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✧Organy(2 zdj.), kotek (7. zdj.)~10 zł + przesyłka

✧Pozostałe: Konstelacje, Sunchild, Moonchild, Alien Lover (3. zdj.), owoce (4.zdj.), serca z napisami (5. zdj.), Muminki (6. zdj), majtki i muchomor (7. zdj.)~ 8 zł + przesyłka

Przy zakupie większej ilości koszt zakupu wzrasta o 6 zł/sztukę (za przesyłkę płaci się tylko raz).

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Mafumafu Tweets ー 02.18.17

Mafumafu: “My name is Mafumafu, and I am currently a video uploader and the hardcore guy who was angrily tapping my driver’s license onto the ticket gate at Shibuya station without realizing that I mixed up my Suica card and driver’s license or understanding why the gate wouldn’t open for me.”

(T/N: Shibuya station is always crowded, in a hurry, and lined up with people at the ticket gates waiting to pass, so you can assume a lot of people saw Mafumafu mess up)

Mafumafu: “I’ll be busy next week with the final touches for the single, concert, PV shooting, but I will upload a weird video again in several days! For my upcoming music video, it’s kind of on a tight deadline now where it may or may not make it by the date!

Also, although I am the guy Mafumafu who left my listeners in charge of my brainstorming as you saw a few days ago, I’m going to record a video with a lot of the requests I received tomorrow yon! Waha-!! (*´□`*)”

Power Nap (Otayuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri, lee Yuri) -  29. “I can’t sleep…” combined with Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri) -  3. “Why are you so grumpy?~” by another anon! Probably the last I’ll be writing in one night of speedwriting, but I think I broke a shameful writing record … x) #happy1yearanniversarytomyblogalright.

Summary: Yuri is tired enough to be in need of a power nap, but can’t get himself to sleep peacefully. Otabek finds that tickling him is the solution: it’ll either wake him up properly so a nap won’t be necessary, or it’ll give him the final push to fall asleep and rest. Now which is it gonna be….

Word Count: 1235

“Beka… Turn the volume the fuck down.” Otabek raised his eyebrows and looked down at Yuri who lay in the corner of the couch, only a little bit away from him, curled up like a kitten.

“Say what?” he asked in a calm but low voice. Yuri only made a grunting sound and waved his hand angrily at Otabek who sat in the other corner of the couch, the remote in his hand as he watched some silly comedy show.

“Why are you so grumpy?~” he asked, earning a cushion in his face. This had been Yuri’s only support for his head, and Otabek chuckled when Yuri turned on his back, squirming uncomfortably with both his hands covering his eyes.

“Hmh tired. I can’t sleep… Beka. Turn it down,” Yuri sighed grumpily.

“You shouldn’t be able to sleep. It’s noon,” Otabek replied, but he still did as he told and turned the volume down a bit. Yuri still didn’t seem satisfied since he turned back onto his side restlessly, his knees pulling up to his chest as he curled up. Heh. Otabek wasn’t returning that cushion either.

“Mrmph. Need a power nap,” Yuri mumbled. Otabek rolled his eyes but still smiled. Yuri could easily get up and retreat to rest in bed, but he chose not to. Otabek knew he wouldn’t, since on relaxing weekend days like these Yuri refused to be in separate rooms. It was funny and cute how Yuri was being grumpy but affectionate at the same time.

“Still can’t sleep.” Yuri continued to complain, sigh and filled the room with negative energy. Otabek found himself torn between being disapproving about sleeping so early on the day, but then again he thought after such a tough week of training Yuri did earn some rest. Oh, but he knew how he could get him to sleep without tucking him into bed right away.

“You know what works better?” Otabek finally asked after a lot of uncomfortable turning and squirming from Yuri, and the sleepy guy opened one eye and looked at him with a frown. 

Otabek extended his hand and motioned he should come to his side of the couch. Yuri first sighed and closed his eyes again, ignoring him and too lazy to move, but then after a short moment he reacted. 

The Kazakh grinned when Yuri crawled closer, and he allowed the smaller teen to curl up against him. Rubbing his head against Otabek’s chest, Yuri made himself comfortable, wrapping his arms around his middle as he accepted his boyfriend’s invitation. 

Smiling, Otabek lowered his hand and rubbed Yuri’s back. He then grinned and hooked his fingers under the hem of Yuri’s sweater, lightly trailing his fingernails along his bare waistline. He could feel Yuri tense up against him and he felt warm and tingly with mischief at the thought of what he would be doing to him in three- two- one….

“Whaahahaha Bekah! Fuck no!” Yuri’s angry giggles filled the room at once. Otabek used both hands to scribble at the skin of Yuri’s waist and lower back, then slowly moved up further under his sweater to tease more of his skin.

“Otabek no!” Yuri warned before collapsing and letting his beautiful laughter loose. 

“Hahaha-how’s this waha working better!?” Ah, Otabek hoped he would ask, enjoying his own little excuse to tease his sweet sensitive boyfriend with tickles. 

“Tickling you will either wake you up completely, or make you sleepy enough to get to that power nap straight away. It will just work either way,” he said, his voice calm unlike his fingers that moved rapidly all over Yuri’s sides and back. 

“You bahahastard!” Yuri squealed and twisted, holding tightly onto him but also making desperate movements to jump out of his grip at the same time. 

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Anniversary Night

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters.

Summary: It’s Jack and Mark’s anniversary. Everything is perfect until Jack won’t stop squirming during a make out session. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! So this was actually an unfinished Valentine’s day fic I COMPLETELY forgot even existed until I was looking back through old notes. I have to turn in my school laptop which is what I’ve been using to write, which means I’m going back and finding old unfinished works I’m finishing now and posting. As it’s no longer V-Day I rewrote it to be an anniversary. Hope this suffices!

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Night With Prompto (Prompto/Reader)

A/N: Final Fantasy XV (Prompto/reader, lee reader) -  24. “And why exactly is ‘tickle torture tools story’ in your search history?” - So yeah I know I told you guys I wouldn’t post anything because I’d be absent this weekend which is true, I’m only home late night and that time is reserved for playing FFXV.

But after getting lost for hours and accidentally teleporting myself out of fcking Costlemark Tower THREE TIMES and it was morning outside again and I had to wait again to enter and I was so excited to meet the monster there…. I ended up like fuck okay I’ll do this later. Fic writing time! So yeah just to stay in the FF mood, here’s the prompto prompt. Get it, huehue. Prompto. Prompt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Summary: You, yes lucky reader you, are Prompto’s lover and for the first time you’re camping with the guys. Just camping. Then why do you end up getting tickled to death…? (short note: I always try to write my reader fic non-gender focused so I hope it will be enjoyable for everyone^^)

Word Count: 1810

“Is it okay? Are you cold?” Prompto asked, and you shook your head and snuggled closer against him. You blushed at the closeness. This wasn’t the first time you shared a bed with Prompto, but… inside a tent and sharing a sleeping bag, you felt closer to him than ever.

Outside you could hear the noises of battle cries and clinging swords; Noctis, Ignis and Gladio were having some intense training session so you and Prompto already pulled yourselves back inside the tent to sleep early.

“Is it always like this?” you asked, and Prompto who was lying beside you, playing some King’s Knight on his phone looked up for a moment. He then looked back at his phone.

“Them? Yeah. Nights and nights long. Sometimes I join them.” Prompto nodded, and you smiled.

“You can go too if you want,” you said, and you noticed a cute smile on his face as he kept playing the game.

“Naaah. It’s the first time you’re actually with us while camping. It’s something different than a hotel bed right? Isn’t it niiice?” Prompto wiggled a little like a worm in the sleeping bag and you laughed.

“Yeah very nice. Also – EEhep!” you suddenly squeaked and you tensed up completely.

“What? What?!” Prompto put away his phone and panicked together with you.

“A bug! A buuuug!” Both of you started to struggle in the sleeping bag and you choked on a sudden giggle when you felt a light tickle under your shirt.

“Hehehelp – hehehe waha get it out!” you laughed, squirming and trying to writhe free, but the sleeping bag was pretty tight, and Prompto was useless.

“Phew got it!” you sighed when you finally managed to catch the tiny thing with lots of effort, and you took it out.

“You squished it,” Prompto said, studying the dead ant in your hand with the light of his phone.

“By accident. This thing was under my shirt! I thought you hated bugs too?” you said, throwing the dead body to the side, and Prompto nodded.

“Ants are fine, I hate the big ones. It’s camping life, sadly,” he said as he paid attention to his phone again, but you noticed it wasn’t King’s Knight he was playing. You rolled closer to him again after calming down a little from the incident, haha, bug-cident, and you leaned your head against his shoulder so you could take a look at his phone as well.

“Prompto…” you mumbled as you stared at the little screen.

“Yes?” Prompto tapped ‘search’ and you suddenly felt very awkward. Two things: Prompto was typing in ‘ticklish places top ten’ and actually googling it. Yes, no lies here. But another thing that caught your eye was Google’s auto-fill based on search history that showed something worse.

“And why exactly is ‘tickle torture tools story’ in your search history?” you asked. Saying nothing after seeing this was definitely even more awkward, so you decided to just directly ask him right now.

“Oh,” Prompto said, not even the slightest bit awkward as one should be in a case like this since you just caught him red handed with his weird Google search history.

“It is my interest. I’d like to be a pro-tickler,” he said casually, and you gulped. What. Pro… tickler?

“Okay…” Loss of words, kinda. You noticed how you automatically moved a little further away from him as much as the sleeping bag allowed you to.

“And… why are you googling about tickling right now?” you asked carefully. Your entire body tingled when you had to say the word again. Prompto looked up at you, the light of his phone glowing on his face, and that smirk… A shiver ran down your spine and you caught your breath.

“I just heard you giggle when that bug was on you. I must admit I’m kinda triggered?” Oh heavens. 

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Karts, Cuddles, And A Whole Lotta Cheating

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - Alec is way better at Mario Kart than Magnus. Magnus may have to resort to drastic measures to win…

Thank you @sir-assless-unicorn for the prompt!

Words - 720

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

Alec let out a short laugh as Mario overtook Princess Peach once again. The two boyfriends sat on Magnus’s bed, side by side, Alec’s head resting on Magnus’s chest, their legs intertwined, and Chairman Meow glaring at them from the windowsill. Nintendo DS’s were in their hands, their fingers pressing down on the buttons like there was no tomorrow.

“Why did you choose Peach anyway?”

“I like her dress,” Magnus said simply. He groaned when the computer’s Bowser threw him off of the edge of the Rainbow Road track and when he regenerated, he was in 7th place. “How are you so good at this?”

“I played a lot with Jace and Izzy when we were younger,” Alec recalled. “We used to sneak out from the Institute and go to mundane stores.”

“You, the picture-perfect Shadowhunter, snuck OUT?” Magnus said, momentarily taking his gaze from the screen that now showed Bowser’s Castle.

“Yes. Jace is not the best of influences.”

“True. Wait wait wait, no! Now I’m 8th!”

“You were 6th anyway, Mags.”


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Main jab collage me tha tabhi humare collage me ek sexy teacher thi. Shobha naam tha unka unki age 36 years thi, woh hume math padhati thi. Unki height kuch 5 foot thi.Lekin unke boobs or gand bahut bade the. Unki gand bahar nikali thi. Jab v unka lecture rehta tha, main unhe dekhkar to apne lund ko sehlane lagta tha. Wo mujhe bahut hi sexy lagti thi. Kabhi kabhar unka v dhyan mere taraf jata tha. Lekin woh kuch bolti nahi thi. Aise hi 5 saal gujar gaye.Mera college khatam hua or main job pe lag gaya, or tabhi mere kuch documents college me reh gaye the. Usey lene k liye mujhe ek baar collage jana pada tha. To dusre din main chala gaya collage. Waha jake kuch purani yaade taza hogayi thi, bahut achha lag raha tha. Fir main teachers room me gaya, or tabhi mere samane wahi teacher khadi thi. Jisse main sapno me lekar muth marta tha. Tabhi unhone mujhe dekha or maine v unhe dekha. Fir maine socha chalo baat karta hu.

Mai: hello shobha mam, paichana?
Shobha Shobha Mam: haan.. tum Harsh ho na
Mai: bilkul sahi paichana mam. Aap kaisi ho?
Shobha Mam: main thik hu. Tum batao aaj itne dino baad collage ki kaise yaad aayi.
Mai: are mam woh kuch documents lene the. office me dene k liye.

Shobha Mam: ok…Harsh..baki sab thik chal raha hai.
Mai: haan mam. Aap abhi v waisi hi ho jaisi pehli thi.
Shobha Mam: ohh harsh tum v na,,,( or mam thoda sharma gayi)
Mai: ok mam..main woh documents lekar aata hun, baad me milta hu aapse jate waqt.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh thik hai..bye

Aur main waha se collage k office room me chala gaya or waha se mere documents leke. Main jane k nikal raha tha. Tabhi socha ek or bar mil leta hun shobha mam se pata nahi fir kab mulakat ho unse. Isliye main wapas teacher room ki taraf jar aha tha. Tabhi woh samane se aagayi.

Shobha Shobha Mam: hello harsh ho gaya tumhara kaam?
Mai: haan mam ho gaya bas aapko hi bye karne aa raha tha.
Shobha Mam: ohh, so sweet of u,, actually main v nikal rahi thi ghar k liye.
Maine socha kyun na mam ko lift di jaye or thoda chance v mil jayega.
Mai: ok mam main chod deta hun aapko ghar pe main bike lekar aaya hu.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh thik hai main abhi aati hu.

Aur fir thodi der baad mam aayi aur mere pichhe baith gayi…aahhhh kya ehsas tha woh main to bahut khush tha, my dream lady meri bike pe baithi hai, or unhone apna ek hath mere kandhe pe rakha. Fir hum log unke ghar k niche pohoch gaye. Aur maine kaha.

Mai: ok mam, main chalta hun ab.
Shobha Mam: are aise kaise pehli baar ghar aaye ho chalo chai pike jaana.
Mai: nahi mam its ok..phir kabhi aaunga.
Shobha Mam: are aise nahi chalega. Main mam hun tumhari mera kehna manana padega.
Mai: hahaha..ok..mam chalo..
Aur hum dono lift se mam k ghar aagaye..unke ghar me koi nahi tha, unke husband office gaye the or bachhe school gaye the.
Mai: ohh..wow aapka ghar aapke jaisa hi bahut khoobsurat hai.
Shobha Mam: thank u harsh.tum baitho main abhi aati hu.

Aur mam andar chali gayi. Main to baithe baithe ye soch raha tha kash koi mauka mil jaye jisase main unhe chod saku. Mera lund to baar baar khada ho raha tha. Main to baichen ho raha tha. Fir mam aayi or isbar unhone sirf ek nighty pehni thi. Aap ye kahani hindisexkikahani.com paar paad rahe hai.Aur woh dekhkar to mera lund tufan jaise khada ho gaya. Aur woh mere pant me se dikhane laga tha. mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaraha tha.
Mai: mam bathroom kaha hai. Main fresh ho k aata hu.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh aao andar hi.

Aur main unke piche piche chala gaya. Aur main bathroom me gaya to dekha unki panty wahi pe padi thi. Maine use uthaya or sunghane laga…ahhh…kya khushbu aa rahi thi. Aur woh thodi gili v thi. Maine use apane lund pe rakhkar hilane laga or wahi pe muth marne laga..lekin tabhi bahar se mam ne aawaj di. Aur main fresh hoke bahar aa gaya.

Shobha Mam: harsh koi problem hai kya. Itna time lagaya.
Mai: nahi mam woh jara…..

Aur mam ki nazar sidha mere lund pe gayi jo abhi v khada tha. Main waha se sidha aake sofe pe baith gaya. Aur mam ne meri taraf dekh kar ek naughty si smile di or kaha.
Shobha Mam: ahh..ok tum baitho main tumhare liye chai banake laati hu.

Aur mam kitchen me jake chai banake leke ayi. Aur mere hi baju me baith gayi. Aur chai dene lagi. Unke boobs mere kandho ko rub kar rahe the, or mujhse raha nahi jaa raha tha.
Mai: mam aapke husband or bachhe kab aayenge.

Shobha Mam: husband to rat ko aate bachhe 6 baje tak aajayenge.
Mai: okk..mam Shobha Mam: or harsh tumhara kaise chal raha hai job. Koi gf patayi ki nahi abhi tak.
Mam k muh se ye sunake main thoda shock reh gaya or unki taraf dekhane laga.
Shobha Mam: are harsh ab tum bade hogaye ho, or ye sab batein ab normal ho gayi hai.
Mai: haan mam woh to hai. Nahi mam abhi tak nahi mili mujhe koi apane jaisi.
Shobha Mam: achha to tumhe kaisi ladaki chahiye.

Mai: agar bata dun to aapko gussa nahi aayega na.
Shobha Mam: ofcourse not.
Aur mam thoda or chipak k baith gayi. Maine mam ki ankho me ankhe daal k kaha.
Mai: mam mujhe na aap jaisi ladki chahiye.
Shobha Mam: ohh..Harsh..aisa kya hai mujhme jo tumhe main itni achhi lagati hu.
Itna kahake Aur unhone apna hath mere kandhe par dal diya.

Mai: mam main to jabse collage me tha tab se aap mujhe bahut achhi lagati thi. Main deewana tha aapka or aaj v hu.
Shobha Mam: achha isiliye tum har roz mujhe itna ghur ghur k dekhte the u naughty boy.

Aur unhone mujhe apane gale laga kar mere gallon par ek puppy de di. Main to hosh me hi nahi tha. Fir main v unhe dhire dhire sehlane laga tha. Unki ankhe v ab ekdum nashili lag rahi thi.

Shobha Mam: ahhhh..harsh..aur kya kya achha lagata hai..tumhe muzame..sharmao mat job hi hai..batado Mai: aapke ye ankhe, aapke komal gulabi honth, aapke…. Shobha Mam: ab bolo v na harsh..ahhh..aur mat tadpao,,, mujhe v tum bahut ache lagate ho..ummmaaaaaa….aaaaaa
Mai: mam aap sach me bahut khoobsurat hai…apake ye bade bade boobs..kitane ache lagate..aur aapki ye patali kamar..ahh..mam…ji to karta hai..bus inhe hi dekhta rahu Aap ye kahani hindisexkikahani.com paar paad rahe hai.…Shobha Mam: ahh..Harsh tumhe kitni kadar hai..mere jism ki or mere pati to abhi dhyan v nahi dete..u r so sweet..dear..aur tumhe meri ye badi gand kaisi lagati hai..jise tum bachpan me kisi na kisi bahane se touch karte the.

Ye baat sunke main thoda hairan reh gaya, or mam ko uthake apne samne khada kiya or unke gand ko masalane laga.

Mai: mam aapki gand to jannat hai..dekho kitni soft hai..aaaaaaaaah……jaise..koi…rui ki gaddi ho..ahhhhh….
Shobha Mam: ahh…harsh…tum apani teacher ki gand ko daba rahe ho.ah….hhhhhhhhhh….
Mai: haan mam…aapki gand bahut naram hai..ahhhhhhhhhh…bohot maza aa raha hai…dabane me
Aur maine unki nighty me hath dalke unki gand ko dabane laga..jor jor se..
Shobha Mam: ohh..harsh….dabao or jor se dabao meri gand..ahhh…

Aur unhone apane honth mere hontho pe lagake kiss karne lagi..usse mujhe or josh aaya or main unki gand or jor se dabane laga..ahhhh….fir unhone mera t-shirt nikal diya or maine teacher ki nighty nikal di..ahhh….kya boobs the unke ekdum gore gore. Aur uspe brown color k nipples…fir maine teacher ko sofe pe litaya. Aur unko chumane laga…unke hare k an gang ko chum raha tha..muze pata nahi kya hogaya tha…main pagalon ki tarah unhe chume ja raha tha.Shobha Mam: ahh…oh…harsh..itna pyar karte the apani shobha mam se…ahhhhhhh….
Mai: hhaann mam…bohot ohh….Aur main unke boobs chusane laga…Shobha Mam: ohhh…chuso mere dear student…aaaahhhhhhh..aur jor se chuso…bahut achha lag raha hai…ahhhhhhh..chuso meri jaan chuso….ahhhhhhh…..

Aur main unke boobs chusate chusate unke pet or nabhi ko v chumane laga…wo sirf sislariya le rahi thi or mere balon ko sehla rahi thi…ahhhh…kitna such mil raha tha..muze..fir main…niche jake unki panty k upar se chut ko chat raha tha….

Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh..kya kar rahe ho…
Mai: aapko pyar kar raha hun…ahhhhhhh…ummmmaaaaaaaa……

Shobha Mam: ohh…harsh tumne to mujhe pagal hi kardiya hai..ahhhhhhhh….
Aur mainr unki panty niche karke, use chusne laga…ahhhhhh….kya swad tha…kya swad tha…unki chut..ka…
Shobha Mam: ahhh…harsh..chuso….beta…aur chuso..bohot achha lag raha hai…ahhhhhh…itna majja pehle kabhi nahi aya tha…ahhhhhhhhhh…..chuso..aur jor se….ahhhhhh…kha jao meri chut ko..ahhhhh.

Kareeb 15 se 20 min tak main unki chut ko chusta raha…ahhhhh…aur woh jhad gayi, maine unka sara ras piliya.

Shobha Mam: you are so great harsh,,, ahhh…ab chod do muze…jaldi se…harsh…daldo tumhara lund tumhari teacher ki chut me.
Mai: ok..my sweet mam….ummmaaaaaaaaaaa….muaaaahhhh….
Aur maine apna lund unki chut k upar rakh kar ragadane laga….ahhhhh…..
Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh…kitna tadapaoge dal do na ander..a.hhhhh…apni teacher ki baat nahi manoge kya..aaahhh…
Mai: hhaaaaaa….mam…jarur manunga..ahhhhhh…Aur maine unko wahi sofe pe adha litake unke dono pair apne khande par rakh ek jor ka dhakka mara..mera adha lund mam ki chut me ghus gaya…mam ki chikh nikal gayi..

Shobha Mam: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..harsh..dhire karo na….dard ho raha hai…bohot dino baad chud rahi hun…ahhhh…..dhire dhire chodo…ahhhhh..

Fir main unhe dhire dhire chodane laga…aur apni speed badatha chala gaya..

Mai: ahhhh..mam aapki chut kitni naram or garam..hai..ahhhhh..kitna majja aaraha hai aapko chodane me….ah..ahhhhhhhh….kash main pehle se….hi aapki chudai..kar pata…ahhhhhhhhhh………

Shobha Mam: ah….ahhhhhhhh..chodo mujhe or jor se chodo…..aahhh….haa harsh…agar main tumhe pehle hi pehchan pati..to ab tak kitna majja kiya hota humane..ahhhhhhhhh….

Ab main unke boobs dabate dabate unhe chod raha tha full speed me…ahhhhh…….aaaaahhhhh…..unke room me sirf chudayi ki hi aawaje aa rahi thi…kuch 20 se 25min baad..mam ne kaha…

Shobha Mam: aaaaahhhh….harsh I m cumming dear….dont stop..ahhh…..fuck me harder baby…ahhh..harder…ahhhhhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

Aur woh thoda shant hoke leti rahi..lekin mera abhi tak baki tha…

Mai: ohh..harsh…kitana stamina hai..tumame….ahhh…lao main isse thoda chus deti hun…

Aur fir mam ne mera lund..apne muh me leke chusane lagi….ahhh…kitana achha chus rahi thi….pura lund ander leti bahar nikalti thi…aaaa

Mai: ahhh….mam….u r so good in that….aahhhhhhhhh….chuso…aur jor se..aaaahhhhhhhhhh…..

Fir thodi der bad maine unhe uthaya or ghodi banana ko kaha unhe pata chal gaya main unki gand marna chahta hu..

Shobha Mam: ahh…harsh…..tumhe meri gand marni hai…dear..
Mai: ahhh..mam iske bina to sub kuch adhura hai…aur aap janti ho aap ki gand mujhe kitani pyari lagati hai..
Shobha Mam: ahhhaaa..beta…lekin uske pehle Vaseline laga lena kyunki maine kabhi marwayi nahi hai…aur tumhe na v nahi keh sakti..itane pyare ho tum..

Fir maine Vaseline liya or unki gand k ched ko lagaya or thoda mere lund pe lagaya….aur unhe ghodi banake pichese aapana lund unke gand pe set kar diya…

Shobha Mam: beta dhire dhire karna ….bohot dard hota hai,, isme….
Mai: don’t worry mam main hun na…bohot pyar se aapki gand marunga…
Aur main.dhire dhire mam ki gand me apna lund ghusane laga….pehle pehle mam chillayi bad me unhe v majja aane laga….
Mai: ahhhhh…mam such me aapki kitani kadak hai…chodane me bahut majja aaraha hai..ahhhhhhhhhh……
Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh….muze v majja..aa raha hai…chodo meri gand…ko….aaaaaaaaahhhh……
Aur main jor jor se unki gand marne laga…aaaaaaahhhhh….fir karib 15 min bad main zadane ko aane laga..
Mai: aahhhh…mam mera nikalne wala hai..kaha nikalu…aaaaaahhhhh..
Shobha Mam: ander hi daldo……dear
Mai: aaaaaaahhhhhh…
Aur mera pura maal mam ki gand me chala gaya…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…fir hum log ekdusare pe nange hi soye huye the..fir thodi der bad uthkar humane fir ek bar chudayiki…..
Shobha Mam: ahh..harsh..such me bahut achha lag raha hai…ab jab v mujhe tumhari jarurat hogi..main tumhe call karungi…aaoge na…
Mai: haan mam jarur aaounga aapki baat to manani hi padegi na…
Aur main usdin waha se nikal gaya..ab jab v unhe mauka milta hai, woh mujhe phone kar k bula leti hai, or hum dono bahut enjoy karte hai.

Ye sacchi kahani hain mere aur mere randi maam ki. Kaisa laga comments karna