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Thank you for that kind ask! I’d like to repay you with this drawing of your boys. I saw that they were seokjin a little dolls/puppets so I thought him hugging all his ‘toys’ would be cute. Hope you like it. (I didn’t have all the colors so I had to improvise)

THIS IS SO CUTE!!! oh my goodness (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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Hello! Congrats on the new blog! 😄 also, I love your tags in the rules list - it's so cute wahh‼ Could I please request some headcanons on how Kirishima, Todoroki, and Amajiki (if you're okay with writing him!) would watch a scary movie with their s/o? Thank you 😊

Of course!!! And thank you! It’s a blast to write and have fun!!!


Kirishima Eijirou 

-total ham bone in loving that his s/o clings to him when they’re scared

-if they are a bad ass and love scary movies like me then he would appreciate how cool they are and fall harder for them

-probably be too manly to admit that he falls for jump scares and says he twitched to scare his s/o more 


-also would love a realistic horror

-or classic like the Blackwater

-honestly i think he’d think the effects are bad ass

-and mention it during the movie

-he’s totally a whisperer in the theatre

-y’know a whole play by play kind of guy

-want to talk about his favorite parts after the movie

-annnd want to get food with his s/o after

Todoroki Shouto

-it would probably be his s/o’s idea to even see the movie in the first place

-he can be a weenie

-would try to follow the plot

-would not react to jump scares or suspense music

-and be all confused why his s/o does, if they do

-if they don’t he’d be cool about it

-also would admire special effects and gore make up if they’re realistic

-internalize his comments 

-would be confused if his s/o grabbed his arm during the movie

-like all “are they okay?”

-i feel like he’d want dessert after

-like ice cream or those little snack cake thingies

-would listen to his s/o retell their thoughts of the movie

-and then ask questions about the plot holes

Amajiki Tamaki

-probably dig it because i feel like horror movies take away from the anxiety of reality

-like he could relax in knowing why the characters are scared

-totally falls for jump scares

-apologizes for his weenieness

-but enjoys the time with his s/o because of how much he’d admire them

-if they were not so okay with horror, he’d be there to hold them

-if it was a movie at their house/dorm/apartment, he’d ask if they want to watch something else

-if it was at a theatre, he’d turn their head into his shoulder at the bad parts

-if it was like really bad, he’d take his s/o out of the theatre and go get ice cream

-wouldn’t really talk too much about the movie after the act

-unless his s/o is into that

-might feel a bit more paranoid after, might not? anxiety manifests differently in each person

-totally would want to get some sustenance after the movie

-more time with the s/o is more time in heaven’s light kind of guy, i think

-honestly, pure cinnamon roll elf sasuke would  just enjoy the experience of watching his s/o’s reactions


This was fun! Sorry if Amajiki wasn’t perfect? I don’t know if I have a good grasp on him yet.

Thanks for the request!!! 


Phan Drabble AU: Oops

Summary: Dan’s doing a liveshow and let something slip about him and Phil that he most definitely, probably shouldn’t have. [Established relationship, Fluff]

Word Count: 1k

Note: Feeling phan af and felt like writing something so hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to send me some prompts. I’m still working on improving my writing and getting back in the fic game you guys so be kind aha.

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Topp Dogg: their s/o is acting unintentionally cute

P-Goon: if you’ve never been ‘cute’ or done aegyo around him, he’ll probably stare at you for what seems like hours, trying to figure out where this all came from. He’s not complaining, he’s hella happy but won’t try and embarrass you if you didn’t mean to do it.

Hojoon: can’t help the shy smile that’ll be plastered on his face for the next day. Without saying a word, he’ll pull you into his arms and mumble intangible words in your ear.

Sangdo: would dramatically gasp and cover his mouth, eyes wide open. Whether you meant to or not, he’s blown away by your cuteness and wants you to be like that more often so he could tease you.

Nakta: lol you just made this giant really happy and giggly. He’d nonchalantly ask you what you’re trying to do, and why you’re pouting your lips. But on the inside he just wants to cuddle you for like an hour and pinch your cheeks.

Hansol: “Wahh jagi!! You’re so cute, look at you!!!!” Would act like a mom and won’t stop smiling at you. He won’t do it intentionally to embarrass you, he just thinks you’re hella adorable and wants everyone to see.

B-Joo: would pout right back at you and turn this into a compitition. He’d laugh at your expression bc you literally have no idea what this fool is doing, and he’s embarrassing both of you now as he’s doing 'shy shy’ in front of passersby.

Xero: will not hesitate to pull his phone out and snap a few pictures of your adorable face. He’d then ask if you could pout your lips and frown again, and make a heart with your fingers, just bc your eyes were closed in that one pic.

A-Tom: nonstop giggling and mocking, esp if you’re not the type to act like this intentionally. He’d be like, why aren’t you like this all the time so we could be the cutest couple and make others jealous???

Yano: would think you’re basically torturing him, bc you don’t even know you’re doing it on purpose. He’d pout at you and ask you to stop being this cute, or just wait until you get home lmao.

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Monsta X Reaction #5 - Cuddling them to death in a cute onesi

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

THIS IS SO CUTE MY HEART IS BURSTING XD Thank you for requesting anon I hope you like it!!

Hyunwoo (Shownu): *blushy AF* “Omo why are you being so cute today? You’re killing your oppa”

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Hoseok (Wonho): “Wahh~ you’re so cute! I could stay like this forever” *extremely happy*

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Minhyuk: *pretend he’s calling you cute and not the coin xD* “Yah, what did I do to deserve you acting like this tonight??”

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Kihyun: “Aww does somebody need some extra attention from Oppa?” *cuddles for the rest of eternity*

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Hyungwon: *makes a noise similar to ASDFJKL* “YAH! You’re so warm, fluffy, and cute!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT”

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Jooheon: “This. This is why we’re a perfect match for each other babe.”

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Changkyun (I.M): *tries to be cute too, but gets blushy and cuddly instead* “You’re just too good at being cute, I could never get to your level”

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ask box open~

*the boys walking home after a night out*

Jian Yi: I can’t see the stars tonight!

He Tian: It’s because Guan Shan outshines them.

Jian Yi: Wahh, so cute!

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: *to Mo* Why do you even like him…

Mo Guan Shan: *trying not to blush* A-as if you don’t drop lines like that on Jian Yi!

Zhan Zheng Xi: *blushing furiously* I-I do not!

Jian Yi: Yeah you do! Yesterday you-

Zhan Zheng Xi: S-shut up Jian Yi!