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hey don't you think thats kinda a bit rude? Like it was just a little fun. Like yea its your blog too but I feel like that was kind of harsh


im going to feel like shit now….

summary of hyyh the notes
  • jin got into a fight with taehyung
  • namjoon tried to stop taehyung from retaliating
  • jin punched taehyung 
  • taehyung ran out and couldn’t be found
  • jin found ot7 pic of them all smiling
  • the seven of them haven’t contacted each other after That night
  • hoseok was the one to tell seokjin that
  • “hyung, jungkook was in a car accident”

「(゚<゚)゙?-  #100septiccomments


Completely absolutely forgot i drew this for his #100th reading your comments video .

Also,this aside,must say I would be glad to see a new“ Guessing Phrases In Other Languages “. Even if it looks like a private joke for ppl who understand their own langage ,it’s funny to try to guess the phrase with jack ! It can be repetitive but that ’s a very original concept that nobody rly does.(●´ω`●)ゞ