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( ・⊝・∞) - Quick very supeh quick pewdiejack/septicpie drawing.


Kinda busy this week while workin’ on S&P and mah -second- Microsoft imagine cup game project.

 However ALL the feels for Pewdiejack/septicpie is ruinin’ mah concentration. SO fwoop. out dah feelings.i need to work. blblblbl. o(`Θ´o)


all of junko yagamis songs r so good but the first one here def sounds like a jem n the holograms song which makes it even better

do u know what i need??? eggsy!!!!!! and!!!!!! duckies!!!!!!

eggsy accidentally taking a trip into a lake out in the english country side as he waits for extraction, cursing b/c his ear comm has gone down but thank fuck the glasses are waterproof bc otherwise merlin would have probs retired from sheer embarrassment over not thinking the waterproof the electronic glasses.

just standing there looking like a wet kitten, thigh high in dirty water and then.. these lil four cute duckies come floating past, quaking happily up at all him, all chirpy and sweet and eggsy fucking melts like a marshmallow

“yous are all so cute!!” he gushes, before frowning down at the cute lil duckies. “but where’s ur mum?” and he tries to find their mum bc apparently he’s read that if they dn’t find their mum they could die???? but he can’t and eggsy looks down @ these cute lil duckies and just strips off his wet bespoke suit blazer, bundling the four lil duckies to his chest, just below his chin

“now, we’ll be naming yous mary, and yous rosie and yous lillian and yous shelly, hows that, babies?” he coos to them, ticking the happily quaking ducks on the tops of their fluffy heads as he names them.

apparently eggsy has als forgot that the glasses still work and so merlin and some other agents that aren’t on missions are just crowded around merlins terminal, watching the feed @ how eggsy is just completely and effortlessly mothering these four lil duckies and merlin may or may not have hearts in his eyes bc holy shit he’s about to vomit rainbows this is so fucking cute

and one of the lil duckies quacks happily up at eggsy, jumping a lil to nuzzle under his chin from where they’ve been tucked under it and eggsy just giggles, coddling them closer and not even thinking about the imminent extraction

but legit okay imagine eggsy taking the lil duckies in, taking care of his lil duckies, his lil babies (percival calls them his lil eggs. it catches on quick) and the lil duckies end up following eggsy everywhere

and it’s a wondrous sight to see eggsy unwin followed by four lil duckies, all chirping happily at his heels in a single file line, all vying for his attention and two duckies on his shoes each whenever he stops to talk to someone and he jsut looks down at them indulgently and scritches their head

eggsy sitting behind his desk to do paperwork, only able to use one hand bc his lil duckies have co-opted it for pets as they all cuddle into his lap and if anyone was to look in they’ll just see eggsy looking so proud and loving as he coos to his duckies

eggsy!!!!!and duckies!!!!

Thoughts on Baekhyun’s Sexuality

[gifs aren’t loading and I hope it’s already fixed]

My answer to “this” question. The gifs won’t fcking load when I post it in the answer no matter how many times I try tho, so here it is~

I’ve briefly discussed what I think abt homo/bisexuality in the K-POP industry “here”. You can not read it, but I suggest you do bc I don’t plan on explaining what I’ve already said in that post of mine bc I’m pretty sure ppl won’t like repetitiveness xD

This is MY opinion. So some of you might not agree and I’m cool with it. I’m not gonna warn you any further. Just know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Including you, and me.

Now, there are times (quite a lot actually) when I thought: “His [Bh] sexuality is as straight as Chen’s poodle hair.” (which is one of the farthest things from straight tbh)

When and Why? Simple. His actions, mannerism, facial expressions, just Bh’s whole attitude when he’s with other guys.

wtf Bh, Sehun was talking. U r rood.

I wish the gif was longer so I could’ve seen how Kai reacted.

Ok enough. Bruh. I don’t think it’s that common for straight men to kiss his guy friends just for the hell of it.

I’m not crossing out the fact that some men do it with their other guy friends and only see it as something friendly…but they don’t do it usually unlike Bh now do they?

I didn’t watch the drama so what did Sehun and Bh do in the drama that they usually do? :D

Oh I s–

wAit a minute wAHT?

I don’t think I need to explain.

The amount of thirst that Bh has for Sehun tho…But I understand. Who wouldn’t want the sebooty?

look at Bh being all fabulous. Which leads us to another reason why I think Bh is not 100% straight…

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  • knk - knock
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  • infinite - thank you
  • pentagon - like this
  • stray kids - hellevator
  • day6 - i need somebody
  • snuper - platonic love 
  • astro - innocent love
  • exo - power

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SPQR: Legion of Superheroes - 1

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | Next>>

He didn’t want to be a superhero.

Not anymore at least. 

He’d outgrown it. He’d grown up, accepted that just because you had powers didn’t mean you got to be a hero. Heroics were for the people who could control the oceans, heal with a touch, literally move the earth, shoot fire from their hands, call down lightning… fly.

You didn’t get to be a hero when your skill set was moving through shadows and talking to the dead. Not exactly inspiring talents to bring into a crisis or use to rescue civilians. That kind of thing was more likely to frighten people or be useful for investigating after everything was over and had already gone horribly wrong. He was not going to live the CSI TV shows.

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pinecone-prince  asked:

aa hey, its me again. so cookie, how did you find your art style? i've tried with plenty of different styles, but nothing really seem to stick with me.


(๑≖ิټ≖ิ)v i’ve talked about finding our own art style here / Here aaand Here

I don’t know waht to say moar. i feel jest repeating always dah same things.

So i’ll give u news tips, dunno if it’s what you would need tho’ but at least, i’ve answered to your question in the link i’ve added on the top !

But since u r not asking meh as anon and i now ur art style,i feel like i could maybe help u a lil’ moar! Not only findinf ur own art style .Since i think you’re finding your own path. But i will help you to not being stuck anymoar and BELIEVE IN YOUR SKILLS. 

If u think u’ve tried anything. let’s do a game ,shall we?

( ◔ิω◔ิ) Try this :


I want u to do this.See this as a Cookie homework if u want to. 

 put all the art you’ve done so far (one per month) . and see your improvement. See waht you’ve fixed, waht you liked to draw. waht you want to change ,the rythm of your work ,were u productive this year? ect… 

Do an art resume of your year 2015/2016:

(✪ິັ໌໋໊ ꆚ ✪ິັ໌໋໊) And also.Another lil’ game. The influence map :


I want you to put all your influences on this (u ll see an exemple of how do dah shiet below ) Let’s see if you’ve tried every art style ! let’s see if you have  A LOT of artist that influence you . If not  then search for new ones. Tumblr,pinterest,artstation,deviantart,Pixiv…there is an infinite amount of artists!

This is extremely important ‘cause i’m goin’ to repeat mahself but as artist ,we CAN T create something all bah ourselves. we’re constantly always influenced bah someone else, an artist, a song ect..

ల(◕ A ◕ ) Sometimes u have to take a step back on your art and see waht u’ve accomplished so far. 

If you’re stuck,it can help you the get back on dah work.Do a review of your art situation and you  feel better.

And so , mah own stoopid exemple :

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felt so inspired to draw so sad/worried and conflicted ishigaki, but then they jus started getting to dramaqueen like and i keep cracking up looking at them(&so i added commentary aha) lets see if i finish some of these ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ