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Running Man; (1)



genre - angst—fluff

cast - Kim Taehyung (V) X Reader

Kim Taehyung’s group was called out for Korea’s most favorite variety show, Running Man. Kim Taehyung thought that his group was the only one as the guests, then you appeared.

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Taehyung thought it was ridiculous to go film a variety show- where they’ll be screaming, laughing, grinning, joking, teasing, bickering- with him looking so miserable. Large eye-bags and dark purples under his eyes because lack of enough amount of sleep, his body thinner than anything because lack of enough amount of eating; how is that not miserable?

“Taehyung-ah, you’ll be fine filming, right?” Namjoon, the leader, asked worriedly. Taehyung sighed and nodded slightly, giving a small, weak smile. Taehyung pressed the home button of his iPhone 6s, immediately it lit up a picture of a beautiful woman, smiling broadly, eyes twinkling as she made a peace sign for the camera - you. He smiled sadly, his heart aching so badly. 

He groaned softly, blinking away his tears. He felt that it was pretty useless to cry over you; not because he’s hating on you or something, but because every damn time he’s crying because of you, he’d remember your pain - which was ten times but painful than he is feeling. From being left alone at midnights, being left alone receiving the hates, being left alone, crying, you were ten times for hurt. 

“She covered a new song,” Taehyung’s deep voice filled the awkward van, smiling slightly. See? This is why. Taehyung remembered what he said before he left you with a cold-tone of voice; “I need a better person, you’re not enough.” but here, he still cares - because he still loves you, he was selfish. “Let’s listen to it, then.” the manager suggested. 

“Okay,” Taehyung replied quietly, connecting the music from the phone to the vehicle. A few seconds later, the van boomed with the song you covered - which was Kang Gary’s Get Some Air, and goddamn your voice when you’re singing was flawless and beautiful; your voice when you’re rapping was strong and calm. 

After exactly four minutes, the song ended and the van stopped in front of a building - with six boys, a woman outside. “Y/n was flawless, but we’re here,” the driver mumbled, but everyone could hear him. “Thank you!” Namjoon and the other members exclaimed, walking out of the van as Taehyung heard the Running Man members cheering and whistling.

 “Thank you,” Taehyung murmured, being the last to walk out from the van, before the van drove away. “Yah! V!” Yoo Jaesuk exclaimed, clapping his hands. Taehyung plastered a fake, yet realistic rectangular smile, bowing to the Running Man members. After a few minutes greeting here, greeting there, the BTS group introduced themselves. “2, 3 Bang-Tan! Anneyeonghaseyo-”

After they introduced themselves, the staffs and members clapped their hands, still cheering for them. “Wah, they look so handsome!” “Kim Seokjin should be in a team with Ji Sukjin!” everyone laughed at Haha’s joke. “Jungkook and Jongkook - today’s gonna be hard.” Gary joked, and again, everyone laughed. The PD cleared his throat, “okay, please hush down-”

“Yahhh!” Running Man members yelled, “Bangtan Sonyeondan’s here! What’s with the rush?!” Jaesuk yelled. The bangtan members laughed; but Taehyung faked his laugh. The PD was flustered, but continued talking, “There will be another guest; the guest’s a woman.” Everyone except Jihyo (c’mon, make sense) and Taehyung, blushed at the word woman. 

“Idol, idol?” Kwang soo asked. “Yes, an idol.” The PD replied, chuckling slightly at everyone’s reaction. The running man members, and half of the Bangtan members continued asking the PD questions about the guest; but the PD didn’t replied. A few minutes later, a black Jaguar XF, stopped in front of the building again. “OH OH, IS THAT HER?!”

Everyone’s attention - including Taehyung’s - was on the guest’s car. Taehyung squinted his eyes, that car looked so familiar, isn’t that yours? But, the guest didn’t walk out. Instead, she drove inside the carpark and parked her car there; which made the Running Man members laugh. “Did she- She park her car?!” Jae Suk laughed.

The BTS members though - didn’t laugh, because they thought it was slightly- familar- who would do that if it isn’t you? You never liked leaving your car just like that; you liked to park your car - it was a habit of yours. Taehyung bit his lip, what if it was you? Finally; the truth will be revealed. The guest walked out of the car with a big grin as the Running Man members cheered. “It’s Y/N!”

Taehyung and the other bts members froze. Still, except Taehyung, the BTS members forced themselves to clap, trying not to be suspicious. Taehyung examined you; you were perfectly fine. Still beautiful, no signs of tiredness or pain, and you were broadly - that is until- you and Taehyung’s eyes met. Your eyes widened as your smile slowly faded. 

You didn’t know BTS would be here. You looked at the PD with panicked eyes, but, you quickly walked to them, the Running Man members and greeted like what the normal guests would do. “Wah, it’s Y/n the Goddess!” Sukjin exclaimed, clapping his hands. Jihyo pulled you into a hug as you hugged her back, arms trembling because you saw Taehyung staring at you. 

You broke the hug and stood between Jihyo and Jin.  “Anneyeonghaseyo, I’m Kwon Y/N,” you bowed, receiving the claps. Gary smiled shyly, “Y/n, I really liked your cover of Get Some Air.” you laughed slightly before thanking him, bowing to him. “Wait, since both BTS and Y/N is here, I need to ask you guys somethin’, is that fine to you guys?” you all nodded. 

“Last month, there was a rumor-” oh no, you thought. You pressed your lips together as you glanced at Taehyung, who glanced at you too. Both of you looked away. “-about Y/N and V-ssi, is that true you guys are together?” the Running Man members ‘oooh’-ed. “Umm,” Taehyung started, not knowing if he should tell the truth or not. “No, it isn’t true.” you said. 

Taehyung snapped his direction to you; trying not to be hurt or anything, but when you looked into his eyes, you could see the pain in his eyes. “You guys aren’t? Really?” Jihyo exclaimed, sounding a bit- disappointed. You smiled slightly at her, shaking your head, “We’re not. We never even dated - or never even hung out alone.” 

Taehyung’s heart ached thrice as he looked down at his shoes, performing a fake smile as he nodded forcefully. “But I would love to, y’know,” Taehyung stated, looking up at Jaesuk - making them laugh. “But I heard a lot of the fans were cheering for you guys!” Haha exclaimed. You snickered slightly, looking down. 

‘Get the fuck out, Y/N!’ ‘You’re already in SM Entertainment, why do you want more fame?’ ‘Taehyung-ah don’t date an ugly duckling i’m begging you to date at least Irene ㅠㅠ’ ‘Y/N-ssi your boobs are small for Taehyung to suck on ㅋㅋㅋ[wait, sorry wtf?]

Today’s gonna be hard, you thought as you sighed slightly. 


mtv the show prerecording - 150120

two recordings of “déjà-boo” finished for mtv the show. first: jonghyun did with one rehearsal and one take. second: he needed three takes because they used glitter!

jonghyun was posing ready to start and fans were yelling: “fighting~!” jonghyun couldn’t talk because he was on standby so he was nod, nod, nodding.

fans were squealing: “wah, so good looking, so good looking! wah, wah, so handsome!” and jonghyun suddenly got embarrassed and grinned all flustered.

for this week jonghyun will wear the yellow jacket and, for next week, the purple one. (in performances of “déjà-boo”.)

he was in a really good mood.

when he was waiting for the first rehearsal people were screaming “cool” and “handsome” and someone screamed “cute” and he laughed. ㅋㅋ (s/n: he prerecorded a handful of performances for both this and next week’s episodes of “mtv the show”.) (source: lilfreakmin0923 / _misnaa)