wahts wrong w me

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-Eren saw Mikasa as they returned from practice. Normally he woul only smile and talk to her as always. After all he saw her as his sister and nothing else. But that day it was diferent, the second his eyes gazed on Mikasa, his heart skipped a beat. His chest started to throb-

“w-waht is wrong with me..” -Eren sighed as he rubbed his head and kept looking at her. He saw her light smile when she set her eyes on him. eren looked at her in awe, relicking his lips as he felt this urge to rush towards her and embrace her. He calmed down and aproached her-

“You are beatiful Mikasa.. erumg” -his eyes grew wide as he spoke, that was not what he wanted to say out of the blue, he blushed heavily-

“I-I mean h-hey there.. how you doing.."