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hi edie(: i'm a follower of yours (i'm not a studyblr) and i really like the things you post. how many blogs do you follow and which are the blogs that you like the most? what jc or poly are you aiming for?

hello, and thank you! i’m following 200+ blogs as of now. 

i’m aiming for ib (so sji/acsi) or if all else fails, sajc!! (originally wanted nyjc since sec 3 but a lot of people from my cohort are aiming for ny and i kinda don’t want to see my entire cohort in jc again so ….)

and for the blogs that i like (tbh i just see them on my dash alot and i interact q a bit with a few of them and are just superrrrrr great): 

  • @asazora (kou has super pretty notes/bujo/photos/face)
  • @yolandastudies (talented as heck, cute bujo)
  • @literaturs (yuke is friendly as hell; aka my egg pal and has super cute posts + faCE) 
  • @studyshu (vvv pretty notes + i look up to her q a bit!!)
  • @mediocrestudyblr (pretty notes and super motivated oml)
  • @studyjewel (has some of the cutest notes and is super gorgeous check out her selfie post ooo)
  • @sushi-studies (rly nice and neat notes and is rly friendly when i dmed her ehhe + gorgeous as hell ,,, might have stalked her ig when going through the sji tag oops)
  • @metalbean (sheri my number 1 homie - is very smol and nice)
  • @educatier (kitty is super cute and friendly !! wahuu)
  • @mochi-studies (pretty notes !!!)
  • @grangergrades (nat is rly friendly :DD) 
  • @studyingangels (handwriting goals right here aaaah)
  • @eintsein (A++ original content omf)
  • @smoinerd (super cute notes!!)
  • @cafetivity (haven’t seen isa on my dash for some time but thats a-okay because her posts r always A+)
  • @studywithmaggie (super cute posts n face !!)
  • @academla (edye is rly cute + i just rly rly love her presence in the studyblr community)
  • @studybuzz (vvv pretty posts aaa)
  • @baektostudying (vv nice posts !!)
  • and of course, if you don’t already follow them, @studyign @elkstudies @areistotle (there isn’t much to say ‘bout them cause they’re just A++++ w/ helpful masterposts and all!!) 

hope i helped a bit aaah i basically just rambled on about my faves :oo 

Furuta Nimura. FUCKIN FURUTA NIMURA. I love his character, although I am seeing some don’t but how??? His character is affiliated with so many organizations:

Furuta is part of the clowns
Furuta was part of Ghoul Restaurant
Furuta is part of V
Furuta works with Kanou
Furuta is from the Garden???
And now he is a Wahuu???

How is he in so many organizations?? How has he not been caught??? Ishida how did you create such an amazing character???? I will fight anyone if they don’t appreciate Furuta’s characterization.