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Our Child: Oak X Pregnant!Reader

Warning: a natural ‘condition/disorder/disability’ that prevents pregnancy repeatedly mentioned but never actually named and by some unexplainable miracle the reader does get pregnant even though she had never thought it was a possibility for her

Also, I don’t have much to go off of for accuracy…on literally anything…like I’ve not been around someone who is pregnant since my mom with my baby sister who is now 13 so… I’ve read a few books here and there where a character is pregnant but I don’t think that that qualifies me in the least to say I have any idea what I am talking about.

requested by anon-fluffy oak x pregnant reader where she’s like hugely pregnant and feels achy and gross?? Bonus points for baby belly kisses because I’m ready to die

I strayed a wee bit from the prompt but I hope this is okay!

Word Count: about 2,600

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anonymous asked:

Hey! You're account is really great! Can you do RFA + Saeran finding out MC loves to sing and does so often but sings kind of bad and knows it

So late. If it’s any consolation I’m tone death. Thanks for the request Anon! 


Your singing along to the radio while making lunch when Yoosung and Saeyoung walk in.

It was the first time he had heard you singing so clearly and…it was not good

Seven cracks a smile and holds his hands together, “You have the voice of an angel!”

You roll your eyes. “Psh, I know right? I should have my own concert.”

Yoosung watches the transaction with a smile.

“Well there is a musical audition in town. Why don’t you audition?” Seven snickered.

“Sounds perfect,” you reply.

To Yoosung you seemed pretty serious and he started to worry.

He was torn between wanting to be supportive and wanting to protect you from humiliation.

He kept thinking about it for days and listening for improvement until he finally sat you down.

“We need to talk…”

You sigh, “If this is about LOLOL and how I separated from the fight to steal loot, I said I was sorry. I even offered you guys some.”

“You offered 10% after we all died—“ he interrupted himself. “No, it’s not about that.”

“You’re lucky I offered ten…” you mutter.

Not the point,” he insisted. “I want to talk about your singing.”

“My singing?” You were very confused now.

He took a deep breath. “It’s bad. You…can’t sing.”

You smirked. “That’s it? I know—“

“Your pitch is off and you can’t hit high notes.”

“True but…”

“When you were watering the plants and singing the neighborhood dogs started howling.”

“Ok, hurtful.”

“I mean we could get you lessons but it will take a lot of work.” He held your hands. “I want to support you.”



“I know I’m bad at singing. I don’t care to get anybetter.”

“Oh…” So he had over worried again.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean—well I did but, it came out mean right? Oh man I really am an idiot!”

You held his face in your hands. “It’s ok. I’m glad you were honest with me.”

His violet eyes perked up. “Really?”

“Of course.” You smiled and then cast your eyes to the side. “That last comment really hurt though…”

“I’m so sorry! I’ll do anything to make it up to you?”

“Anything?” You gave a mischievous smirk and got closer to him.

Yoosung pouted fiercely.

This was not what he had in mind…

“Yoosung! Distract the guards while I get the treasure!”

“I feel so used,” he responded.

“Oh come on, if you do a good job we can have some real fun afterwards.” You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

He sighed and continued on with a promise of his reward.


You almost didn’t make it through but you had held strong.

When the “Promiscuous Jalapeno Topping” the musical had ended you were finally able to breathe without bursting into laughter.

Zen looked at you expectantly.

“You have such a great singing voice Zen,” it was the only really positive thing you could say.

It was true though, the man had a great set of pipes.

and a great set of abs…

He smiled brightly. “I practiced every day for that role and I pulled it off,” he stated proudly.

“Your hard work really shows.” You ate some more popcorn.

“Hey! What about you?”


“I want to hear your singing voice!” He changed positions to face you on the couch.

“Um, I don’t think so. It doesn’t compare to yours at all.” Maybe flattery would get you out of this.

“I’m a professional. I just want to hear your beautiful voice, please?”

Aw man, his pleading face was too much. Too cute… Overpowering will to defy…


His eyes lit up as he waited.

You started to sing a favorite song of yours and you could slowly see his facial expression fall.

You stopped and covered your face. “See that’s why I didn’t want to! I’m not good ok?”

“No babe! Its ok, I think it sounds beautiful, because it’s the voice of the person I love some much.”

Smooth my man.

You moved your hands to look him in the eye. “Really?”

He nodded. “Like the sweet melody of a graceful whale.”

“A whale?!”

“Wait no I meant—“

You threw a pillow at him. “I can’t believe you called me a whale!”

You stomped into the bedroom and locked the door.

He knocked on the door. “Sweetie wait, whales can be sexy!”

“Please stop talking!” you yelled.

Poor Zen


She had wanted to stay in for the night but no, everyone wanted to go out to Karaoke

The only reason Jaehee agreed was because there would be free food and alcohol

What she hadn’t expected was you getting drunk

“Alright, it’s MC’s turn to sing!” Yoosung declared.

“Hold my shrink!” You slurred and handed a glass to Jumin and made your way to the front.

When you grabbed the microphone and when you started to sing along with the song it was a mess

No one expected you to be so horrible of a singer but you put on a good show

Jaehee snatched away Seven’s phone as he tried to record you while cheering you on

When the song was finished you bowed and almost fell over if Zen hadn’t have caught you

The scene was so graceful she took a picture before collecting you from Zen’s arms

It was time to head home.

Jaehee excused the two of you and left the party

Getting you to the taxi was easy but getting you out and to your shared apartment was not.

Finally, you were both inside and she basically carried you to bed.

She took off your shoes and jacket and left you alone for a moment so she could change.

When she came back it looked like you were asleep and curled up in the blanket.

She laid down next to you and sighed.

“You really are an awful singer,” she stated moving some hair from your face.

“I know,” your voice startled Jaehee. “But it makes people laugh so why not?”

“You should be more careful,” she stated.

You moved closer and reached around her waist to hold her. “Thank you for taking care of me.” You kissed her neck.

Jaehee blushed. “Of course.”

“How about I repay you?” you spoke low moving down underneath the blanket.

“Wait you should probably sleep—“

She felt you kiss up her legs and waited in anticipation.

And waited. Than waited some more.

She lifted up the blanket to reveal you had fallen fast asleep on top of her.

Your head in her lap.

You sure caused a lot of trouble

Jaehee thought about whether to set an alarm clock or bang a pan to wake you up in the morning as revenge.


You were looking over some work files at the kitchen table with headphones in, singing to the tune.

Being tone death was a real punishment. Even when you think you sound good, you probably sound horrible.

Which is why you only sang in private where no one could here.

Let me be. Let me be. Go ahead and set me free.”

Two hands grabbed your shoulders and you jumped out of your chair and swung your fist.

A large hand caught it and surprised grey eyes stared back at you.

“Jumin,” you said in relief.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had headphones in and couldn’t hear me.”

You checked the time. “It’s so early. Is everything ok?”

“The day ended early due to some appointment cancellations so I came home.”

You nodded. “I was just doing some work. Elizabeth is in the bedroom sleeping.”

He returned your nod and sat down in the chair next to you.

You sat back down and put one head phone in, leaving the other ear available in case Jumin wanted to talk.

“You’re not going to keep singing?” he asked.

You look wide eyed at him. “You heard me?”


You groaned assuming he was teasing you. “Go ahead and make your jokes.”


“My singing. I’m horrible at it.”

Now his eyes widened. “That’s ridiculous. You sound lovely.”  


“I was listening to you for some time before I interrupted your work.” He kissed your hand. “Your voice is so calming for my nerves.”

You blushed. No one had ever complimented your singing before.

Nervously you continued to sing just for him and did so often.

It turns out he was tone death too.

The gang clapped as MC finished her song during karaoke.

“That was wonderful darling,” Jumin kissed you gently as you sat next to him.

“Did he hear the same thing we did?” Zen whispered.

“Well they say love is blind,” Yoosung shrugged.

“Does it make you deaf too?” Jaehee asked.


You were singing aloud while doing some laundry.

You weren’t very good but you couldn’t help but sing. The solution was to turn the music up louder than you.

Saeyoung walked by the doorway but did a double take to whistle and clap for you.

“Encore!” he yelled.

You smirked and threw the last of the clothes in the washer. “Very funny.”

“I am,” he responded leaning against the doorway.

“I’d like to see you do better.”

“I’ll have you know that I am a talented singer. In fact I’ll be the first hacker spy rock star in space.”

“Oh really? Prove it,” you challenged. “Sing for me.”

“Alright, prepared to be serenaded my lady.”  

He didn’t even need music as he started to sing a slow song and you had to admit it.

His voice was heavenly.

You let him sing the entire song and when he finished he was even cockier.


“It’s not really rock star material per say,” you avoided the question.

He pinched your cheeks lightly. “Don’t be a Grumpy Garry.”

“I’m not a Grrrumpy Garrry,” you responded as he still pinched your cheeks.

He chuckled and released them.

“Where did you learn to sing like that?”

“Your super-hot boyfriend had to learn a lot of different skills for his work. I cross dressed as a famous foreign super star one time.”

“Wow,” you said in amazement. “And they had no idea?”

“Not until they tried to kidnap me and I kicked ass, wah!” He posed in a ridiculous kung-fu style.

You giggled. “Still, I wish I had your skills.”

“You don’t need them. Just keep singing how you like. I enjoy it better your way.”

You blushed. “Real smooth popstar.”

He smiled and planted a kiss on your lips.

“So did you wear something scandoulous or classy?”

“Psh, no amount of clothing can contain all this sex appeal but I’m one classy bitch.”

“Haha, you do have nice legs.”


He had been invited to spend lunch with his brother’s friends but the conversation had turned to a strange topic.

“If the girl you liked was a horrible singer how would you tell her?” Yoosung asked.

“I would tell her that even if others didn’t appreciate her beautiful voice I would treasure it more than any pirate,” Zen sighed dramatically. 

“Why would you need to tell her? Surely someone already mentioned her horrible singing to her,” Jumin responded.

“Video tape it for my enjoyment and save it for a good laugh,” Seven said confidently.

“You’re all horrible!” Yoosung cried.

Saeran sipped his drink and stayed quiet.

“What about you Saeran?” Yoosung asked.

“What about me?”

“Is MC a good singer?” Zen asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded. He had heard MC hum a few times but wasn’t sure about the quality.

“So if MC was a horrible singer what would you say?” Saeyoung pushed.

“That she was a horrible at it and should refrain from singing in public as to not embarrass herself.”

“That’s horrible too!” Yoosung cried.

“You’ll break her heart! And if you hurt her feelings I’ll hurt you,” Zen boasted getting heated.

“I thought it was fine,” Jumin commented confused.

Saeyoung put his arm around his brother. “Look bro, you gotta be smooth. Don’t end up alone like Jumin.”

“Excuse me, I’m right here,” Jumin glared. “Also, I’m not alone. I have Elizabeth.”

“So I should lie?” Saeran retorted.

“Just be nice about it at least. I would be supportive and just let her know with kindness,” Yoosung piped in.

Saeran didn’t really get it. He thought about it the entire way home too.

As long as he never heard you sing it wouldn’t be an issue.

He walked in the door to be greeted by you.

“You’re home! I need your help,” you tell him.

“I have to analyze this song for one of my classes.”

What. He thought.

“Listen to this part and tell me what you think it’s about.”

You hand him your phone and ear phones. He tries to listen but some of the words are unclear.

“The words are hard to hear,” he says.

“It goes like this.” You start to sing out the part and he realizes his worst dilemma coming true as he finds you are not the best singer.

“Well?” you finish.

He panics and says the first thing that comes to mind.

“I’ll treasure your voice more than any pirate.”

“Wait, what?”

He can feel his face get warm. Out of the entire conversation why had Zen’s words stuck with him?

“I mean, your great at singing…”

“Are you teasing me? I’m horrible at singing,” you snicker.

“Wait you know?”

“Yup, realized it when my mom signed me up for choir. I mouthed the every song because I sounded so bad.”

Of course she knew. He hated this.


“Did the guys tell you something weird?”

Hit the nail on the head.

He nodded.

You sigh. “Look, just be honest with me. Your words can be harsh sometimes but I know you mean well. Just be you and I’ll be happy.”

He was really relieved to hear that. He was happy yet pained at the thought of being so accepted still.

“Now help me with this song,” you smiled.

“Ok,” he smiled and kissed your forehead.

“How am I supposed to work when you act so cute?” you exclaim and kiss him back.

Woozi Fic 28

i dont know it feels like it took me so long to post it XD upon request this fic goes out to hachiro-hana THANK YOU AND YOURE AWESOME XD so this is a little different from my typical fluff pieces in that theres more…conflict, i guess. you’ll see XD yeah new for me so i hope you guys like it!!

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick,” Woozi says. He kisses your head and slides out of the booth. “Be right back.”

“Okay,” you smile at him. You watch his cute back as he strolls away.

“Should I get soup or rice?” Hoshi asks, glaring down his menu.

You look across the table and nod your head up. “It’s hot outside. Rice would be better.”

He scrunches his face and tilts his head. “But soup sounds good for some reason. Like I’m craving soup.”

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Track 1: "Before The World Ends"

Just the script of the first track in the new Digimon Adventure BD boxset drama CD. No, I will not share audio. The translation for track two will be posted in the future on my main website.

NARRATION: “Before The World Ends.”

NARRATION: Back when the Digital World was still called ‘the Digimon World,’ there was a single boat crossing a river.

TAILMON: Wizarmon, there’s a rock up ahead. Be careful.
WIZARMON: Understood, Tailmon.
TAILMON: Rain, huh?
WIZARMON: This looks like it will be a storm. We should find land.

WIZARMON: There’s a cave over there.
TAILMON: Yeah. There’s also a tree here that’s perfect for tying our boat to.
[WIZARMON throws rope around the tree]
WIZARMON: I’ll go first. [jumps] It’s safe. Come jump down.
WIZARMON: Tailmon! Grab onto me!
WIZARMON: I’m pulling you up!
TAILMON: I’m sorry. Thank you for your help.
WIZARMON: I’m glad to be of service. But I did not expect someone like yourself to slip…
[The boat starts pulling away]
WIZARMON: Tailmon! This way!
WIZARMON: The river!
TAILMON: It’s being sucked up into the sky! It’s not even a tornado…
WIZARMON: That was a close one. If we had delayed a second later, we would have also been pulled into the sky.
TAILMON: What is happening to this world?

NARRATION: Tailmon and Wizarmon. The two of them were ordered by Vamdemon to journey in search of the Crests. However, as they watched the world fall apart around them one after the other, all they could feel was a vague worry.

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things non-poor ppl need to know

so, full disclaimer: i am a white poor person (in several different “”oppression”” demographics but they’re not all directly relevant tbh) living in Texas so i’m sure a lot of these issues are different for PoC poor people/poor peeps from other places. tagging @shezep @tiffanarchy @geekandmisandry @socialjusticesummoner @satsekhem @imperial-western-empire @enderman @qupanuaq @art-and-anarchism @class-struggle-anarchism @class-struggle-pepe @fuckyeahanarchy @fishingboatproceeds (because why tf not. also quit being transphobic even casually u dumbass) @staff (get rid of the fuckin Neo-Nazi and pedophile blogs) @dailyanarchist 

because i think yall might find my bitching interesting. if not, feel free to ignore :P if you DO like it, pls tag ppl who you think need to read this!!! i want this shit to go viral lmao

before i even start, YES, i am aware that “not all rich peopl!!!” wah wah wah. honestly. i hang out with kids in country clubs. some of my favorite people on this planet (@the-word-builder and @damnit-scully tbh) live on THREE DIFFERENT CONTINENTS and think nothing of sending me gifts out of nowhere that i’m slightly embarrassed about accepting. i’m *aware* that having money =/= being a bad person. i’m not making this post to talk shit. i’m making it to educate. 

however, i WILL be getting snippy. it’s more important to me that i get my point across than it is that i don’t hurt ur feelings. if you want a civil discussion, be civil in ur reblog. i’ll be as nice as u are. deal? deal. 

got it? alright. listen up:

  • Poor ppl work harder than u just to survive. “Hard work” has never and will never solve poverty. 
  • now read that again. read it again and again until you believe me. look, hard work CAN help you get out of poverty, but it isn’t a guarantee. some people are poor because they are lazy, sure, but that is almost fucking never the ONLY Reason. believe me, i know a LOT of poor people, and every single one of them works their ass off in some way or another. don’t tell poor people to “get a job” you naive condescending fuck
  • We also have to have fuck tons of ingenuity just to get shit that u take for granted. We make coffee by putting our old-ass coffee grounds holder in a pot of boiling water until the water becomes coffee. I have spent hours collecting my high school’s spare scratch paper and binders so i could print out pdfs of feminist/anarchist/queer theory reading material, because there is no way in hell i will be able to convince any Bible Belt libraries to order that shit for me. A lack of “intelligence and talent” is not why we are poor. 
  • do NOT condescend to us. Poor =/= uneducated or stupid. Both of my parents went to college (Dad got an associates, mom got a Bachelor’s), but my Dad still spent his whole life in the military or in labor jobs, and my mom has still been in fast food or unemployment for nearly a decade. You don’t know what we know or what we’ve learned. Be quiet. 
  • speaking of which, y’all should know that the military preys on us because we are desperate for options and respect. i shit you not, we have multiple military guys (it’s always guys and they always focus on PoC males. i fucking promise u they are RARELY talking to a white kid MUCH LESS white girls. #privilege is real other white ppl stfu) come and try to convince us that the fucking military is a good plan for our future. and yeah, i spent a year at a richer high high school. the army guys came once. at my poorer school i’m currently at, they come several times a year. my library and office has pamphlets trying to convince CHILDREN to join up, all year. take into account the whole “ppl in the military r HEROES killin the MUSLIM TERRORISTS!!!!11!!!one!!!!” bullshit the Republicans shove down everyone’s throat day in and day out? I am almost definitely going to lose one of the kids i grew up with to the fucking war machine. the same war machine that, my dad has informed me, literally breaks human beings down to the point that they consider the person on the other end of the scope to be a “target” instead of a human being. do not fucking test me about this. the military preys on poor ppl and anyone with 1 ounce of common sense could tell u as much.
  • poor ppl have to break the law on a daily to survive (Not an exaggeration. Not hyperbole. Not anything but the literal truth) even if we aren’t drug dealers or thieves or any of the other stereotypical “criminals”. This is because there are a Fuckton of laws and most of them are stupid and unnecessary and discriminate against us because we don’t have the resources to drive all around town paying for insurance and licenses and other bureaucratic bullshit.
  • speaking of, the Law is a daily pain in all of our asses, and snitching on someone is the equivalent of announcing “I would rather ruin your life than deal with you myself”. In other words, going to the police for any reason other than your LIFE being in danger is a bad move (even if you ignore the fact that the police will probably fuck up your life, too, if you go to them for help), and even then you’re gonna get a rep for being a piece of shit coward. 
  • We survive off of the generosity of others -yes, charities (and taxpayers if we’re pretending that shit is ‘generosity’ and not something y'all do begrudgingly), but tbh mostly other poor ppl who will let us use their running water when ours is off, knowing that we will share our food with them next time they run out of food stamps early- and we know that, and it is a constant source of insecurity. You don’t need to fucking rub it in.
  • and ^^ that mutual cooperation experience makes me preeeeetty damn skeptical @ the capitalist rhetoric of “we are all selfish assholes who will never help each other just because” like?? i’m alive and living with my actual *family* right now because of human beings’ spontaneous willingness to just fuckin help each other and be decent to near-strangers so……on ur left capitalists
  • Bugs, rats, vermin, parasites, and all manner of bullshit pests are a fact of life for us. We’ve accepted this, and don’t need to see your prissy disgusted faces when we talk about it.
  • It isn’t unusual for us to have blisters all over our feet (I have 6 at the moment not counting recent callouses) because we walk p much everywhere we go. (of course, if a poor person IS lucky enough to have a car they can drive????? they are STILL. POOR. LEAVE THEM ALONE)
  • Most of us have mental illnesses and/or addictions of some sort. That is usually because we grew up in dysfunctional homes were that shit was normal. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t responsible for our own bad decisions, but consider how much easier it would have been for us to stay on the straight and narrow if we had been born there. You know, the way YOU were.
  • Most of us don’t know very many people who AREN’T poor because this shit is generational and a cycle. Consequently we rarely have very much awareness of “the world outside” poverty other than thinking that y'all are stuck up and boring.
  • If we seem “rude” or “loud” to your sheltered asses, it’s because the culture of poverty generally stresses being entertaining and resilient rather than being polite, as middle and upper class cultures do. Google it.
  • it is COMPLETELY FUCKING LOGICAL for us to have electronic shit -sometimes even cable and internet!!- AND be hungry AT THE SAME TIME. here’s how: food is a constant, as in daily, expense. Electronics are a rare expense (and the services to make them more usable are also, to a lesser extent). Besides fear, hunger, depression, stress, and the capitalist social stigma against poverty, the worst thing about being poor is that you are ALWAYS. BORED. Of course we would rather spend a few days hungry and still have *something* to do than sell our phones and laptops secondhand, spend all the money on necessities in like 1 week, and then be in the exact same goddamn economic position…except now, no phone and no laptop. once again: we are not fucking stupid. 
  • Every single middle class person I have ever fucking met (no matter how nice and non-snobby they are) has been a thousand times more “entitled” than anyone on “government handouts” and if u aren’t poor and disagree with me because Bill O Reilly said otherwise pls fuck off
  • let me make something perfectly clear. poor people do not need or want your “attention” or “approval” or “sympathy”. we don’t give a shit if you think we “deserve” basic necessities. we don’t care if you think we are “entitled”. we feel sorrier for ourselves than u ever could, your opinions of us cannot help or hurt us. you know what can? your actions. to you it may be some kind of like? political or philosophical move to not support food stamps / welfare / any other “entitlement programs” (as i’ve heard them called before) but you know what it is to me and mine?? SURVIVAL. pride does not factor into it. at the end of the day we are biological lifeforms with instincts that will drive us to get our needs met no matter what we have to do. if you refuse to give us your fucking table scraps, we will start stealing. and selling meth. and joining gangs. this isn’t a threat, this is a FACT that i KNOW because that’s what my life is like. alright? if i can’t get charity to feed myself and my little brothers, i pull some Aladdin shit. and no, i don’t feel guilty about it.
  • if you make life more difficult for minimum wage workers to prove a point you’re a bad person. point blank. they HAVE to put up with u. u don’t even wanna hear the horror stories my parents have told me about working in retail/fast food, but no matter how much abuse u give someone in the service industry, their job requires them to take it and kiss your ass because their bosses don’t give two fucks about them, only the profit margin. no matter how “incompetent” you feel like the person SERVING YOU is, be fucking polite, or you’re a bully. end of 
  • finally: if i wanna talk about hating capitalism, i will. i have gone out of my way to educate myself on this, even if i haven’t gotten a “”college degree”” on it (yet). i have LIVED what Marx was talking about, despite being in one of THE RICHEST NATIONS ON THE PLANET. i have invited strangers into my home because i knew they could die if they slept outside in the cold, i have stolen for food, i have begged for food, i have carried tubs of wet laundry across town to get them dried at someone else’s house, i have paid my fucking dues. i will bitch about capitalism on the internet and i don’t care if you have a problem with me being 17 and criticizing the system, i don’t care if you are *yet another* douche who thinks that “it only works on paper” is some kind of original comment. s t f u
  • thank u for ur time
My Storybrooke UK Experience!

So this is my personal account of the Storybrooke UK con. I’m going to tell you all I can remember about the panels and lounges, as well as what I generally got up to! I’ll use subheadings to help organise things!

First off, thanks to the girls who made this weekend, like, 10x more amazing than it already was. Aimee @villains-happy-ending, Laurie @disastergirl, Mandy  @on-the-nightshift and Jenny @direboss ! Love you guys, you rock!

Under the cut cos this is nearly 4k…

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[140919 Con Report] Arashi Blast in Hawaii Day 1

I accidentally clicked out of my other post and I was about to submit but now I have to rewrite and live through the feeling again lol But anyway… so the night of the first con, I write a mini report about what happened and I said I would write a longer one when I get home and, I’m home!

So I went to the concert with 9 people (overall 11, but two were only Friday and two were only Saturday).  It was matsujunkie (Abby), mel-chan91 (Melissa), stormyjewels (Lily), stormychu (Eurie), JuJu (Abby’s friend ^^), Gena (Eurie’s friend), Meghan (Eurie’s friend), DesTi (my friend/STORMY or atrandum from LJ), and then myself.

I’m going to skip to when we arrived at the con because I’m sure you don’t want to hear about how great the musubi café we went to was… oh wait, I just did lol jk jk jk but it was really great… and for ALL the songs, I was screaming so much!

So we picked up my friend DesTi and she helped directed us to the venue, which is actually quite easy. While we were driving we saw all these signs for Arashi and we even noticed part of the stage and while they were getting excited I was getting teary-eyed listening to the songs through the radio and we had to turn it off because we didn’t want an accident lol We finally got to the parking lot and the attendant was super nice and friendly! We saw a lot of fans going towards the marina and these cut-out boards and we decided to go too! But at that point we noticed that everyone was Japanese and they had chairs with them and badges. Mel was talking to Abby and told us that we shouldn’t even bother because we need wrist-bands to be able to enter so we turned around and did a walk of shame. Literally we were the only people going the opposite direction!

We finally get to the line and noticed that we were only like the second layer and we were right next to the goods section. This was about 1pm now. While we stayed in line, we met someone from San Francisco and she was really a sweet and fun person to talk to! By the time we walked in we had exchanged LINE and added her to our group chat because she would go the next day. During that time a guy and a translator from NHK was going around. They stopped by us and actually interviewed our group we think because JuJu was not Asian haha We were able to say we were from, why we liked Arashi, and what was their “charm” and how they helped us become friends and then we said a small message to them! Hopefully we get to see it haha Also, Abby drew the Hawaiian Arashi logo on my arm like a tattoo, it was so cute

At about 4:30pm, they were finally letting us! The line moved somewhat swiftly and VERY ORDERLY. The only thing was it was right by the porta-potties so it stunk a lot by that area. But once we were by the tickets we were fine. We got our tickets AND OUR CHAIRS! And I was so happy I was like “I GOT A CHAIR!” and waved it kinda in victory. The group next to us laughed at my enthusiasm and agreed. Then we got Leis with Arashi’s colors! Luckily some of our friends were able to save us seats right in the middle of D-5. They stage was right in front of us and so we would have a great view! Oh throughout the concert, there was this couple behind us and I’m not even sure if she was a fan or what? But I know that she had an orange bracelet on? But every time DesTi and I reacted to a song, which was EVERY SONG and we screamed they looked at us weird. Like just from the small parts that started and we knew we were like AHHHHHHH!

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