wahh cute!!!

*the boys walking home after a night out*

Jian Yi: I can’t see the stars tonight!

He Tian: It’s because Guan Shan outshines them.

Jian Yi: Wahh, so cute!

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: *to Mo* Why do you even like him…

Mo Guan Shan: *trying not to blush* A-as if you don’t drop lines like that on Jian Yi!

Zhan Zheng Xi: *blushing furiously* I-I do not!

Jian Yi: Yeah you do! Yesterday you-

Zhan Zheng Xi: S-shut up Jian Yi!

Monsta X Reaction #5 - Cuddling them to death in a cute onesi

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

THIS IS SO CUTE MY HEART IS BURSTING XD Thank you for requesting anon I hope you like it!!

Hyunwoo (Shownu): *blushy AF* “Omo why are you being so cute today? You’re killing your oppa”

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Hoseok (Wonho): “Wahh~ you’re so cute! I could stay like this forever” *extremely happy*

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Minhyuk: *pretend he’s calling you cute and not the coin xD* “Yah, what did I do to deserve you acting like this tonight??”

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Kihyun: “Aww does somebody need some extra attention from Oppa?” *cuddles for the rest of eternity*

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Hyungwon: *makes a noise similar to ASDFJKL* “YAH! You’re so warm, fluffy, and cute!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT”

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Jooheon: “This. This is why we’re a perfect match for each other babe.”

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Changkyun (I.M): *tries to be cute too, but gets blushy and cuddly instead* “You’re just too good at being cute, I could never get to your level”

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Phan Drabble AU: Oops

Summary: Dan’s doing a liveshow and let something slip about him and Phil that he most definitely, probably shouldn’t have. [Established relationship, Fluff]

Word Count: 1k

Note: Feeling phan af and felt like writing something so hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to send me some prompts. I’m still working on improving my writing and getting back in the fic game you guys so be kind aha.

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Seventeens reaction to you wearing their shirt

Scoups: he’d be all for this seeing you all in his clothes. he’d see you making breakfast when he comes home from an early practice and he’d see you in one of his over sized t-shirts, his heart would just do flips because how could you be so cute! 

Jeonghan: “wahh she looks so cute in my clothes” he’d say in his head. You greeted him with a kiss when he came home and he just looked at you. “jag i think you're wearing my shirt” he’d say to you and you’d just run around and smile at him. he always loved when you wore his shirts because he wasn’t always there to be with you. 

Joshua: He doesn’t know how to react at first when he sees your small body in such a large shirt so he just walks up to and smiles to himself  thinking about how lucky he is. He’d be another one to leave clothes around for you because he knew you loved to wear them when he was touring or wasn’t home 

Jun: this little tease is the type to not say anything about it until your turned around or wasn’t paying attention. He’d then slip his hand under your over sized shirt probably saying something super extra like “it would look better off of you” because thats just how he is. 

Hoshi: he’s going freeze up at first because you look so cute in his shirt!! he’d have a little smirk on his face when walks over to you kissing you when he  reaches you. he’s going to admire you when ever you turn around. his favorite thing is to see the love of his life in his clothes after he gets home from his job he loves you so much he always feels like the luckiest man in the world! 

Wonwoo: he’d be so flustered seeing you in his clothes! he’s always love seeing you in his shirts or sweaters because sweaters paws!!! his heart would just melt because of it! 

woozi: “why do they look normal size…..” 

dk: LITERALLY DOES NOT STOP SMILING!! he absolutely love it when you wear his clothes because they look so big and you wear messy buns with the big shirts!!! You look so cute it makes his heart hurt. usually lots of kissing because he loves you so much 

Mingyu: ahhhh he’s another jun. Saying something smooth as hell. “wow it looks so good on you.. quite long.. Are you wearing something underneath.” 

Minghao: *can’t even make a sentence because you look so adorable in his shirts* 

seungkwan: “YAH! why are you wearing my clothes!… you do look cute” He’d be so conflicted he wants to pretend to be mad but he can’t he loves you to much and you look to cute!  

Vernon: He’d be so happy your wearing his clothes but he’d give you extra attention because he knows you only wear his clothes when you really miss him! he’d get so flustered and his little cheeks and ears would turn all pink he’s just so happy! *tries so say something but messes up* “I’m sorry youre just so cute”

Dino: “hyung she’s wearing my shirt what do i do” “let her keep it it means she loves you” “ SHE WHAT” He’s so flustered but he really likes seeing your small frame in his shirts and the way you made all his shirts smell like vanilla when you give it back to him he always smiles when he wears the shirts to practice after. 

INFINITE Reaction : When you get touchy with them in public

Sunggyu: you know , usually love when you get touchy with me :3 i really do , but um.. we’re kind of in public now !! so please..

Dongwoo: he wont even notice , skinship is something natural for him ;) so when he finds you wrapping your arms around him , he would make himself comfortable in your arms 

Woohyun: wahh you’re so cute ^^

Hoya: stop that or i’ll have to do something in front of everyone ;)

Sungyeol: i love it :D

come here give me a bigger hug 

L: *gets suddenly shy*

Sungjong: *acts cool like he’s used to it*

*but inside he’s super excited and nervous* ohmygod ohmygod she just huged me in front of everyone

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