waifu 15


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.”

Xiaolin Showdown- November 1, 2003- May 13, 2006

I opened up a sketch app I don’t normally use today, and found this? Zero recollection of starting this, though obviously it’s a VERY rough work in progress I may or may not get to finishing of my fave subject, older Ignis. If I were to caption this following my usual convention I think I’d write “forge my armor in the old fire/my spirit sings loud and clear.” I should be posting some actual finished-ish work soon, now that finals are upon me.


Random close up Iggy face appreciation post~  (also I managed to manual-snap a pic of him without glasses, HAAAAHAHAHA <3 )

Hope you enjoy lovely boo as much as I do ;3;

Someone: Says Futaba is best girl
Me: I don’t agree but ofc the wars are real in p5
Someone: Says Futaba is best waifu
Me: Futaba is 15 and you are gross