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What are those fat little cats called? wahhh so cute

the breed or their names? the breeds are british shorthair and scottish fold and idk which one youre referring to so im gonna list all their names: Bułcia (meaning: small fat bread), Klusio (small noodle boy), Baranek (little sheep), Mysia (cute little mouse)

EXO Reaction #6 - Their crush saying that they’re most thankful for them at thanksgiving dinner

Xiumin: i think he’d be so overwhelmed by how adorable you’re being that he’d just blush and sputter for a moment before finally being able to speak again

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Kris: “WAHH ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I’m so grateful that you’re grateful for me!” *fanboys*

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Chanyeol: *usually goofy and silly, he would be quiet and polite, taken aback* “I’m really grateful for you too Y/n. Thank you for always being there.”

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Luhan: “Mhm, thank you Y/n. I’m glad you’re grateful for me because I love you and would like to make you my girlfriend ((or)) boyfriend.”

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Suho: *awkward AF* “Yess, thank you sweetie. I mean y/n, why would I call you sweetie? haha we’re not dating! But we could be…I mean haha what?”

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Baekhyun: “Wahhh~ You’re so cute omo!!! I’m so grateful for your cuteness, that’s what I’m grateful for!!!”

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Sehun: “Aww! Is it because I’m the most important person in your life? Because I should be. Yeah and you’re great too by the way.” little sh!t

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Chen: “And I’m grateful for Y/n, my future husband ((or)) wife~”

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Kyungsoo: “Pffft omo, that was so sudden!! No, no I don’t mind it….I’m grateful for you too…” *blushsoo*

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Yixing: *blushy but still feels the need to try to win you over* “Are you grateful enough to give me a kiss on the cheek?” *dies from embarrassment*

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Kai: *please ignore the fact that he looks mad for some reason xD* (you guys end up feeding each other by the end of the night, that’s how smooth this cutie is)

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Tao: *nervous but won’t let it show* “Mhm, thank you Y/n. You’re so sweet, but I’m just happy to be near you. I’ll always be there.”

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aaaaaaa your Akis are soo cuteee the way you draw him is just so ;v; it makes me really happy and makes my day too uvu sorrY IF THIS SOUNDS WEIRD I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKE UR ART <3 hope you have a nice day~~

you are so cute!! thank you so much!! i always struggle when drawing this egg so hearing you all say you like him makes all of my suffering worth it huhu TT___T i’m so happy you’re all enjoying these and don’t worry this message isn’t weird at all!! if anything, it’s very sweet! thank you thank you <3

i also want to thank drhu0806 and everyone else who left such cute replies in my art lately!! thank you very much!!!!


How Eguchi Takuya decided to become a seiyuu

happy birthday egu~ may your new year be filled with cute smiles like these

we’ve all gotta thank onosaka san for bringing egu into the seiyuu world –without you we wouldnt have gotten to know such a wonderful person xD 

Morikubo: How did you decide on becoming a seiyuu?
Egu: When I was late night studying in high school, I accidentally found a seiyuu radio show that was super interesting 
Morikubo: By the way, whose radio show was it?
Egu: Onosaka Masaya san
Morikubo: Did you tell him about this when you first met him?
Egu: No no no of course not 
Morikubo: Onosaka san~This is all your fault!!!!
Egu: Stoppp

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Haii ma' child. Sooo I'm asking about a reaction of the boys seeing you in their (oversized) shirt. HUGZ AND KISSES 😘😘

a/n: that is the cutest thing in a relationship. I’m writing dis as im doing my hw, AY~~ enjoy my crappy writingg


Jin: Hey beautiful, nice shirt

You: Thx, I stole it from your closet

Jin: Oh I was talking to myself

You: Nice shirt

Jin: Thx I stole it back from your closet

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Suga: Are you wearing my shirt?

You: Yea do I have more swag now? *poses*

Suga: That’s my shirt isn’t it?


Suga: *gif*

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You: Babe I’m wearing your shirt, you wouldn’t mind right?

Rap Mon: No go ahead

You: *walks out*

Rap Mon: *gif*

You: why is there a huge hole?!

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Jhope: Wahhh you’re so cute right noww

You: Am I cuter than you now because I’m wearing ur shirt?

Jhope: Hahaha yes baby

You: Then I should wear your shirts more often~

crying bc i’m loney as im writing dis

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Taehyung: So then I was like “that’s not how you twerk”




Taehyung: BUT MY STORY


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Taehyung: Get over here

You: Look I swear I’ll give it back

Taehyung: Just come here

You: I’ll even wash it

Taehyung: Y/N, come here.

You: Ok..

Taehyung: *gif*

Taehyung: you look cute

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You: You have like a hundred shirts!

Jungkook: But it’s my favorite!


Jungkook: No, I actually have 82


Jungkook: Why do you want my shirt anyways?

You: Cause.

Jungkook: *gif*

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Wahhh ur so cute and ur drawings are beyond adorable. I love ur drawing style, it's just so perfect and recognizable. I love u and ur blog and everything u do /throws exo at u/

asslkksakskjksjksa THANKK YOUUU SO MUCHHHH I LOVE YOUU TOOO //catches exoo thank you so muchhh :’D

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Can I get a scenario in which the allies came home to see their s/o and kids on the couch sleeping?

(wAHHH! So cute! I haven’t even started yet, but i’m so excited XD You guys know how to awaken the inner fluff-beast in me with all these cute requests. Okay, straight to the scenario :P oh, btw, my wording is going to make it seem like each of them has like 15 kids with their S/O XD Like 101 Dalmatians, except kids.))

Scenario: *2P’s come home to their S/O and kids sleeping on the couch*

2P!America: “Yo! Guys, i’m back from work!” Allen yells upon entering, not minding that it was past bedtime for the kids; after all, it’s not like they obeyed the time set forth anyway. That’s why when he wasn’t welcomed with excited squeals and hugs, he set down his baseball bat by the door, took off his coat, and rolled up his sleeves. Maybe they were hiding from him, it seems like something they’d do as a part of their game. So, he crept through the halls towards the living room where he saw the TV’s light shining from. He slowly crept up behind the couch with his “claws” up and ready.“I’m gonna get ya….i’m gonna get ya, you better prepare yourselves munchkins-” Before he could surprise the awaiting children, he was shocked to see that they had all fallen asleep, along with their mother who looked to be just as tired as they were. Slowly putting his hands down at his sides, Allen took a moment to marvel upon the sight; the best gifts to his life were all strewn across the couch with little-to-no order, along with his beautiful wife who seemed to be lodged in the middle of all it. A small smile spreading across his face, Allen made his way over to the other couch and joined them in their “sleepover”.

“Sweet dreams, munchkins. You too, babe.” He thought to himself before falling asleep alongside them.

2P!England: Oliver was home late because of 2P! troubles; being the “practical-mother” of them and all. Really, one of the only things that helped him get through the stresses was the idea of coming home to the rest of his family; his S/O and his kids. Sure, the 2P’s were great and all, but there was a different sense of pride that he gained from raising these children alongside you, as opposed to “adopting and raising colonies to become countries and work alongside them as psychopathic killers”. Totally different.
On that note, he wasn’t surprised to find you asleep on the couch; he usually found you that way and would end up carrying you back to you shared room so that you could sleep in more comfort. However, what took his breath away was the sight of all of his children sleeping alongside you, whether it be they were strewn across the couch with you, or they had pillows and blankets on the floor next to the couch. He could only assume that they wanted to accompany you in your late-night quest to try and stay awake for when daddy gets home. This made him smile as he couldn’t resist laying kisses on all of their foreheads before he finally grabbed a pillow and a blanket and set himself up between two of his kids.

“Night night, don’t let the leprechauns bite.” he sang to himself before falling asleep. 

2P!France: Knowing Francois, he came home late because he was caught up in one of the 2P’s random late night endeavors. Seriously, when he has a wife and kids waiting for him at home i’m sure that’s a valid excuse to be an exception. So, when he got home, and found himself to be too tired to go all the way to his room, he internally settled for just sleeping on the couch. 
His eyes widened the slightest bit when he saw that, not only was the couch taken, but it was taken by every other person that lives in the house. All of his family were sleeping on top of each other,with pillows, like fallen dominoes. Now, he wasn’t big on smiling and shit like that, but seeing the sight of his family; the family that no doubt were waiting for him to get home for as long as they could, he couldn’t help but smile and join them, grabbing the smallest one and sitting in their place. He instead placed them on his lap as he got comfortable and found himself falling asleep a lot easier than usual.

“Night guys…” he muttered, knowing full-well that none of them were awake to hear.

2P!Russia: Viktor is home late because of all of the research he was doing. Advancing himself as a country with economic, political, and scientific breakthroughs was tiring and tedious work; so much so that coming home to his family was the greatest stress reliever of all time. Although, it was hard doing that when his “country-time’ cut into his “family-time” and makes him arrive home late.
He’s accustomed to it by now, it’s like a routine nowadays; he comes home, everyone’s asleep,  he goes to sleep, sees them in the morning, leaves for work again. It was almost sad really. As he was thinking that and getting himself depressed, his spirits were immediately lifted when he saw his family scattered all throughout the living room, sleeping. From couches, to floors, to recliners, his children were occupying various spaces throughout that they could use to sleep. To make it better, he looked down and saw his wife cradling his youngest child in her sleep. A smile on his face, he was smart enough to come tot he conclusion that they were waiting for him to come home. So, without hesitation, before he could go to sleep, Viktor called off work the next day so that he could sleep in with his family.
Scooting himself between his wife and the armrest, he brought her head to his chest and kissed her forehead.

“Good night, my sunflower…”

2P!China: Wang was most likely late for less excusable reasons, like wanting to drink at a bar with some friends or something. It’s not like he didn’t love his kids, he did with all his heart, but he didn’t really see much need for him to be home when there were drinks to be had down the street; and his entire family should be asleep anyway. He was a father of quite a few kids, and after so long the stress and the reality of having such a large and overwhelming family was taking a toll on him.
 If anything, he was prepared for you to yell at him as he came in the door, demanding why he came home so late (when even you knew him well enough to know there wasn’t a decent excuse) and you guys would be sent into a whisper-yelling argument to prevent the kids from waking up. It had happened so much during the past few weeks, that he knew how/how much he had to mentally prepare himself to hear it when he walked into his own house.
Although, he was surprised when he didn’t hear it. For once, he didn’t come home to a wife that was so annoyingly concerned about him that she would stay up until the middle of the night to tell him off….and something about that made him a bit upset. He kinda gained a slight unnoticeable pleasure about seeing you so concerned about him and your family, it was one of the reason he fell in love with you.
With this, he guiltily strode into the living room, expecting you to be sitting there with a judging expression on your face. Although, when he did find you there, he was shocked to see that you were fast-asleep, asleep with lightly furrowed brows and your arms still crossed. With this, he knew that you had been waiting for him to show up, but had ended up sleeping in the process. On his way to inspect you, he finally noticed the fact that underneath the blanket on your lap were three of his kids huddled up to one another and to you.
A small smile graced his lips as he slipped off his shoes and walked around the couch, wrapping his arms around your neck lovingly as he rested his chi on the top of you head. Yous stirred a little, but didn’t wake up.

“I’m sorry, 爱人, i’m sorry….i’ll try from here on out…” he promised in a whisper laying a kiss on the top of your head.

((the Chinese word he said means “sweetheart”))

2P!Canada: Matt was most likely home late because of his work, having to work late chopping trees or stay later at a UN meeting because of his stupid responsibilities. He is part of a fraction of the 2P’s that probably complained aloud that he had to get home to his family.
“Yo, Al, can we hurry this up? Unlike you, i got people waiting for me to get back home-”
“Easy there, bro. I know about your family and shit, just stay behind for another 10 minutes~.”
10 minutes turned into another 10 minutes, and then another 20 minutes, and then so on until he had to bail on them so that he could at least say a damn goodnight to his kids. He was a family guy, through and through, but he put on an act in front of the other 2P’s. The second he got home, he was all over his kids so much that it’d be embarrassing to them when they got older. That’s why, when he came into the house and wasn’t greeted by eager little footsteps and various shouts of “daddy” or “pops” or even his youngest daughter, who did stay up late so that she could welcome her dad, running up to him excitedly with her hands on top of her head like a moose, anticipating when he’d do it back. Matt felt his heart sink a few inches, but he tried to shake it off as he walked farther down the hall and saw the flashing of the TV, but no sound. Raising an eyebrow and letting out a confused noise, he walked over to the couch and peered over, immediately noticing his entire family piled up along the couch. You sat directly in the middle, with a few children on either side, and you had your youngest daughter sleeping on your lap, her favorite moose onesie that he had given her last Christmas. Immediately feeling his heart swell back up with affection, he knelt down and stroked her head while leaning over to give his wife a kiss.

“Dammit….i hate not being with you guys, but i love coming home to such a goddamn perfect family.”