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Aww, Tidus looks so dejected at not finding Auron. But… he was never supposed to be the in Bar, we really should have been looking for him in the cafe next door. :P 

And once again, Yuna shows us that she is absolutely not shy. Running off to go talk to strangers in part shows her excitement over finding Sir Auron, but moreover shows that she doesn't mind talking with people on the fly. She’s pretty bold. 


I often see people portraying Yuna as this completely stiff, naive and scared young girl who is anxious to do anything that might be fun - and who totally relies on Tidus to open her up. It’s one of my pet peeves. 

There are times when Yuna can act like the strongest woman in the world, times even when she can speak like the wisest. But there are other times when she acts like a seventeen year old girl - times when she can act like the child she never really got to be.

Don’t forget that spirit in her, it’s part of what makes her charming.  


We saw Yuna get really mad at Dona earlier for insulting her and her guardians. Yet she wasn’t nearly as angry as she is here. 

Zanarkand is one of Yuna’s greatest insecurities. She didn’t just speak up for Tidus because Bickson and the rest were being rude. She was speaking up for her own beliefs. And they’re injured beliefs, too - ones she overcompensates for by insisting upon them. 

FFX’s writing at times can be very, very good. An example, in my opinion, is right here. The game doesn’t need to tell you she’s insecure, you only have to look for it yourself, if you choose to or happen to notice. I like that.  


Yuna’s body language here, ugh. 

I mean, she almost looks ready to grab his hand in the second panel - before she reels herself back, composes and calms down. 

Tidus is her connection to her father. Well, vaguely. He claims to come from Zanarkand, which immediately makes her think of Sir Jecht. Any connection with Jecht or her father immediately sets her heart aflutter - and I think she really does appreciate Tidus’s praise, here, because it’s almost as if she's receiving praise straight from Jecht.  


It seems to me that water-based technology is accepted in Spira. Look at the camera and the microphone - it’s clearly got some weird water power going on. I think this makes sense to some degree - water has a high pyreflies in it -  this is why blitzers can breathe under water and why summoners can walk on it, they essentially manipulate the pyreflies within. Perhaps pyreflies therefore can be used as a kind of energy? And maybe this is seen as more “natural” than using electricity, hence it’s allowance? That, and of course, TVs, microphones and spheres are all pretty non violent. 

Just a thought, though.

Also notice Wantz in the background again in the third screenshot. ;)  

Another small thing - Yuna so far has never shown any distress or discomfort about being famous. I’m not sure if she ever does, though I may be wrong (she does mention that following in her father’s footsteps can be hard - but I suspect that’s more to do with the outcome of the pilgrimage rather than her fame.)

She’s modest enough to still fold her hands and smile when Tidus remarks that she’s really famous - which at least implies that she’s not arrogant about it or anything, but it’s just the truth. It’s clear that she’s quite social and fairly adapt at being so, willingly being interviewed and constantly talking to large groups of people.

I would never really say that Yuna is shy. Which is something I’ve seen a lot of writers forget. 

Tidus immediately bounces back, forgets his problems, and tells a joke or says something to make Yuna smile. 
This is proof that Tidus has a tenacity to smile through this pain. This is exactly what Yuna does (and what Seymour does, gifs on that l8r.) It’s an interesting way to act in life, don’t you think? Though all three have chosen to behave that way for different reasons. 

Anyway, this is too wee a thing to start going into super deep analysis, but just remember that Tidus is prone to forgetting his problems and trying to just laugh them off. It’s a nice attribute.