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  • Jay: if you need me, I'll be in the hospital bar
  • Mini: uh you know there isn't a hospital bar, Jay
  • Jay: well this is why people hate hospitals

Okay though, SERIOUS NOTE,
She’s like ready to pounce on him, and he’s kind of ginger with her and he’s like “baby are you sure you’re ready for this?” And she’s like “yes ” or something along those lines and here are my questions

Is this the first time that they you know, were about to do adult activities since she’s been better!?!?!?

Because I get two vibes from the question like yes this could be the first time since she’s been healed and finally gotten a good night sleep and she’s in the mood and she’s just feeling like herself and Deeks just wants to make sure all their Ts are crossed and their is are dotted

Or is he just being funny when he’s like “you ready for this” like a playful are you ready for all the Deeks you’re about to get

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I feel so horrible because I looked up to CJ...I can't believe they would say such things about Mark and then love Jack in a weird.way...I hate that I ever defended them too.

Hey man, it’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up over that. It happens. The important thing is that you know now, yeah?


this may sound super weird that a random cf makes me feel like this but honestly sometimes i just go on yt and open this and loop it a dozen times. it makes me so happy!! the dance, the song, everything is so catchy, happy feeling and fun! it immediately makes me want to dance and sing with them.


Hot Pink. 

draculaura and clawdeen being new to the whole dating other girls thing and they both can be sorta awkward for the first few weeks while they’re getting settled into their new romantic relationship

but one day when they’re in class draculaura’s hand inches closer and closer to clawdeen’s and she gently slips her hand into clawdeen’s hand under the table and they hold hands for the rest of the class


Japan sweet haul with @ineverhadmyinternetphase. First five images were Kracie’s Popin Cookin Paste Soda which tasted like plastic rolled in popping candy and literally what on earth? (but was pretty much the same as the one in Dan and Phil’s Epic Japanese Candy Time!!!)

The second five were gummy sweets that tested our colour mixing knowledge (limited), required accurate pipette control and felt like we were conducting a science experiment. Final outcome: a spiky cloud, elephant and deformed gummy bear that tasted…interesting? Japan, your sweets are ridiculous but that was super fun.

I just genuinely hope people won’t compare Harry and Niall. They’re so different in literally anything, most importantly the music. Of course we haven’t heard anything from H yet, but he’s not gonna go into that folky style for sure.
So that’s nothing you could/should compare! Especially not sales-wise. I see Harry doing pop, a very modern and new way of pop, which will speak to more people than niall’s more Indy style.
Also Harry’s single will be played on every radio station on repeat because he’s Harry. Nialls start as “solo artist” was definitely harder (he did great though! And he seems to be happy with the way it all worked out) but the pressure the media set on Harry shouldn’t be underestimated too, I guess.

I hope both of them get the love and support they deserve from people who genuinely love their work.
They’re both gonna do great as the individuals as they are.

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the color pink, computers, comfort, light yagami, french and turkish, the moon, gentle voice, singing, friendship, intelligence, sunshine after a rainy day, "baby".

put things in my ask that you associate me with

*___* i’m speechless and i love you so much…