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BTS Reaction | Asking to Call Them Daddy

Request: idk if this is astrology related, but can you tell how they’d react when you ask to call them daddy? thank you!

This is totally astrology related! I based this on their sun, mars, lilith/eros and other various aspects. Hope you enjoy~ (Mature content ahead)


Your confession was the turning point for him. Before, he tried so hard be a gentleman and control himself, to not give into your irresistible aura. Now, he could finally unleash the beast he had been caging for far too long.

“Fuck, I thought you’d never ask. Come here princess, Daddy’s gonna make you feel so good.”

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Previously, he was surprisingly soft and gentle in bed. He never tried to bring in something new or push you to your limits: as long as you were happy, he was happy. Until now. His wicked side is out to play.

“Daddy? [he chuckles darkly, the dark tone sending chills down your spine] How unoriginal of you. It’s sir to you darling. On your knees. Now.”

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This had been on his “to do” list for a long time, so he’s ecstatic when you bring it up first. He can’t agree so easily, though, there has to be some teasing. He wants you to work for it.

“Daddy huh? Wahhh, my baby girl is so much naughtier than I thought. I ought to punish you for hiding this so long. Bend over my lap, sweetheart.”

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*already unbuckling his belt* 

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He hid his kinky side at the beginning of the relationship, fearing it would change your view on the innocent boy he appears to be. When u tell him of your desires, he’s flustered, but so so eager.

“Mmm really princess? When do you want to try it out? Tomorrow? Tonight? Right now? Daddy is always ready for you.”

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He doesn’t quite understand at first; thinks the nickname is a bit silly. He’s always willing to please and compromise, but he’s also hooked on the way “Tae!” tumbles out of your mouth in broken whimpers during passionate moments.

“Why though? I think you sound so much prettier moaning out my name, kitten.”

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He’s young, inexperienced, and gets a kick from being submissive. Due to that, he’s never really seen himself in the role you want him to play. But like everything he’s faced with, he takes it as a challenge; something new for him to perfect. And trust me, he will.

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, baby girl?”

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Why the fuck is everyone’s response to my saying I’m vegan always the same “wahhh omg I would never do that, that’s too hard, no, I love bacon, I can’t live without cheese, no way, I could never do that, wahhh I’m a giant baby”. Can you imagine if we responded like that to other things, like anytime someone told us something about them. Like every time someone said they went to church and I’d be like “woah, no, how can you do that, I could never do that, that’s way too hard, no way, I love Sundays too much, what’s wrong with you, wahhh”.

Because that’s what you sound like. You sound like a giant piss baby.

It's a Boy (Family Fic) Takuto Hirukawa

For stillnotcony! I hope you like it! (•‿•)

We were at LRN with the rest of the Black Foxes, discussing our next mission over dinner, “So when are you and Cony going to have a baby?” Boss smiled at Takuto, who immediately started to choke on his pork noddles.

“COUGH COUGH!” I quickly patted his back. I didn’t want to tell Takuto but, I wanted a baby. We were married after all, it was only normal for a woman and a man to have a baby.

“Shut up, Beardy! Your gonna kill me…” Takuto took a sip of his beer, calming himself down.


On the way home, Takuto held my hand as we walked down the street, “Hey Cony… Do you want kids?”

I was surprised at his question and I answered honestly, “Yes. I do.” Takuto sighed, “I was thinking about what Boss said, about having a baby…”

We stopped at the front door to Takuto’s house, “Cony, when do you want kids?” I thought for a moment, “Anytime, I would be h- Mm!” Takuto suddenly kissed me, sealing his lips with mine before I could finish my sentence.

“Then let’s have a baby.”

~5 Months Later~

“Get together for a group picture!” Boss beaconed us together for a picture in front of the mini LRN on the beach. It was our tradition to come here each year, although I made Takuto come.

“I think you look good in that one piece swimsuit, Cony! It really brings out your baby bump.” Hiro cooed at my belly, gently rubbing it.

“Idiot! Keep your hands off my woman and my baby…” Takuto pushed Hiro away, growling low under his breath.

I was 5 months pregnant, just like I had wanted. When we found out, Takuto was unbelievably happy which made me happy as well. Just as we dreamed, it was a boy too.

“On the count of 3 say cheese! 1… 2… 3!”


There was small click and Boss gave us a thumbs up, “The pictures good!”

Takuto peppered a kiss on my cheek, “Next time, we’ll have an addition to the Black Foxes.” What he said made me smile and I nodded lovingly, giving him a sweet kiss back.

Through out the long day, the Black Foxes made me stay inside, in the shade, or next to a fan. I was only aloud to make food in the back or bring drinks to the front. I could do way more if they would let me, but they are more worried about me overdoing myself and something bad happening to the baby.


At the end of the day, the foxes deiced to set off some fireworks but, Takuto wanted to walk along the beach with me.

“Takuto, what do you think our baby will look like?” Takuto grinned at my question, “He’ll probably be handsome like me.” His answer made me chuckle, typical Takuto.

Suddenly Takuto stopped once no one could see us and got down on one knee, looking up at me with a serious expression, “I know that you’ve been worried… That once the baby gets here, I’ll leave you.”

He had actually hit the nail on the head, I had been worried. I saw all these stories on TV of how the husband leaves the wife after they have the baby. “I-I… Ugh, yes I am worried. I’m sorry, I know you’d never do that to me.”

Takuto looked at me confidently, “I promise I’ll never leave you, Cony. I love you to much to hurt you, or the baby.” He placed his hands on my baby bump and leaned in, pressing a kiss against my tummy.

My heart filled with love at his sweet affection, “I love you, Cony.” Takuto cupped my face and leaned in, sealing his lips with mine. I love him so much, I would never want to be with another man.

~4 Months Later~

Takuto’s P.O.V

I looked down at the baby boy in Cony’s arms, “He’s so cute..” Cony cooed at the little bundle. I couldn’t help but smile, this was one of the best days of my life.

“I can’t believe I’m a father now…” I sniffled. “Can I hold him?”

Cony chuckled, “Of course you can! Your his father after all.” She handed him to me and I gently held the little guy in my arms. But…

“WAHHH!” The baby started to wail and my mind immediately went blank. Shit what do I do?!

“Give him to me…” Cony took the boy from me and cradled him in her arms. Almost immediately, he stopped crying.

“That’s my boy… You love your mother to don’t cha? I loved her first.” I jokingly said, but I was half serious. Cony was mine first…

“Takuto, don’t be jealous… Give me a break!” Cony chuckled and leaned down, pressing a kiss against the boy’s forehead.

“I love you.” I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and she looked up at me, “I love you too, Takuto.” Our lips connected sweetly. It was our first kiss as new parents and a start to our new journey together.

imagine the boys passing by the aquarium on their way home from a crime scene, and sherlock casually mentions how he loved going there as a child to watch the fish, so john tugs him inside to the tanks and sherlock presses his face up to the glass, mesmerized and spouting off all sorts of information at john about everything they pass –‘poisoned spikes on that one john, wouldn’t it be a lovely present for anderson?’– and when he looks over his shoulder at john he’s smiling at sherlock, love written on every inch of his face, and sherlock turns away before john sees his blush but then calloused fingers are turning his head back and there are warm lips on his, and sherlock’s hands fall away from the window to clutch at john’s jacket as he whimpers sweetly into john’s mouth and they stand there kissing until their lips are sore

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scisaac please!

shops for groceries: hmm i’m gonna say scott does. isaac means well but he’s not very good at picking the healthiest foods. sometimes they go together and scott points out yummy things that isaac wouldn’t try on his own and they make something super delicious for dinner that night

kills the spiders: isaac will if they’re little but the big ones freak him out so scott usually shoos them outside with a broom or something

comes home drunk at 3am: i don’t see either of them as big drinkers, really??? scott would drink with stiles and come home all tipsy and cute and isaac would have to deal with that in the morning

makes breakfast: scottttyyyy. though isaac can make PERFECT toaster strudels that are warm on the inside and golden brown on the outside

remembers to feed the fish: hmmm isaac. i don’t think he was ever allowed to have a pet so he’d be excited to have a little something to take care of

decorates the apartment: they probably just pick out whatever’s cheap and comfy. it doesn’t matter much to them

initiates duets: scott! he sings in the car on the way to work/school whatever and sometimes isaac can’t help but join in

falls asleep first: hmm isaac i think. scott pets his hair and rubs his back and isaac falls asleep with his mouth open and his fingers clutched around scott’s shirt