Has the Gifted AU been done yet tho? Like, Steve is left with custody of this brilliant, beautiful child and he’s trying to do right by Mary but he has no idea what to do, and one night he’s Googling “help my kid is smarter than I am” and he finds a message board where parents support/complain/discuss their bright children. (None of them are on Mary’s level but that’s okay, he gets the gist of it.) And he’s… drowning a little, combating all the people that want Mary in advanced classes with people twice her age, so he makes his own post. He gets a smattering of replies and he’s feeling just a little more hopeless when suddenly WhoAmIAnymore replies, “Not saying it’ll turn out that way but uh look at what happened to Tony Stark?” And Steve’s stricken by the thought because Tony Stark had been lauded and praised right into a bottle of booze and after one last stint in rehab for cocaine he disappeared from the public eye. He doesn’t want that for Mary. So he types back “thanks, waia” and fights harder for Mary to have a normal childhood.

And Tony sits back in his seat, feeling a little proud that he’d helped one more kid avoid what he went through, and then cries for what he missed out on.

where am i again? :: jiyong & daesung

Jiyong was in a pretty good mood despite his nervousness to the new world he was entering. It felt awkward, getting off the boat and onto the island with one suitcase while everyone else seemed to have multiple suitcases. Truthfully, he didn’t have much. Most of the clothes in his suitcase were his performing clothes, and whatever outfits he could buy that was casual but nice. He couldn’t deny that he loved to look good, he loved clothes and shoes - the works. It’s always been a passion of his, even though he rarely got to express it because of the way his life turned out.

Luckily, now that he joined Cirque Du Freak, he could be way more open as he was gaining more of an income than he ever was. Therefore even though his clothes were fairly limited, they all could match each other with Jiyong’s special picking and he has enough outfits to last him the break (he hopes)!

Plenty of people passed him, talking among themselves about who knows what. Jiyong watched them as they scattered about as if they knew exactly where they were going. Jiyong walked behind a group of two guys he didn’t recognize, just to make it look like he was going somewhere. He wished he could just run up and ask someone for help, but the directions were already explained before they got off the boat. How was he supposed to explain his carelessness and lack of listening?!

He found himself stuck once the two entered one of the cottages. He looked at the number, which to his dismay, read 279. I’m 268! he sighed and turned himself around. He was way off from where he needed to be. Damn, this was embarrassing! Jiyong scanned the area before walking again, a small pout fixed on his features as he walked down the dirt road in complete confusion. To top it all off, he felt the handle on his suitcase heat up. This was the worst time to have a random leakage, but that’s most likely why his body decided to do it now. This was probably why he was roomed by himself, since he’s still a danger to the new society he placed himself in.

They accepted him though, despite the fact that he could burn through flesh and bone by laying his finger down on a patch of skin. He was grateful that there was a break so soon after he joined, since he could try his best to master his acidic abilities so unfortunate events like this didn’t happen.

Jiyong let out a long sigh and removed his hand from the handle, quickly picking it up by the straps to sling it over his back. He looked down at his fingers, and then back up to the now emptying street. Aigoooo… This can’t get any worse.