BTS As ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Characters

I like CITT, I like Bangtan. Put them together and WAHLAH! 

[ JIN ] - Baek In Ha

Move your crusty, lowlife, broke ass selffff bitcchhhh” 

The One No One Messes With Unless You’ve Got Food or Money. 

[ JUNGKOOK ] - Baek In Ho

The Hyper Dude With A Soft Spot For Loners Who Ends Up Falling For The One He Teases The Most And Is In Denial.

[ YOONGI ] - Yoo Jung

The Cold, Moody, Sexy One That Falls Helplessly In Love With A Bright Sunshine. Would probably fuck you up if you messed with his one and only. 

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[ NAMJOON ] - Jae Woo aka Designer Peanut

That Lucky Nerd Who Has A Queen For Back-Up. 

“Run Bitch” 

[ TAE & HOBI ] - Bora & Eun Taek

The Hyper But Feisty Bestie. Featuring Her Chilled But Equally Hyper, Smitten Man Who Reigns Her In. 

[ JIMIN ] - Seol

The Mind-Fucked, Confused Sunshine Who Probably Needs A Shot Or Two To Keep Up With All The Hormones And Drama Coming Her Way.  


                                                      [ B O N U S ]

[ In Ha & In Ho Sibling Duo aka JINKOOK ]

[ CITT Squad aka Sunshine Line ]

Had To Do It 

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And The Cherry On Top


“Bitch Plz”

Honestly I couldn’t decide who I thought would fit In Ho better but for the sake of making sense I left it with Jungkook cause you know- Jikook and all lol. Request me anytimeeee =]

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How to extract items from the game, the KL way

@hopeedope​ I figured it out! :D

Programs you’re gonna need: s3pe and tsrw s3oc is optional since we’re only going to be using it to see what the items look like. You’ll get what I mean in just a sec.

Step One: Finding your object (you can skip this step if you already know what you’re looking for and what expansion it’s from)

Go ahead and open up s3oc, click on cloning>normal objects. Then after it’s done loading, it should look something like this:

it’s a lot easier to sort through the list if it’s organized by name and tag. To do that all you have to do is click on the ‘name’ and ‘tag’ buttons at the top. 

Go ahead and look through the list until you find something that strikes your fancy. 

I have decided on the bag of poo because I am child and it makes me giggle. As you can see, you get a little preview picture of the item you selected, which is really the only reason I use s3oc at all. If s3pe did this, then I wouldn’t use s3oc.

Once you have chosen your item, make sure you note what the name is and what expansion pack it’s from. Mine is called ‘accessoryBagofPoo’ and it’s from Generations. 

Step Two: s3pe

Now go ahead and open up s3pe. Go to file>open and then navigate to your game directory. Since most of my expansion packs are through origin, my game directory is in Program Files (x86)>Origin Games>Sims 3 Generations. If yours aren’t through origin, then yours will be through the Electronic Arts folder. 

After you’ve navigated to the folder for your ep, you need to get to the fullbuild files. Go to Game Data>Shared>Packages. For generations, there’s only one fullbuild package, so that makes it easy for me. But if you were extracting an item from the base game, there would be multiple fullbuild files that you’d have to sort through. Go ahead and open the fullbuild file.

It’ll take a bit to load, but after it’s all loaded up, make sure you organize it by tag and by name just like you did in s3oc. And then just scroll down the list until you get to the OBJD tag, and look for your item

After you’ve found your item, make sure it’s selected and then click it with the right mouse button. Export>to package. Name your package whatever you want. 

Step Three: TSRW

Load up TSRW and open up your package file.

After you’ve got it loaded up, go to the mesh tab, select High level of detail, and then export it as an .obj file, and then wahlah! You’re done!

If your item doesn’t have any textures, don’t worry about it. EA does the UV map all weird and it overlaps in places so you’re going to have to fix the UV map which means your going to have to redo the texture anyway. But if you still want the original texture, go back to s3oc and find your object, then export it to a package file. Open the package file up in s3pe and extract the texture files.

I’m really bad at explaining things, so if something wasn’t clear, please feel free to send me an ask for more clarification!

Also, just a quick disclaimer: I know you’re supposed to be able to do this all with only s3oc, but no matter how many tutorials I tried, I just couldn’t get the package files I extracted from s3oc to open up in blender. All my programs and plugins are up to date, but for some reason this is the only way this works for me.

I’d also only recommend using this method for items you can’t get from tsrw. Like the items that are only used in animations. IE, the white board eraser or the diploma.