“This isn’t my usual angle.”

“Try new things.”  

Model AU again after that damn studio like setting selfie that’s making me question my life choices. Applying makeup to danyul was fun. It seems as though I enjoy putting makeup on him more than I do on myself. Wing it ouuut 


take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause someone really cares about you.

mild undertale spoilers!!

a little comic to commemorate the first part in undertale that legit made me cry like a baby. i was talking about this scene with a friend and how different the scene is depending on whether you killed toriel or not. when you spared her, this is a cute and fun tale about two Bad Joke Buddies in the woods but when you kill her? it’s so much more melancholy. to me, at least.

LIKE SO ok i accidentally killed toriel during my first playthrough and i didn’t even think to reload and spare her until it was too late and i’d already saved. i felt bad about it but what could i do, right? just gotta keep movin on.

anyway, i’d all but forgotten my sin until this part in the game, where you n sans go and chill in the restaurant. hearing him talk about toriel made me feel so bad. all she wanted was for me to be safe, and i killed her. not only that, she was sans’ joke buddy. his friend. and then he added that he hadn’t heard from her in a while, like he knew what i’d done. 

anyway i just straight-up started crying \m/ undertale is a great game that will make you feel things, 10/10

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