worry about because “theyre a tad too cowardly to [be a nazi] in real life!”
  • LoZ: Child goes on adventure because he feels like it
  • Adventure of Link: Child gets roped into another adventure because the girl from the first one won't wake up
  • Link to the Past: Pig is the opposite of a furry and pretends to be human to conquer the world. New boy's uncle dies. He isn't having it.
  • Ocarina of Time: Shows how Pig fell from attractive desert man to a furry. Also time travel.
  • Majora's Mask: Someone at Nintendo has issues. Also time travel.
  • Link's Awakening: Boy falls asleep and dreams of protecting his beach waifu.
  • Oracle of Seasons: Boy gets a boner for a goddess incarnate and rescues her from an Iron Knuckle cosplayer
  • Oracle of Ages: Same thing but the goddess is blue and the Iron Knuckle cosplayer is now a hot sorceress. Also time travel again.
  • Wind Waker: Moana without dark skin or a female lead and also like 15 years before Moana.
  • Minish Cap: Nintendo's fetishes get out of hand.
  • Four Swords Adventures: This time there's FOUR BOYS. You did not have enough friends to play this game like it was meant to be played. Nobody did. Switch re-release pls.
  • Twilight Princess: The edgy one. If you were 13 at the time this was your favorite Zelda. You know exactly why. Introduced Edgy Waifu Supreme, who would hold that position for years to come.
  • Phantom Hourglass: Moana again but there's an asshole with you.
  • Spirit Tracks: Choo choo. Girl dies.
  • Skyward Sword: It's the worst one. But it's still great. Also more time travel.
  • Link Between Worlds: Link to the Past again but there's a shadow world where people are hotter and usually evil.
  • Hyrule Warriors: Boob Witch tears the timestream apart because of her boner. This time the time travels to you. A lot of people hated this /Japanese Made Action Game from Koei Tecmo/ for being too anime.
  • Tri-Force Heroes: This time there's THREE BOYS. They ate the purple one for sustenance because Nintendo doesn't feed them anymore. Nobody liked this one. I lied this is the real worst one.
  • Breath of the Wild: Religious dad fucks over the entire world. Amnesiac small boy catches things on fire.

I felt the mighty need to draw Paddy, she’s way too adorable. Obviously, her senpai is there too.


Sasuke: *saying his goodbyes to go on his mission again*

Sakura: *stares expectingly with a blush on her gorgeous face at her husband*

Sasuke: *beAUty OvErLoad Warning:wiLL coMBust. CaN’t haNdle WAifu TOo BeAUtiFul Can’t cOMpute. 1001001001001 sasukeuchiha.exe hAs sTOpped wOrKing PleAse reFREsh anD chEck intErnet connECtion RuN AwAy*

The true test of how much i love something is based on if I draw anything for it or not. (Although there’s exceptions since half of the time i don’t feel good enough to draw said thing/or embarrased).

Anyhoo i love @hernyart art

and especially the gals he draws (his main ones up there) on his sideblog (with one HELL of a lewd name). Featuring these ghouls (geddit?…no?….i’ll show my way out) who are super awesome….and lewd….yet sweet at the same time?

Funny thing about this is that I have never seen ANY of the shows these characters belong to. That’s what happens when you don’t have cable or got to rent cartoons from the kids section at blockbuster when you were a kid, (as I faintly remember seeing the box art for the ghouls school one)

Anyhoo, if I wasn’t totally broke I’d patron the hell out of a lotta artists like this guy.

Hetalia Characters When They Try Acting Flirty
  • Canada: Hey sweetie. I lost my bear....can I sleep with you..?
  • America: Hey girl. From a scale of North Korea to America how free are you..?
  • England: Hello, darling. I lost my phone number. Can I get yours?
  • France: Bonjour, mon amour. Are you from France? 'Cause MaDAMN!
  • China: Ni Hao. Is your name Ah Beng? 'Cause Ah Beng thinking about you.
  • Russia: I'll be Putin it in you tonight...
  • Italy: Ciao, bella. Do you have any Italian in you? Would you like some?
  • Germany: idk he just flexes his muscles and takes off his shirt.
  • Japan: Will you be my waifu?
  • Romano: Would you like to see my colosseum?
  • Prussia: He flexes his muscles too. Probably winks and wiggles his eyebrows, too.
  • Netherlands: he just throws money at you.
  • (I am not sorry)

I love that lil’ bro just set the skirt aside because Kashima is hot with such model look

like, just thinking a skirt is a trend and don’t give a fuck because he’s on a mission

lmao lil’ bro I can’t even decide that you’re lowkey gay or just too smol and pure for this world. definitely the latter though

omfg don’t do that to your younger sibling

that Nozaki for you, high-quality waifu material

these Sakura siblings are just



he could be a photographer when he grew up!

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KK so I know everyone likes these, so let’s get it poppin’ and pump out some more!

-Kirigiri’s ‘death’ scene took forever because Kirigiri kept moving in some way or another (I.E. her keg shaking, her mouth opening and closing, her chest rising/falling, etc.).

-Iruma and Kiibo’s 'sex scene’ also took forever to film because Iruma kept laughing and crying that this was too dirty and Kiibo kept crying bc he was being 'Deflowered’.

-Souda finally telling off Sonia for ignoring him 24/7 and then crying and apologizing with the others in the show laughing.

-Oogami’s 'ASAHINA’ yell takes popping up every 5 minutes of the blooper reel with everyone laughing and giving their input.
-Bonus: Imagine Togami yelling 'NAEGI’ to show Oogami how it might sound like.

-In Akamatsu’s 'execution’ scene, you can hear Saihara screaming 'MY WAIFU, NO!’

-This vine on Sayaka/Kyouko’s vine channel:
Hinata: Is that a hamster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Komaeda: *Takes out knife*
Hinata: Oh, shit, nope! Its a knife! *Runs away*

-Or this one:
Mikan: *Strides up to Junko with a flirty smile* How old are you?
Junko: *Looks up from her phone* 15.
Togami/Syo/Hinata/Komaeda: *Screams no and drags her away*

-Souda, Fuyuhiko, and Akane chanting 'One of Us’ when one of the other actors are running late.

-In the scene where Fuyuhiko’s holding Peko while she’s beat up, they kiss on camera and everyone screams in joy.

-Syo and Komaru having an argument bc 'Listen, Dekomaru, I’M Deadpool! You can be Captain America!’ and Fujisaki just shrugging and saying that she’s Spiderman.
-Bonus: Syo yells that now she’s definitely Deadpool bc Spideypool’s fucking canon.

-In Celes’s execution, one of the pop-up flames fall and hit one of the costumed Monokumas in the audience. She unties herself and helps them with Togami (The camera man) laughing loudly.

-Hinata and Souda arguing over which cereal is 'Bomb’ or 'Lit’, with Hinata on Fruit Loops’ side and Souda on Frosted Flakes’ side
-Bonus: Komaeda being on Hinata’s side and Gundham on Souda’s side

-Fujisaki filming Fukawa and being like 'Look at this cute thing, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet omg’.
-Bonus: Fukawa doing the same thing when Fujisaki’s in the screen.

-Naegi calling Togami 'Dollface’ and Togami calling Naegi 'Tough Guy’ behind the scenes.

-Sayaka filming the actors and saying things like 'My brother’, 'My sister’, or, for Kyouko, 'My sweet girlfriend’.

-Togami filming the episode on his TV, thn switching to himself scowling in an exaggerated scowl when a Naegiri scene pops up.

-Every actor- even the stoic characters- doing the 'Eh eh eh’ thing where they wiggle around every time their face pops up on the TV.

-Natsumi and Sato glaring at each other, but once the director calls cut, there’s a lot of cute pictures Sayaka and Chiaki took of them eating ice cream together and watching the scenes laughing together.

-Komaeda running away with Hinata’s shirt screaming 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea!’ as Hinata screams in an exaggerated way after running after him.

-Souda filming Gundham on break and narrating his actions like the crocodile hunter.

-There’s a lost video of the DR1 cast and DR2 cast doing a music video for 'I don’t dance’ from HSM2.

-Asahina filming Celestia sitting in Yamada’s lap and doing his bloody makeup for Naegi’s hallucination with them laughing and Yamada booping Celes’s little nose.
-Bonus: Yamada curling Celes’s drills for her while she irons his jacket. Asahina films all of this in full detail.

-Hinata and Komaeda swapping clothes for an episode and all of the fans noticing so the directors had to reshoot the whole episode with the correct outfits.

And that’s pretty much all I can think of rn! I hope its good!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 Promotional art

TBFP Quotes Sentence Starters
  • "A real hero would suck a dick to save their children."
  • "I'm drinking urine right now, 'cause fuck my life."
  • "These bees are such assholes!"
  • "I should make out with him a little bit."
  • "That's a very expensive camera, you idiot!"
  • "It's freaking out."
  • "Designed for maximum fear effects!"
  • "Look at this vagina bug I found!"
  • "Please stop shooting me in the butthole, sir."
  • "The train guy was drunk!"
  • "Oh no! My tiny penis!"
  • "You flew too close to the prison sun!"
  • "Dream big and quit hard."
  • "I have no butt and I must fart."
  • "This fucking flower is bullshit!"
  • "Can I lick your nips?"
  • "I'm the teacher, I'm sure to beat ya!"
  • "I was only illegally tampering with evidence..."
  • "My waifu is a scaryfu!"
  • "Shut up, evil kids!"
  • "Give me back my son, son. Give me the money!"
  • "I accidentally kicked myself in the asshole."
  • "You fucked up! You fucked up! You fucked up!"
  • "I hate you with all of my hate."
MY. Omega. - Bucky x Reader (3/?)

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A/B/O Dynamics

Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Simple Summary - Out of all the new coming Omegas, will he choose you?

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Warnings - Swearing, arguing, awkwardness, ANGST.

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