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Shut Up, Let’s Cuddle// Kwon Soonyoung

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Pairing: Hoshi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: School had taken over, but Soonyoung wouldn’t let it.

Author’s Note: This is such a cute prompt, and a prompt that I can relate to :’( I hope everyone is doing well in school and has done well on their finals/ will do fine on their mid year exams or finals! Enjoy the read!

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You laid on the floor of your living space, textbooks littering the floors while the review sheets you were writing up laid sprawled out across the coffee table. You had attempted to highlight something with your pink highlighter, indicating that it was a definition you would need to remember, but the highlighter had seemed to run out.

You sighed, getting up from the position you had been sitting in for what seemed like hours. You walked to the kitchen, which was littered with sticky notes with the names of the Garbage, the fridge, and the counters in different languages, so you could study for your language test in some way.

You had mid year exams soon, and the best way to learn for you was to continuously go at it each and every day. But, it had been the only thing you had been doing for the past three days. You felt as if you had memorized your history book, memorized almost all of your math formulas, you can feel the highlighters in your hand even though they weren’t there.

You looked like hell; your glasses were on and crooked due to the fact that the leg was tucked behind your ear and got caught up in the messy rats nest of hair you had thrown up into a ponytail. You had sat in the same sweater for a day, but you made sure to change your sweatpants– into a different pair of sweatpants. You had worn your bunny slippers with your fuzzy socks as well, wanting your feet to stay warm in the cold winter months.

You heard a knock come at the door, something that startled you as your whole apartment had been almost completely silent for three days straight. You walked over to the door and opened it without looking, to be shocked by the face of your loving boyfriend.

“Jagiya,” he smiled, leaning over to press a kiss to your forehead, one which you leaned away from, covering your face.

“Wah, Soonyoung,” you groaned into your hands, your voice coming out slightly muffled, “I look terrible. Why are you here?”

“You’re not happy to see me?” He pouted gently, or what you could see was a pout once you peeked through your fingers. You sighed softly at him.

“Of course i’m happy to see you,” you mumbled, uncovering your face slowly, “But I look like a mess.”

“Stop that,” he scolded you sweetly, stepping over to you and pressing the kiss he had tried to give you before onto your forehead, “You look fine. But you know what you have been doing?”

“Studying,” you mumbled, stepping into him slightly and taking in the comforting scent he always seemed to have, making you sigh, “That’s all I’ve been doing for the past three days.”

“I know,” Soonyoung wrapped his arms around your frame softly, “And you’ve been working yourself to the bone. What was the last thing you ate?”

“I think it was a bag of chips,” you mumbled into his chest.

“(Y/N),” He groaned gently, “You’re gonna wither away. Go sit on the couch and i’m going to make you something good to eat, okay?”

“But I H-”

“No,” Soonyoung said sternly, “No more studying for today. You need to take a break and rest baby.”

You sighed gently, patting his chest gently while you nodded, “I guess you’re right.”

“I am,” he mumbled, “Now go.”

You left his arms and made your way to your couch, taking the highlighters and pencils off of them and placing them on the table. You picked up your textbooks and placed them on the table as well, making sure everything was in a neat pile.

“Jagiya,” Soonyoung called out from your kitchen, “Why are there sticky notes everywhere?”

“Studying techniques.”

You sat on the couch, curling into the cushions as you waited for Soonyoung to come to join you. After what seemed like forever, he had made his way into your living room with a bowl of what seemed to be noodles.

“I know it may not be the healthiest,” Soonyoung said, placing the bowl in your lap, “But it’s better than just a bag of chips.”

“Thank you,” you smiled softly, nibbling on some of the pasta slowly. You savored every bite, each one tasting better than the last as you sighed in satisfaction. It’s true, when you study very hard, you don’t take care of yourself. You live off of all of the easy and attainable junk that you have in your cabinets, along with a bottle of water usually. This was the first meal type of food that you’ve had in days.

You but the bowl down and sighed, “That was really good.”

“Good,” Soonyoung smiled, taking the bowl from the table and kissing your temple, “Now get comfy. We’re going to watch Christmas movies.”

Soonyoung took the bowl back into the kitchen and quickly grabbed a blanket from your room, dragging the large blanket into the living room and throwing it on top of you, making you giggle.

“No Soonyoung,” you giggled, “I have to go ba-”

“Ah, shut up,” Soonyoung said playfully, lifting up the blanket and laying himself on top of you, making both of you giggle as he kissed your gentle, “Let’s cuddle. You can go back to studying tomorrow, okay?”

You sighed softly, wrapping your arms around him as you let yourself absorb his warmth. He wrapped his arms around you as well, shifting so you were on top of him, the blanket pressed against your back as his hand roamed through your hair, “Just relax, baby. Okay?”

You nodded softly, laying your head in his neck as you sighed contently, “Okay.”

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“Finally! We finally get to see what Kyungsoo hyung has been doing without us by his side.” Jongdae joked deviously, earning himself a high five from his partner in crime, Baekhyun. “Shh! It’s starting!”

“It’s just the credits, Tao,” Yixing laughed, relaxing on the sofa.

“Aish, can you all keep quiet?” Chanyeol sighed, wanting to actually get into the movie.

Kyungsoo tugged his arm around you closer, leaning in to whisper, “Now you know why we should’ve watched this alone?”

You smiled and looked at him, noticing that you were the person in the middle of the very large sofa. It was a L-shape sofa, in which you had the space in the middle with Kyungsoo by your side. “It’s alright…”

Minseok, Tao, Yixing and Chanyeol took the space on the left whilst Luhan, Yifan and Jongin took the space on the right. Sehun, Junmyeon, Jongdae and Baekhyun took the spot by the table of snacks, on the floor with pillows surrounding them.

“Alright everyone, hush!” Junmyeon said, dimming the lights down with the controller before getting comfortable.

You got comfortable, too, in Kyungsoo’s arms as well as having wide eyes and high expectations from this. He’s your boyfriend and he never fails to amaze you – with everything he does.

However, midway during the movie, everyone grew silent at the Kyungsoo on the screen, heavily breathing as he fell to his knees, his voice cracking as he breathed out a painful, “N-No… You… You can’t leave me like this…”

The female lead stood steps away, her heart heavy as well as she remained away from him. You gripped onto Kyungsoo’s hand tight, and he smiled, dipping down to whisper, “Loving the movie?”

You hushed him and nudged him away, getting fully into the movie.

But, as the scene progressed, you knew there was about to be a kissing scene – it would seal the deal!

Him, on the other hand, had tried to distract you. His arms grew tighter and he started to kiss your neck discretely. You moved your neck, giving him access but as well as paying full attention to the movie. When he reached up to kiss your cheek, and seemingly wanted to tilt your head to kiss you on the lips, it had reached to the kissing scene.

He frowned against your skin when you didn’t pay attention to him because you were too immersed into the movie.

When the kissing scene appeared, a few of the boys cooed out of the heck of it yet some felt it was such an intense scene. You sat there with wide eyes, smiling with a grin as you breathed out a soft, “Wah…”

Kyungsoo peeked at your face, noticing you weren’t disapproving of this at all, “Y-You’re fine with that kissing scene?”

You smirked and looked over your shoulder, meeting with his nervous gaze, “That’s why you were kissing me all over, weren’t you?”

He swallowed and shrugged, “I don’t know what you’re talking a-about.”

You snickered and patted his shoulder, “Suit yourself – but that was one heck of a kiss, if you asked me.”

He leaned closer and pressed his chin against the side of your head, “So you’re not mad?”

“At who?” You smiled, still paying attention to the movie. “Well… that I had to kiss another girl – with that much passion?”

“If I didn’t want to see that,” You turned to look at him, “I wouldn’t be here, you idiot.”

He kissed your nose before making you face the screen again, “Oh sweetheart, I love you.”

So Akashi is characterizing himself this way and I don’t know why and I can’t stop him??? I’m sorry if he seems odd to anyone. 

Title: Love At First Hold Up (Part 2) 

Part: 1/2/3/4/?

Synopsis: Outlaws eat chili, and important things are discussed. Meanwhile, Kagami and Kuroko can’t leave until they have a word with the Mayor.

AU: Western AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata (kind of pre); future Kagami/Kuroko

Word Count: 2,900+

Can be read under the cut.

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