wahh manor shows

We played our second show last night. Thank you, Ruben, for continuing to support me in any project I bring to your attention. Thank you for having punk shows in west Philadelphia.Thank you anyone who liked what we had to offer. Thank you if you hated it and still stuck around to be polite.

Edit 2014: this was also our final show. This band turned their back on me when I had to take care of sick and aging family members, and they interviewed another girl to take my place without my knowledge. I didn’t even know I was “out of the band” before she started asking friends of mine for shows with her new band- the one I thought I was in. They denied it. She deleted her posts. Just goes to show you that you can spend two years of your life on someone and really have no idea who they are. I am so disappointed in these people and even more disappointed in my “friends” who continue to support them as they play the same songs we wrote together under a new name. Friendship is fleeting. Temporary. And so was this bullshit.