wahh idk i kinda like it


@ the anon who asked about my fnaf oc kitty  yeah i still draw her sometimes!! i just never post any of it because i’m kinda sorta super insecure about a lot of my ocs lmao whoops i need to work on that

there’s a toy kitty too who i made back when fnaf 2 came out but like i said i was too chicken to post anything about her… so here’s a quick doodle of her i did.. she’s basically a huge brat who has a bit of superiority complex… she and original!kitty don’t get along very well :(

andddd here’s an old goofy doodle comic thing i did for myself a while back it’s just a silly look at the dynamic between kitty and my silly version of foxy i guess lol idk!! that’s all wahh okay