wahhh my heart exploded u__ u

130419: mouse rabbit fan account

i will keep this short and to the point lol ; ; (edit: i lied, it is not short at all lol)

ayumi and i were later to mouse rabbit than usual because we had a review session to go to (yayyy college)! so we left campus at 7:30 and i guestimated we’d get to mobit around ~nine. except… yesung arrived at mobit before we got there (and were thirteen train stops away) TT TT so naturally when i found out… on the subway… i found it hard to be calm lol… especially when our train stopped one stop before kondae and we had to wait for the next train and i was freaking out and…just ask ayumi, it was bad u___u

when we finally got to mobit, ayumi and i just got in line because it was already kind of crowded and there were no tables >__< when we went up the stairs to get in line i only saw the top of his hat…

the line went by relatively quickly~ i was like…finally, after missing him over and over, he’s here on a friday >_< BUT when there were only a few people in front of me… i looked up and he was gone OTL he had gone for a break but naturally i, erm, freaked out lol. i stayed where i was and ayu went to go look for a table…unsuccessfully TT TT 

when yeye came back i realized i had no idea what to say ._. like i know what i wanted to say but… in english TT TT and kea hadn’t gotten to mobit yet! so when i went up to the register the first time it was just like..

Me: Hi! :D

Yesung: …Hi

and then i just ordered my latte, and a strawberry smoothie for ayumi. >///< He wasn’t very animated most of the time (from what i saw anyways) i think he might have been bummed because he can’t go to ss5 south america… which is understandable ):

so naturally i was… discouraged, lol. 

there still weren’t any places to sit so ayumi and i went to wait in the rabbit hole for kea~ because ofc there are people filling up the place upstairs taking pictures xP and i was moping.. lol. but when kea arrived!!! she made a makeshift table (yay xD) and convinced me to go up again, this time she’d help me talk to him properly ; ; (and ayumi left to catch the bus back to campus - i ended up missing my bus for yeye… again, lol)

sooo we went up and the line wasn’t super long… except i chickened out of talking to him again. >_< kea offered to talk to him for me but i sort of… mmm ; ; was hesitant because i didn’t want to make him irritated or have him usher us along… but kea said not to run off after i ordered >//<

so the second time, i ordered blue lemonade and a cookie, and said “thank you” and smiled at him again (just so you guys know i do that just generally…when thanking people at registers and stuff back home i always make sure i smile and thank them properly lol) and for some reason he gave me a weird look and raised his eyebrows at me. it wasn’t like he was glaring but.. idk why he raised his eyebrows like i did something weird… i don’t think i did??? i didn’t even stutter TT TT…

thennn kea went up and talked to him and… well, kea knows what she said better than i do >//<: 

So going off of Nova’s fan account, I’ll finish where she left off because my journey to Mobit wasn’t nearly as eventful lol, though my train also stopped in Seongsu (one stop before Kondae) and it was rather irritating.

So when we were waiting in line I could tell that Nova really wanted to talk to Yesung but didn’t have the nerve to do so, which I can’t really blame her for, every time I talk to him I start shaking like crazy lol. In any case I was going to translate what she wanted to say, but in the end it was just simpler for me to just say it straight off. So I made sure Nova didn’t run away (LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO I TURN AROUND AND POOF YOU’VE GONE LOL) and when I got up to the register our conversation when something like this…

Me: “Annyeonghaseyo~ I’d like a Lemon Iced Tea, please.”

Yesung: *confused face* “What?”

Me: “Lemon iced tea.”

Yesung: “Ah, okay.” 

Me: *as I hand him my coupon* “I got it right this time!” ***

Yesung: *chuckle* “Yep.”

At this point I turned and pointed to Nova and pointed.

Me: “My friend here wanted you to know that because of you, she was able to get into university here. So she wanted to thank you.”

Yesung: *looks up confused* “Uh, what?”

Me: *repeats myself*

Yesung: “Ahhh, okay!” *smiles, thanks Nova who promptly dies* *turns back to me* “You talk really fast.”

Me: *misunderstood thinking he’d said something about getting into college fast* “Yeah, it was really fast like a dream!”

Yesung: “No, I said you talk too fast, it’s a little hard to understand you.”

Me: *blinks and turns red, bows and runs away*

***Last time I ordered from Yesung I thought my coupon was full so I’d left my wallet at the table. When I ordered, he looked at me expectantly and him and Jongjin were both like “one more, one more!” but I didn’t have any money on me so and the line was really long behind me so I had to yell for Nova to come pay for me OTL

So yeah. Every time I talk to Yesung I end up embarrassing the crap out of myself but it was worth it this time. Nova was so happy and Yesung didn’t ask her where she was from this time which means he recognized her, and now he knows just how much of a difference he can make in someone’s life. :) Now if only I could talk to Sungmin like that orz 

and then we went and died fangirl deaths in the rabbit hole xD earlier we had amazing luck with jtr tickets as well, so it was a really good day for both of us TT TT we didn’t go up again after that, i always think it’s a good idea to let moments like that end on a good note, you know? the way he smiled at me and said “thank you” is enough to get me through the next two years as a cloud ; ; ♥

(and can i just add… the point was to thank him for helping me get into uni… but he said thank you? he is so sweet and so humble )’: i just keep thinking… i want to repay you for everything, why are you saying thank you to me..? TT TT)

and of course, all my gratitude is to kea ; ;<3 i am happy.