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pls klance, maybe getting together at a party bc they're drunk and one of them blurts out how much they love the other

(this is an installment of drunk drpbbles, send me in a prompt while im sitll hammered to get a cool probally terribly and kinda incoherent fic out of it!)

“Keith.”Said Lance, slurring as he locked dsight onto the mullet-ed teen.

Keith scowed. “What.” despite his typical aggressive demanor, he swayed a little, and Lance could tell he had just as much (if not more) to drink than he.

“What do you do when you have a crus on someone and you’re not sure if they like you back>?” Asked lance, leaning onto keith heavily,

“I dunno. Are you telling me that you of all people have an unrequieted crush>”

Lance averted his gaze with a blush, but maintained his position at keith’s side. “I may be your modern-day casanova, but, i dunno, this person’s,” lance paused, eyes glazing over, “special.”

Unbeknownedst to Lance, keith felt like a rock had dropeed from his chest to his stomach. Of course Lance would be in love with someone, some pretty girl, some-one who wasn’t him. But, despite the tinny vouce inside hsi head telling him to keep lance to himself, keith knew he wanted lance to be happy more.

“Just, tell them how you feel. If they like you, that’s great, if they don’t, then at least you’ll know it’s time to move on.”

“But, Keithy,” whined lance, throwing his arms around keith’s neck, “whati f i don wanna risk messing up our friendhsip? What if i love htis mperson so much i couldn’t bear lsoing them ever?”

Keith frowned, shrugging in a half0hearted attempt to releace lance’s vice-like grip from around his neck. “If theyre a true friend, you two will eb able to move on from this. Just tell them.”

Lance looked to keith, eyes fearful, yet soft. “What do i tell them?”

Keith looked back at lance, his own dark eyes meeting lance’s baby lue. “that you love them.”

Lance steeled hijmself, took a deep breath, pursed  his lips, and stared keith straight in the face. “I love you.”

Keith nodded uninterestedly. “yeah, just like that.”

“No!” Lance shook is head rapidly, “you’re not getting it. I. LLOVE. YOU.”

“Yeah, yeah, you got it, now go say it to the person you’re in love with.”

At that, Lanec threw caution to the wind, and leapt forwards to clasp Keith’s face between his hands, so that they’re noses were touching and they could feel each-other’s breath on their lips. 

“Keith Kogane, you dumb, emo, mullet-headed conspiracy theorist, I, Lance McClain, am hopelessly, devastatingly in love with you. I have loved you ever since i first sw you from accross the quod, and you wer etrying to fight that peanut warrior for superiority. I. Love. You.”

Keith’s breath caught in his throat, as he stared into the eyes of the boy he has loved fr years. “I - what? You mean it?”

OF course i mean it you alien dummy!” exclaimed lance, and pressed their lips together.

After a second of stiffness, Keith melted into the kiss, running his tongue agains’t lance’s lips, and softening into his embrace. In the distance, gay fireworks explosded and a unicorn gave birth.

The happy end!!


ALSO BONUS tomasyri do you have skype??? because i need to eXPLAIN you stuff because you’re awesoem

*in Calc talking about Anaconda*
  • Emily: OH RIGHT the original one was the song in Friends that Ross sings to Baby Emma. and that's what my uncle named my cousin
  • me: ANACONDA????
  • Emily: NO. EMMA.
  • me: oh...I realize that this is not one of my best moments...