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So I have a question and I don't mean to insult anyone by asking, but why do Islamic extremists do suicide missions, does Allah not mind suicide or does he only accept the people who die for him? I've never had the chance to ask anyone.

Murder along with suicide are forbidden in Islam. You will hear from fundamentalists that suicide missions may be permitted,  but putting yourself in a situation where the intent is to kill yourself–for whichever reason–is inexcusable. There are no exceptions to this. Even those that believe “killing infidels” will get them to some form of paradise are hypocritical in legitimizing suicide missions because killing oneself simply isn’t permissible–and, if we’re being frank, neither is “holy war” when a conceivably massive threat does not exist. This is a very very brief answer to a complicated question.

It’s easy to say things such as “murder is haram” “suicide is haram” “unwarranted war not in self-defence is haram” and in a lot of ways and scenarios it’s enough of an explanation because the overwhelming majority of the muslim population abides by these laws and believes that those things are not permissible. 

When it comes to fundamentalist, wahhabi and jihadist-salafi ideologies it becomes more complicated because though they are, in a million ways, incompatible with–I’ll call it “mainstream”–Islam, these folks identify as Muslim and claim to be fighting in the name of Islam and that can’t be ignored because its significant to the etymology of the conflict. 

And finally: 

“does Allah not mind suicide or does he only accept the people who die for him?” 

This idea that extremists who blow themselves up in a church or synagogue or Shia mosque or national atheist convention are “killing themselves for Allah” is such unsubstantiated B.S–how exactly is what they’re doing for Allah or for Islam? In which ways does it ‘protect’ Islam? In which ways does it ‘protect’ Muslims? It’s propaganda to believe that these acts can truly be justified as necessary measures to preserve the religion or what is required of Muslims. There’s no factual evidence to support this idea. 

In short: suicide missions are deemed impermissible at any time for any reason. They do not have any kind of place in Islam. 

UK Muslims helping jihadis, says Cameron
The Prime Minister (pictured) will also call for parents to stop blaming police and the security services for failing to prevent British teenagers heading to Syria.

says the man funding salafi groups in Syria

British, American & western interference in the middle east has done far more to ‘indirectly’ help jihadis than individual families ever will!

UK: *funds terrorist groups in Syria indirectly helping ISIS rise to power*

UK: *strong ties with Turkey which allows jihadis freedom to cross the border into Syria*

UK: *strong ties with Saudi Arabia who also funds terrorist groups & spreads salafi/wahhabi ideology*

UK: “omg Muslims are helping jihadis! why isn’t anyone doing something about it?”