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Hi! I absolutely love your tiny kanekis centipedes, he looks so cute like that my weak heart can't take it and I have always loved centipedes and all kind of bugs so when I saw your drawing I felt so happy, kanekipede can come and live in my house whenever he wants to, I just love him okay? Bye.

WAHHH thank you! he appreciates it too :’D

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Top 5 Rory/Logan moments

Ooo this is gonna be hard…

1. Hay Bale Maze - their dynamic in this episode is at its peak. You can tell they have really become partners in their relationship, and that they’re really committed to one another (even if it ended up being cut short…wahhh).

2. You Jump, I Jump Jack - this episode made me love Logan and sealed the deal for this pairing for me. I liked that Logan starts to push Rory outside of her comfort zone, and even though the whole event is ridiculous, I think it’s a lot of fun to watch.

3. Partings - sad as fuck but when Logan leaves for London and he says, “I love you Ace,” I am crying from pain and from joy because it’s SUCH a beautiful and heartbreaking moment and it’s so well acted.

4. Fall - so many people hated the Life & Death Brigade’s montage in Fall but I LOVED it. Even though I’m a little bitter about how things panned out between Rory and Logan, I thought this was a great way to end their story if their story had to end.

5. Say Something - when Rory has to get home to Lorelai and Logan makes sure she’s taken care of and has everything she needs to get home safely and quickly.

Honorable mention goes to But I’m a Gilmore when Logan says he will be her boyfriend and then when he sticks up for her at dinner.

Bts x reader jimin (smut)

(Mommy kink ) You lay down with your boyfriend jimin after a nice dinner with the boys throughout the whole time you teased & ignored him because you knew that it would make him needy.so finally your both laying down and you look at him “goodnight ” you turn away pushing your butt aganist him & falling asleep but before hearing him gasp softly. A couple hours later you hear a light rubbing like sound. Then you feel a light tug on your underwear. “Mommy ” he says a little desperate and sweaty.you turn to look at him his member sticking straight up in the air. “I need you"he says tugging on your shirt until your breasts are exposed he licks them both to needy to give them individual attention. You push him back and rub his private slowly, you push up his shirt a little to reveal his abs and he moans out as you pump him faster.he releases quickly but you know he’s not satisfied he’s hard again after a minute. “Mommy stop procrastinating i need you now”.you climb over him and ease onto him ,you pull the blankets over your head & him and you move quickly rocking the bed. You both are moaning messes. “ you feel so good “he moans out. When you feel him twitch and your legs tremble you know release is approaching. When you do the feeling is unbelievable. You roll off him and cover yourself. You look to him who’s breathing heavily and smiling with a blissed out look. “I love you mommy” “ love you too” (Wahhh! Anon i hope this is ok it’s my first smut and first time doing a mommy kink ) admin j

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Im really glad that you also like SasuSaku beside NaruSaku❤ And i really love the way you draw Sakubby. So beautiful and perfect❤ Please don't stop drawing ❤

Wahhh!,.. this’s so sweet♥ ! & thank you so much for enjoy it!  I love how you portray your feels about ‘em. >u<)) As my pleasure, here is a special or (not special enough haha!) SASUSAKU fanart for you! ♥♥♥

Tbh, I’ve ship Sasusaku when I was 13 years old. So that’s why I shared my gift Sasusaku to you. But for now, I’ll appreciate something it enough to actually make the most of it. Anyway I hope you like it~♥ :)

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wahhh i love the way you draw josuke he thicc and oku's just precious 💕 can u draw josuke in lolita / maid dress :^)


I’m feeling a bet was lost. I’m not super familiar with the Lolita scene but I hope this maid Josuke works! 😅

THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM!!! LIKE NO, THIS CAN’T BE REAL!!! *pinches self* wahh I’m still awake!!! *CRIES* I NEVER THOUGHT ANY OF THESE AMAZING PEOPLE WOULD FOLLOW ME!!! I LOVE YOU LIKE SERIOUSLY I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE!!! In all honesty, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would fet past 5 followers and much less that the people I admire more than anyone would follow me!!! I need a hug!!! Thank you for following me @ayumichi-me @keiid @missyplatina \^*^/

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Honestly, for you made me cry( a lot, but shhhhhh). What a ride, huh?? I really didn't expect the ending for some reason I thought she would choose the other one( don't wanna give spoilers if case someone else reads this), but when I saw who it really was I got kinda of really happy. So, thanks for writing for you, I appreciated every single word you wrote.

wahhh thank you!!!

i am very happy that everyone loves how i wrapped up the series, because honestly i was kind of scared. but it warms my heart to read all of your messages and your kind words


I was tagged by @zepars !! Thank u friend! This was fun ovob

  • Favorite animal?

Wahhh, I love cats! Just,, I’m allergic.

  • Something you miss from your childhood? A discontinued item, perhaps?

Hmm.. This one pizza shop that wasn’t far from our house and they sold these packs of cookies that i liked. They still sell the brand elsewhere, but the adventure itself was fun!

  • Favorite animated movie?

How to train your dragon! It was very important and kickstarted my drawing and really who I ended up being.

  • If you could have the answer to any question, what would the question be?

That’s a big question.. Will kirishima eijiro be ok Uhh,, hmm.. Probably something that would give an answer of a full-proof plan that could keeep the earth from dying because of pollution.

  • Favorite character at the moment and why?

KAMINARI DENKI because he’s a bit of a flirt, but he is also really sweet and seems to like all his classmates and communicates with them well! He has a cuteness to him that I can’t help but love/

  • Gender identity and sexual orientation?

Male & pansexual! ovob

  • If you could live in any series, what would that series be?

I’d have to say BNHA! I feel it’s probably the easiest to live in and is fairly equal to most.


1.  What’s your favorite plush that you own? (or something of the kind)

2. Current favorite show/anime/manga, etc?

3. Night or day, and why?

4. Do you like keychains? If so, what’s your favorite that you own OR want?

5. If  payed five dollars would you dab in a supermarket?

6. Favorite soda or drink?

7. Animal that you would want to touch (like a llama or something)?

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I need more of Eclipsed! I love it! 😭😭 And I love your blog so much!😭😭

Wahhh, I am so happy you like Eclipsed! Fal is writing Part 5, and I believe she plans to post sometime this week! @the-porcelain-doll-xo  so many great things to come in that world - I’m so, so happy you’re enjoying!

THANK YOU as well for the compliment to my blog! That’s so kind of you to say - hope you have a wonderful day <3

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Why the fuck is everyone’s response to my saying I’m vegan always the same “wahhh omg I would never do that, that’s too hard, no, I love bacon, I can’t live without cheese, no way, I could never do that, wahhh I’m a giant baby”. Can you imagine if we responded like that to other things, like anytime someone told us something about them. Like every time someone said they went to church and I’d be like “woah, no, how can you do that, I could never do that, that’s way too hard, no way, I love Sundays too much, what’s wrong with you, wahhh”.

Because that’s what you sound like. You sound like a giant piss baby.

Happiest Birthday, beautiful darling Anne! 

“The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.” – Oscar Wilde

So I hit 500 followers while I was in class earlier today. Time to do this again ehehe


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