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Okey here is a thing about this this season of Skam.. I’ve noticed that I don’t like to reblog or overall scroll through the Skam tag at all this season anymore.. Cos every time I go to tag is full of negativity.. It’s like it’s must to find some criticism every time there is a new clip.. Before I loved to go to tag and read all the wildest fan theories and mutual freaking out but now.. uhg.. And of course everyone has rights to have their opinions and the negativity sure was there last season also.. at least in the mid season like now.. but I think this season people are more eager to find something negative to say all the time.. 

Personally I have enjoyed this season a lot.. I like that things that Sana is struggling with are normal teenage girl struggles. and I think that is what Skam is about.. Because in the end of the day Sana is just a normal teenage girl. Thing I love the most is that this season has shown the importance of Sana’s family that hasn’t been there last seasons.. And it feel very realistic.. I love the warmth and hospitality that radiates from that family. There is still plenty of things to clarify but there are still half of the episodes left.. It always gets worst before it gets better. I believe the real friendship will win in in the end.. 

Coming Up Roses, chapter 18, ‘cold’ 

What’s Become of London’s Golden Girl? 

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*is sad about elounor* *sees literally any pic of hl* I DONT EVEN CARE WAHT HAPPENS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK

that’s the thing, the difference right there is the way Harry and Louis look at each other. They’ve never looked at ANYONE the way they look at each other.

It’s pure, unfiltered love. That’s it.