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I’m sobbing :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
WAHHHH WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

blarke: stop calling us homophobic wahhhh

everyone: what you are doing, dismissing a wlw relationship, saying a fanon m/f ship deserves to be treated better than a canon wlw one. saying eliza is drunk, mentally ill, racist, for not supporting a m/f ship is literal homophobia though. and can be damaging to lgbt+ kids, seeing as in the past those who come out as gay etc were seen as mentally ill, even now that happens.

blarkes: but she called our ship shit wahhhhh

'Teen Wolf' to end after season 6
Teen Wolf fans already knew Scott was contemplating leaving Beacon Hills after graduation, but now it seems everyone will exit the town together....

Teen Wolf fans already knew Scott was contemplating leaving Beacon Hills after graduation, but now it seems everyone will exit the town together. Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis announced during Thursday’s Comic-Con panel that season 6 will be the show’s last. And with season 6 premiering on MTV in November, its 20-episode order means the series will bow out in 2017, with its 100th episode serving as a series finale.

  • Me:clean your room, pack your bags princess so we get a lot of princess daddy time!!
  • Princess:okay daddy I will -cleans room and other things-
  • --day passes to night--
  • Me:I think you should get up early kitten so we can say see you soons properly!
  • Princess:it will be Okies daddy bae !! I love you so so much - smilies and giggles-
  • --morning comes--
  • Princess:daddy I have to go , I have to finish packing and take my shower and I'm gonna be late -frowns-
  • Me:hmmm -thinks scratching head- missy I thought you packed yesterday
  • Princess:teehee -nervous oopsie face-
  • Me:-stares blinks a few times-
  • Princess:wahhhhh im sorry daddy! I forgot -nervous pouty laughter-
  • Me:oh princess .. - sighs and smiles- I love you and now daddy wants to pout
  • Me and princess:-pouts together- wahhhhhhhh

I really don’t know why people hated Dark Swan so much.

“She wasn’t Dark enough!!!” Well, what the hell did you want her to do? Walk around murdering small towns of innocents just like Regina did? Kill people like Regina? Whine about her life and blame her evil actions on everyone but herself like, you guessed it, Regina?

Dark Swan’s actions WERE dark for Emma. For the Savior personality. They could only have her be so dark so that Emma could come back from her actions. If she had murdered people, that would have tortured her when she was back to her proper self.

“It was all about Captain Swan and not my fictional ship wahhhhh!!!!!”


You mean like seasons 1-4 have been all about the evil fucking queen and her redemption? Kind of like that? 🙄

Every ship has been featured more prominently in every season than the others. Season 5 was CS turn. Their journey to confirmed true love and moving in together.

At least Regina is back on the poster so the ‘Once Upon A Hook’ people will shut the fuck up already. It’s great not having to read their drivel and temper tantrums for more than 2 minutes.

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Describe your bias list.

I don’t… understand your… statement??

But here goes ??

Yunho: my handsome sunshine; my fluffy teddy bear; my everything

Taeyang: the original bae; love of my life

Lay: my precious bunny/sheep; my boo

JB: my jaebunbun; the boy who ruined everything

*rest of my biases I hold dear to me, but face it, it’s gonna be a long list

Basically, a list of men that have stolen my heart and kept my standards oh, so high that I don’t know what to do with myself or guys that I actually go out with bc I don’t know what I want anymore.

I… hope this is what you meant??

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omg :0 i follow you on twitter and you posted my tags from your light/shadow kagakuro drawing aaaaaa. it's true though, it's very soft and looks like it would be soft to the touch

wahhhhh thank you so much it made me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I saw the tag I gasped ;;;;;