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omg as soon as i read "Jensen’s hand slid down below Misha’s waist and Misha kinda scooted in closer underneath Jensen..." i got that tingly feeling! Your GIVE ME WEED fic is BAD i mean WICKED bad and did BAD THINGS to me. WOW! I love your photo ops from dccon but its super fantastic to know you're THE author! you rock! btw that fic is all bad in the best way ;-) more please please please

“You know that picture is going to go viral?”

“So?” Jensen pulled the door open for Misha, waiting for his friend to go through. “It was fun. She was fun and she gave me a Owner’s Manual for the Impala.”

“From what I heard, you ripped it out of Jared’s hands.”

“Again, so?”

“I’m just saying. She asked us to look like we were trying not to fall. At no time did she say Jensen, drape yourself over Misha like a fleece blanket.”

“Dude, did you see her face? She was happy with it.”

“Of course she was. So was everyone in the room.”

“Even my parents were laughing.”

“Yes, but Jensen -” Misha grabbed his arm and pulled him into the blessedly empty green room, shutting the door behind them. “That picture? That’s why the fans think we’re fucking.”

Jensen grinned and shoved Misha up against the wall and kissed him. “We are fucking,” he smiled. 

“You used to be so shy about this shit.”

“I had a kid. Don’t care anymore.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Misha kissed the tip of Jensen’s nose. “Don’t blame me when your twitter explodes.”