wahh i made a thing guys

procellarum drama cd track 3: tsukiuta radio

The very last track of the Procellarum drama cd, and like Six Gravity’s it’s Tsukiuta radio time! Please let me know if you spot any mistakes I’ve made and I’ll fix it straight away :)

On a side note, after this I’ll be finishing the rest of Six Gravity’s duet drama cds. There are already quite a few people who have translated some of Procellarum’s duet series, so I thought it’d be better if I worked on VIV. I don’t know if I’ll still do Procellarum’s later on, but I’ll see after I finish them~

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wahh, 1,200 followers! :) Thank you!

This calls for a celebration …

I might post that Saltwater Room music video I attempted to make like 4 years ago. (the one I made these gifsets from [1] [2] ) I only got up to the end of the first chorus before I gave up. But first I’d like to see how many people still care about it :P 

Who wants to see it?