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walter notices it, though never says a word.

every time alucard passes that painting on his rounds, he stops.  there’s a certain power beholden to it, and walter is never certain whether he feels true hatred, reverence, or envy.  perhaps all.

College!AU Hoseok
  • major: pre-veterinary 
  • minor: KSL/KSDSL (korean sign language minor: both ksl and ksdsl)
  • sports: swim team, also participates at rallies as a male cheerleader when they need him
  • clubs: big brother big sister (his little brother and sister are actually deaf and since he’s learning ksl he’s like a role model to them it’s super cute,,,)
  • hoseok has literally always been about helping others no matter what so his major was intended to be medical, like for humans, but after a while he decided he’d rather do pre-vet because he got inspired after learning about the importance of service animals especially to kids with disabilities
  • it’s also the reason he’s passionate about learning KSL. honestly, he would think it would be mandatory to learn by now (and he’s always trying to get the rest of his friends to learn it with him) because communication with everyone is important!!! it’s what builds friendships!!! 
  • and hoseok is pretty fluent in it, both KSL and KSDSL he’s taking the minor so he just improve his skills and also because he’s in the big brother big sister program with a local middle school and there’s these two twins who are deaf and he wants to be able to teach them and show them how to sign things correctly through KSDSL which is the manual translation of the korean alphabet and he just like he doesn’t want to make mistakes because he wants to keep being their role model but also KSL because it’s distnict and literally like learning a whole different language
  • and the twins /love/ him they just ADOre him especially since hoseok is studying to work with animals and is always telling them the coolest dog facts ever. also did you know dogs have 1,700 tastebuds anyway
  • and hoseok is also really athletic and has won medals for the campus swim team since he was a freshman. sometimes he dabbles in other sports teams unofficially with like the cheer leading squad if they’re short a person or even the dance team on campus with jimin and jungkook
  • and ofc whenever he has a met and the twins can make it they do and hoseok loves it when they hold up the little banners they make for him and honestly this dynamic of hoseok basically raising these two as his own siblings is so soft im crying while writing 
  • moving on though hoseok and you actually get to know each other because of the twins
  • see you’re doing work study as a way to help pay for your dorm and like usually the jobs you’re given are like library intern, filing for the administrations office, or even being a lab helper to some of the graduates but on your luck you got a job at the sports facility on campus taking stock of the equipment of the campus gym
  • and it’s like an easy job so you don’t complain (also all the campus athletes walking around shirtless is like a bonus BUT)
  •  and so it’s the day of a big swimming competition and since everyone’s at the pool you get to freely check the gym and locker rooms for the equipment but to your surprise you find two wandering kids and you’re like ??? 
  • and the girl sees you first and runs over holding the boys hand and you’re like hi!! are you lost?? and the girl kind of looks at you with wide eyes and you’re like??? and she’s like a bit panic struck now but she starts signing to the boy and he’s signing back and it clicks in your mind that oh ! that’s why she can’t understand you and you’re like ok ok think think 
  • and you look down at your clipboard in hand and flip over the page you were writing on and scribble down the question; “are you lost?” and squat down so you can show it to the girl
  • she reads and starts nodding and she reaches out and you hand her the clipboard and pen and she writes out “pool, hoseok?”
  • and you’re like ….hoseok ive heard that name before……….
  •  and then it comes to you – he’s the swimmer everyones excited for at todays meet and so you take the clipboard back and write down “I know where he is, follow me!” and the girl smiles and reaches up to take your hand with her free one and you’re like omf she’s so cute and her brother is so shy and it’s like you smile back and take them to where the pool is
  •  and it’s super packed, but you manage to squeeze your way into the front sections with the kids and there’s barely enough room but the girl just plops down in your lap and you’re like you know what im ok w this ive known these siblings for five minutes but honestly like how could you ever say no to cute kids
  •  but yeah she like takes a little banner out of her backpack and it says hoseok on it in kids handwriting and has little kitty faces drawn next to it and the boy, who you guess is her twin because they look so similar also has his little hoseok banner with puppy faces on it
  • and like you see hoseok, it’s kinda hard to miss him seeing as though he shines like the SUN both his smile and like his personality like he’s the one swimmer going around wishing everyone luck and patting everyone on the back and like
  • you know him from like seeing him on campus and his photos in the campus newspaper and stuff and like he’s incredibly handsome but now that you’re sitting here like watching him he just like
  • what’s a subtle way to say ‘fucking hot’ ????? yeah that’s hoseok
  •  but like you don’t focus too much on that you’re like dying because the two siblings are so cute, excitedly bouncing up and down and hoseok turns and he spots them and waves and they both like lean over the railing to wave back you have to like hold them steady you know how kids can be
  •  and like you stay with them the whole met because you want to make sure they’re safe and don’t get lost again and when it’s over the girl tugs on your sleeve and points down to where hoseok’s team (that won ofc) is standing and you immediately know that she wants to go and see him so you set her down and take her hand and her brother and lead them out off the bleachers toward the back where the swimmers are passing through to get to the locker room
  •  and like the second hoseok comes out with the towel around his neck, hair wet and like looking Fine
  • his smile just hits you because it’s so bright and he opens his arms and the kids just fULL GALLOP toward him 
  •  and you like sheepishly stand there because like lmao should I go??? but hoseok comes over and he’s like holding the girl up in his hands and the boys like clinging to his leg
  •  but hoseok is like signing something with his free hand to the girl and she’s like signing back her answer and he like grins and turns to you and is like
  •  “she said you helped them when they were lost. she also says she thinks you’re very pretty”
  • and you’re like oh well yes im glad i found the- pretty??!?!?! and hoseok is like chuckling like “she wanted to sign something more complicated I think she was going for mesmerizing but she messed up a bit and went with pretty, it’s cute she’s learning.”
  •  and one you’re extremely touched because wow mesmerizing??? pretty?? all these sweet compliments but like the thing is that hoseok is looking at you and he’s like
  • “you know I agree, they are very pretty and im also glad they helped you two…” and then he signs the rest and is like “I told them they’re little rascals who keep getting themselves into trouble like this.” and you giggle like ahh not rascals, these two are cute small angels
  •  And like hoseok is like im gonna take these two to get lunch, wanna come? and the girl is signing to hoseok that she wants you to come with you guys but you’re like I wish I have to finish work,,,,I kinda slacked off by watching the competition and hoseok is like oh my god im sorry if I would have known I would have asked like jin to come over and stay with them asjlfw im sorry let me make it up to you another day
  •  and you’re like wAH no it’s ok really ;;;; but hoseok is already extending his hand and is like do you have your phone on you??? let me give you my number and you can call me if you ever need someone to buy you some free food hehe
  • and idk maybe it’s the fact that hoseok is breathlessly charming that you give in and he puts his contact info in and the girl takes the phone from his hands for a second and changes ‘hoseok’ in your phone to ‘hobi (four thousand heart emojis)’ and it’s cute hoseok is like hey! let me change it- but you’re like no no it’s fine
  • and so you say bye to hoseok and the twins and like the whole time you’re like taking count of the equipment like you were supposed to be doing you’re all giddy inside
  • and like you fret over actually calling hoseok like a week passes and you’re just tOO scared to call
  • but you end up not even having to because on your way to the library you feel someone wrap their small hands around your wrist and you’re like !!!! 
  • but you look down and see the girl and her brother and from behind it’s hoseok running up to catch you guys
  • and you’re like oH hi!! and you like bend down to like smile at the twins and hoseok is like signing to them and he’s like “hEY sorry i was scolding them for running off like that but when she saw you she just haD to run to you,,,,,,,,,,like i said small rascals”
  • but he’s also grinning from ear to ear and you’re like yeah ok rascals that own your heart but you’re like “it’s good to see them again, can you ……..sign that to them for me hehe” and hoseok’s like no prob! and it’s cute you all have a little conversation and then hoseok is like actually im dropping these two off to see their parents and he invites you to walk toward like the parking lot campus and you know you do
  • and when the twin’s parents come the dad gets out of the car and like talks to hoseok about the big brother big sister program and whatnot and then turns to you and is like 
  • “ah i see hoseok is finally dating! what a good surprise, take care of him well!” 
  • and you’re like awe-struck like uM SIr aCTUALLy and hoseok is turning like a very bright red and is like “um we aren’t a couple-” but the dad is just like “you aren’t a couple YET” and is like laughing like anyway gtg see you tomorrow hoseok
  • and when they leave and the twins wave out of the car it’s you and hoseok standing beside each other like both flushed messes it’s cute
  • and hoseok is like “um,,,,,,,,by the way you never called,,,,,i was ,,,,kinda upset,,,,,,okmaybealotupset……..”
  • and you’re like im sorry ;; i was just shy and hoseok’s like don’t be shy!! i really wanted to see you again to you know……..pay you back and thank you…………..
  • in reality he wanted you to call him so yall could go on a cute lil date BUT 
  • and you’re like well ahh i mean if you’re free now-
  • and hoseok is like yes. yes im free. as free as ever. completely and utterly free.
  •  he’s like i know this little cafe in the city if you want we could go now it’s open pretty late and you’re like ok frick the library im going with hoseok
  • and like you guys take the train and somehow it isn’t awkward at all considering you’ve only talked in the past for like ten minutes but hoseok just makes everything so easy and natural
  • and like you tell him about your major and you’re super surprised when hoseok is like “im pre-vet!” and you’re like what i thought you’d be like ,,,,,,,,,studying to be a teacher or something and hoseok is laughing like “right??? everyone says that!! but i got into being a vet because of the importance of service animals. i think a lot of people benefit from them in ways that not even medicine can help.”
  • and as laidback and sometimes even childish hoseok can come off in his loud laugh and his manner of speaking and just being so inviting, hoseok ends up telling you some things that are really interesting and deep
  • like when you learn he started self-teaching himself KSL/KSDSL because he saw the way kids with disabilities were ostracized around him and he told you that people are way too focused on always pitying these people instead of learning ways to engage with them
  • you were just like holy shit 
  • because he’s so thoughtful and intelligent but so so so selfless it’s amazing you’re like how are you h u m a n
  • but you get to the cafe and to your surprise (but also excITMENt) it’s a puppy cafe and you and hoseok in like less than a minute are surrounded by yapping fluffy baby pups 
  • and you’re like hoseok im in heaven and he’s like it’s gr8 right!!!!!
  • you two bond cutely over feeding pups doggie snacks and sharing a ‘wooftastic watermelon smoothie’ 
  • and like when hoseok and you are going hoseok is like id love to walk you to your dorm but i actually have a late night study group for our big exam tomorrow so i need to head toward the otherside of campus
  • and you’re like don’t sweat it,,,,,,,,,,,,today was nice and hoseok is like ^^ yeah it was really nice
  • and you two are like covered slightly in dog hair but honestly it’s like getting dark, the sun is setting, you guys are standing kinda close
  • and hoseok is like this,,,,,,,,feels like the ending to a first date
  • and you’re like blushing like y-y-yeah 
  • and hoseok swallows and shifts from foot to foot like ,,,um,,,,do,,,,d-o you kiss on the first date??
  • and you’re like hglsafjlwaw  usually,,,,,,no but this one time - 
  • and hoseok is like really?? and you’re like yes please kiss me
  • and he does and it’s a peck like super soft, nothing too big but it’s adORAB L E and the second you head inside to your dorm you plant your face into the wall trying not to squeal and hoseok like has to do a lap around campus from the happiness he is feeling rn
  • and after that hoseok actually calls you a couple times to join him and the twins out for like some fun activities that are part of his club duties as their older brother
  • and you all go volunteering or to the amusement park or like indoor ice-skating
  • and finally one day you march down to the bookstore in the city and buy a beginners guide to KSL and the minute hoseok spots you studying with the book in the cafe, trying to make the signs and form coherent sentences he’s like
  • “they’re the One. I’m in LOVE.”
  • hoseok and the twins try to teach you some of the basics, the twins don’t really teach they’re like the judges of how understandable your signing is 
  • and hoseok is just super proud of you for sticking with it and taking an interest in it because like it means a lot to him
  • and like you guys aren’t “officially” dating until the twins sign the word “significant other” about you to hoseok and he’s like stuck and he looks at you and is like “they want to know if you’re my significant other?” and you’re like “am i?” and hoseok’s like “wanna be?” and you turn to the twins and sign “yes.”
  • it’s cute the twins tease hoseok all the time when you’re not around and even if you are and like you turn they sign something cute to him about you and hoseok has to like frantically sign for them to stop
  • but all you see is him flailing his hands 
  • the people around you are like ? and you’re like oh don’t mind it,,,,,,,,
  • you were going to go out with hoseok after one of his labs and he comes out in the white overcoat and you’re like oooooOOOO fancy doctor jung OOOOOO and hoseok was like SHH and you’re like OOOO doctor jung~~~ for the rest of the week
  • it caught on and literally jin, namjoon, jungkook, jimin, yoongi, and taehyung refused to call him anything but that
  • “doctor jung pass the controller to the xbox!!” “doctor jung how was your test?” “doctor jung im sick take my temp-” “STOP calling me THAt also im training to be a veterinarian jungkook you’re not a dog.”
  • yoongi: “he’s pretty close to a dog though-” jungkook: “look whose talking, sloth.” yoongi: BOY
  • its adorable you like come to cheer him on when he’s swimming or even like cheerleading or dancing whatever he has on his schedule 
  • and hoseok is aLWAYS there for you
  • like it doesn’t matter what he’s got going on his care for you is so important to him that if you need him to run to you and like climb up the side of your dorm to deliver some ice cream or something like hoseok will do it
  • he’d literally stay up studying with you all night even if he had 6:00 am lab in the morning
  • and like you know he can overdo it with his care and you are always scared someone might use him because he’s so willing to help out and you’re like
  • i have to protect hoseok
  • and it’s endearing you’re like “hoseok come here” and he like lays his head on your lap while you and like the rest of bts are having a movie night and it’s like you play with his hair 
  • and jungkooks like making faces @ jimin and v
  • and everyone’s like you 2 are so lovely dovey and c*rny its gross and hoseok is like you’re all just sad and alone so hush
  • you got better at signing and he signs to you like “these losers are jealous cuz you’re so cute and you’re all mine” and you’re like hoseok shush,,,,,,,,,but TRUE
  • and one day after he has another swimming competition and the twins had to go because it ended close to 10 pm and all the swimmers are like bye hoseok we’re gonna go home because rip this was so long
  • and hoseok’s like saying his goodbyes and then he’s like 
  • hey
  • with his arm around you waist like
  • everyones gone the shower room is all ours~~~
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,really?? here?? and hoseok shrugs and he’s like “you know i like adventure”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,well
  • and mind you he’s still like glistening from the water in the pool his hair in his face believe me you don’t think too long about it
  • until he’s pulling you into one of the stalls and like the warm water is on
  • and like hoseok is a gentleman and he takes it slow but at the same time like my bro your back is against the wall and like i mean you know (—–:
  • and after you’re wearing hoseok’s like varsity sweatshirt and you’re like oh my god it’s past midnight my RA is gonna murder me and hoseoks like changing in front of his locker like 
  • “i have the keys to jin hyungs car, wanna find a 24 hour diner instead and just drive around till it’s morning?” and you’re like hoseok we have class in the morning
  • and he’s like yes we do
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,ok fine i love you lets go find a dennys or whatever the korean equivalent of that is
  • but yes you and hoseok are just the cutest couple and sometimes when you take the twins out hoseok is like ,,,,,, a family is so nice to have you know,,,,,, and you’re like omf
  • but also hoseok is like still twelve and keeps sending you videos of him dancing in the line at the campus cafeteria and jin keeps begging you to get his keys back from hoseok because hoseok keeps forgetting to rETurn them like dammit it’s been three weeks h o s e o k
  • sometimes you and hoseok will pass animal shelters and muse about what kind of pet you two should get in the future heheheeh

find college au!namjoon (here), jimin (here), yoongi (here), taehyung (here), and jungkook (here)
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and please look forward to the last college!bts soon~

Hello, all! This is nymre here /

Hope you all are having great holidays so far and I just wanted to thank you for participating in this avatar/lok secret santa! It was amazing to see all your gifts and the fun y'all had with it :D

In any way, I also wanted to give a huuuggee shout-out to mod lotuschai because holy shiz she seriously did like 95% of all the work (if it isn’t more lmao) And hell it was a lot of work since this project got over 300 participants. She organized, kept everyone updated and basically much much more so well. So yea really, the one you need to thank and give credit to for this project’s success is lotuschai. You’re rad.


Halloween!Nowi/Fae C-A Support

Written by @pumpkin-tea-party


Fae: Nowi, come on! Let’s play! Whoa… It’s pretty dark in here.

Nowi: BOO!

Fae: WAH!

Nowi: Gotcha! It’s ok, it’s only me!

Fae: WOW! You look so cool!

Nowi: Just like a real witch, huh? Henry’s gonna take me out trick or treating this year! I’m gonna get so much candy!

Fae: Lucky! I wanna go too!

Nowi: Well, you need to have someone to go with you. And you’ll need a super scary costume!

Fae: … I don’t have a costume.

Nowi: It’s ok, you still have time to ask around.

Fae: Alright!

[Fae leaves.]

Nowi: I really hope that she can go. Hmm… I have an idea.

[Nowi and Fae reached support rank C.]


Fae: WAAAAAH!!!!

Nowi: I’ll be there in a minute, guys- Huh? Fae, what’s the matter?

Fae: I can’t go Tri-tricky treating! I asked literally everyone but they’re all busy! WAAAAH!

Nowi: Aaw, that’s too bad. Shh, dry those tears, ok? If you can’t go out, why don’t you help people hand candy out to people! That’s just as fun!

Fae: R-Really?

Nowi: You bet! Getting to see everyone’s costumes and seeing the joy in their faces when you give them the candy. You can even dress up for that!

Fae: Hm, I did notice a few people in need of a hand. Ninian is gonna be doing that!

Nowi: There you go! I’m sure she’ll love the help! I better get going! Henry’s waiting!

Fae: Have fun!

[Nowi and Fae reached support rank B.]


Nowi: Ok, open your eyes!

Fae: Gasp! WOW! There has to be a whole mountain of candy here!

Nowi: Yeah, apparently we had two of the best costumes ever!

Fae: It sounded like so much fun! I’ve seen Sakura and Jakob too!

Nowi: Didn’t they have such good costumes! Hm, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish all of this by myself. Do you want some?

Fae: Are you sure, Nowi!?

Nowi: Why not? I felt bad that you couldn’t go so I figured that maybe we could eat all of this candy together?

Fae: You’re amazing, Nowi! CHOMP! Mmm… Let’s go together next year! It’ll be so much fun!

Nowi: I’ll look forward to it.

[Nowi and Fae reached support rank C (and a sugar rush).]

There was no choice - Joniss

“I don’t know what you think this is,” she starts, mouth sneering in bitter distaste. “But this isn’t a sad teenage love triangle, even if you and everyone else around here want it to be." || Gale demands Katniss chooses: Him or Peeta. Katniss reveals her third option (and only choice).

Word Count: 1, 527.


a/n: I have never written anything for THG series before, so apologies… for everything, if its crap, for nothing if its good :p . Basically how I think the series should have gone. One sided since no Jo, but maybe I’ll do more in the future with Johanna actually involved, because this ship really is the best out of the series.

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this boy tho his hair is my most favorite thing i just want to run my hands through it:

  • he might seem like an innocent little boy but is he really like that its time to find out
  • might be a little awkward around you when he told you he’s a vampire
  • “its ok”
  • “its….. .. ..weird”
  • “NO ITS NOT” and you have to reassure him that youll love him no matter what and he’d be all shy and blushy aw
  • but seriously minghao with cute little fangs ;-;
  • i can see him making cute scary faces at you and even rawr at you but its gonna be the cutest thing ever itd make you laugh and he’s gonna be smiling so big bc he loves your laugh and he’s happy to be the one making you happy
  • he’s a little puppy so he would want to buy a real one to be his buddy
  • “look at this black one!! so cute”
  • “but this white one is super cute”
  • so manY BUTS
  • he cant decide which one to buy and asked you
  • “i think the light brown one”
  • “OKAY OKAY THEN LETS BUY IT” he wouldnt even disagree
  • buying the puppy a little snapback matching him and yours
  • “lets take a selfie!!” a selfie of you guys wearing the snapback together itd be hella cuTE I CAN SEE IT IM SEEING IT
  • him bboying around the house like seriously minghao
  • and you’d clapped after watching him “do u want to learn”
  • “no no nop-”
  • “ok ill teach u”
  • you guys been dating since so long but i can see him getting nervous to even hold your hand this cutie
  • but when he sees youre nervous as well he’d gain a bit more confidence ayeeeEEee
  • halloween with minghao???????? you mean running from house to house with your dog in onesie?????
  • CUTE TEXTS AND VOICEMAILS WHEN HE’S AWAY saying how much he misses you and you swore you can see him blushing and smiling throughout the voicemail
  • him offering you his drink then remembering that you dont drink that
  • “sORRY”
  • late night adventures when you both cant sleep probably just walking around the neighbourhood or go to some supermarket that is still open and just talk about anything honestly
  • ok now can we talk abt kissing minghAO
  • he’s a nervous wreck like his palms are sweating and he just wants it to be perfect like iTS MY FIRST KISS WITH HER WHAT SHOULD I DO
  • you’d caught him staring at you for too long and he’ll avoid your gaze and you can see his cheeks turning a shade of pink
  • but kissing minghao….. ..youre gonna cut him with a kiss bc he’s rambling about how he wants the kiss to be perfect and lord his lips are like soft and NONO ONONO
  • you’d say sorry but he’d pull you into another kiss tHIS BOY
  • the second kiss would be more WAH than the first ok bc ;-;
  • “that was… … . … .nice” it was actually more than nice but he doesnt have enough bravery to say it
  • having random kiss anywhere anytime since that day bc he loves the feeling of your warm lips on his it made him smile
  • making out with minghao…hm. …would be super nice
  • maybe youd do it on the couch???? basically anywhere this kid wouldnt care as long as youre there cheeseball 
  • this boy will probably stare at you when youre talking about something and smile while doing so he totally adores u teheheh
  • forehead kisses before going to sleep
  • when he thought youre finally asleep he’d whisper ‘i love you’ bc he’s afraid of saying it to you just yet bUT NO YOURE NOT SLEEPING
  • “i love you too” he’d gasp and youd just smile capturing his lips with yours why the hell am i doing this
  • BASICALLY DATING VAMP!MINGHAO WOULD BE A BLESSING he’s so cute and cares a lot about you he’s so afraid that youre gonna leave him for somebody else one day but how can you you love this boy to death

nice i might post another vamp!au if im not lazy/procrastinating and oh i might write a scenario as well bc i havent write any since so long ok for more vampire!aus click here


on ao3 | sourin } post ep 10. they’re chilling in the hot tub at the hotel. chilling is used in the loosest sense of the word. rated t, approx 1.3k words, warnings for almost crying and angsty shit and a lot of kissing.

It’s quiet, the kind of quiet that comes when the rustling of daytime fades into evening, when evening fades into deep night, the kind of quiet where the gentle frothing of waves whitens into the background, lit into champagne, where flecks of foam drift momentarily in the air like stardust.

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another batch!! i’m actually gonna do the whole thing! wahhooo! (captions as always! they are good u should read them~)

this time it’s:

  • during their morning rituals (if u don’t read the caption i basically say my headcanon which is that howard has insomnia and that’s why he looks tired a lot - and that doesn’t help his tiny eyes)
  • spooning
  • doing something together (naturally i had to choose crimping! wah)
  • formal (ok y’all i tried really hard on vince’s outfit bc i LOVE IT and it’s totally his aesthetic. here is the post with it on (p much all of these are his Look and they’re all beautiful) and here is a close up. i love it so much. howard’s is pretty simple but he’s a simple dude. he even tamed the curls! (sorta, a few stray curls manage to escape the slicked prison))
  • dancing (howard’s just like do u even know how to dance and vince is like ya! *raves* and howard’s like ….can you dance PROPERLY?? and vince is like ??? and thus begins a lesson and it starts clumsy cause howard is huge and vince is a puppet in an outfit but they get into the rhythm and they’re flowing like a gentle stream. and howard keeps holding vince close and vince is just like akdjs;lfkjdg. i used this as a reference for it!)