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Aoi Shouta LIVE 2016 WONDER lab. ~ Bokutachi no sign ~ 2016/03/13 Report

**Please DO NOT repost photos! Thanks
Some photos were from official reports

I compared this a lot with 5th Stage as that’s the only other Japanese Live I’ve been to.
I’m just going to put the whole report in this one post! As always, it’s personal and long! I just have a lot of feelings, maybe a bit too much…

**Edit: SUPER personal, SUPER long.


Buying goods

If you don’t want to read this then you can just skip to the Live part below~
Please try your best to read the whole of the Live part though. I want everyone to experience the same thing as I did after all.

So it’s only the one day for the goods sale which is on the same day as the live. After what happened with 5th Stage sales I decided I’ll go early.

This is the second live I’ve been to in Japan, so never been to Budokan before, it’s pretty impressive with the traditional gate and building. Never took photos of the outside building ^^;

I was meant to be going by myself, but @jeanette-ting managed to win a ticket last minute and contacted me. Thanks for getting in touch! ^^

So by the time we got there, as expected there was a lot of people already queued up, we had to walk pretty far to get to the end, but at least we can tell how far we were from the start. You couldn’t tell with 5th Stage as everyone was all packed together and you had to go downstairs too.

For some reason they were selling the gacchas separately from the other goods??
But I thought, queue up for the goods first as they are the most important then head for gacchas.

I thought the line won’t start moving until 10am, but we did move gradually which was good!

Even though I was prepared and wore more clothes it was still so cold ><
Girl behind me “Ah, Shoutan da, ‘Ohayou…’” SHOUTAN TWEETED?!? *checks twitter* (pretty much my reaction each time)
Ahhh, he’s such a sweet heart telling us to be careful and not catch a cold
(/ _ ; ) thank you~

I noticed there was quite a lot of guys here, more than there was for Utapri. The number of females still outnumbered the guys of course though.

Moved quite a lot and going round the building, this was behind us. Maybe about 10am here

Thank god we came early!!

We heard a few of Shoutan’s songs playing!! Very quiet though. They seem to reaally liked TRUE HEARTS and played it a lot XD

NO WEAK ⇔ YES WEEK!! And it stopped after a few moments… Nande?! 😒

Selling gacchas there in the left shelter, middle was to buy Zessei STARGATE and pre-order S, right one was for joining his fanclub (LET ME JOIN).

Yes finally! The order list!!!
The quality of the paper was really bad? 5th Stage had really nice paper LOL

Things I ordered. (I realised they never gave me the paper back, glad I took a photo for the memory XD)

I actually already decided to buy at least one of each thing even before they announced the line up.
Because it’s Shoutan 😎 the only thing I didn’t get was the black wrist band as I liked the white more.

Why, pessimistic? IS PLAYINGGGG!!!

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