waht to wear

The Phantom fandom.

- *insert gina beck reaction gif*
- pizza rolls
- hugh panera bread
- @ doctor who fandom our harriet jones is not the same as your harriet jones
- ben lewis’ crazy eyes
- leon
- my chemical raoulmance
- hadley fraser’s guy liner
- @ west end and us tour star princess dresses please get your shit together
- the theory to christine’s madness is ramin karimloo
- jeremy stolle’s vines
- when that meg takes buquet’s part in magical lasso
- the famous us tour table dance
- someone: opinion on love never dies?
phantom fan: what is that you speak of
- otto the cat was trying to save us all from hell

The Lingerie Incident

So @pidgy-draws drew this gorgeous piece based on my headcanons and naturally he had to write an actual fic. 

Basically Hux gets captured by the Resistance and they see a little too much of what Kylo likes him wearing. 

(Warnings for lingerie, evil space husbands and crack treated seriously bc as if Leia would let Hux out of her clutches so easily)

It’s the contrast that Kylo likes the most, he thinks. The pale, freckle dappled skin, matched with the black lace. The difference between the feel of his skin and the feel of the stockings. The way it all clings to Hux’s thin but firm body just right, showing off pale slivers of skin.

Above him he hears a chuckle. Kylo drags his eyes away.

“I take it you like them then?” Hux drawls, brow arched, fingers curling through Kylo’s hair.

Kylo makes a satisfied sound, nuzzling against Hux’s inner thighs, pressing a kiss to the exposed skin. Hux gasps. Kylo grins. “I do.”

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so, let me get this straight, you want to re-shedule the whole lgbt selfie month because the person who created, and i quote;:

they also don’t believe cultural appropriation or rape culture are real, but believe that heterophobia, cisphobia, and racism against white people are!!!!!! what the fuck!!!!!   

and because this person doesn’t believe “otherkin” or “fictionkin” or whatever gender and sexuality you just made up exist

really tumblr?

i ask again 


  1. heterophobia exists, period, just look at all those “kill all cishet” posts
  2. cultural appropriation doesn’t exist, it’s just somebody admiring your culture, i don’t care when people dance sevillanas or drink sidra or whatever, it’s their life and their choice, you do not have a say on what they wear or what they do
  3. cisphobias exists, re “kill all cishet” posts
  4. racism against white people or reverse racism is NEWSFLASH just; racism, simple as that

tumblr, you continue to surprise me and not in the good way….

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