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kl/ance shippers who make content of one of them abusing the other Disgusts me like first of all waht the hell why would you do that what the fuck!!!!! and second of all. listen. the content you make is literally giving anti-k/lance (mostly allur/ance shippers or shitlapins btw) shippers ammo to say “he ha lance is abusive!!!! even kla/nce shippers say so!!!!” please stop what you’re doing.

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Completely absolutely forgot i drew this for his #100th reading your comments video .

Also,this aside,must say I would be glad to see a new“ Guessing Phrases In Other Languages “. Even if it looks like a private joke for ppl who understand their own langage ,it’s funny to try to guess the phrase with jack ! It can be repetitive but that ’s a very original concept that nobody rly does.(●´ω`●)ゞ


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata: Even if it takes 10 or 20 years, I’ll be the one to beat you!
Kageyama: So you’re saying that for those 10 or 20 years… you’ll stand on the same stage as me, is that it?
Hinata: That’s right!
Kageyama: We’ll make it to the top of Japan, to the top of the world!

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