wah wah reality

Hey Target.com, you show me a dorm room large enough for two people to use a Kinect in, and I’ll show you a liar. (That liar will be you!!!)

A few months ago, I spent an evening playing Dance Central with my girlfriend. She successfully learned the actual “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” dance by playing on Expert, and I learned some basic dance moves and accidentally hit my hand on an end table. This was after we moved our couch and our coffee table, and we still had to stand 7 feet back from our TV to get our full bodies in the view of the Kinect.

But can you imagine someone buying into this ad? A couple of college kids buying a Kinect, and then hooking everything up and being told that they need to back up a few more feet? They’d move around desks, futons, twin long beds, Fight Club posters, and finally an entertainment center, only to discover that they can both play Dance Central after all, but only if they restrain any arm movements like they’re mimes stuck inside invisible refrigerator boxes. Smacking their arms on bunk beds, knocking over bongs. What a nightmare.

But you’ve got to admit, that’s clever ad copy.