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pls tell me your fav documentaries!! I need a recc list. My favorites would be food inc. and humans extended vol 2

Hello! I haven’t seen humans extended at all! But Food Inc is almost a classic at this point lol.  I watched so many documentaries that I don’t even know what to rec…so I’m going to rec the ones that I remember the most!  Some of them deal with heavy topics and I tend to watch many documentaries of the same thing so I tried not to be repetitive and just give one for each topic .  I love documentaries a lot so I’m so excited about this ah ha

Jack the Ripper (50 mins)

A Liverpool butcher? A relative of the royal family? The identity of Victorian London’s most famous killer has baffled Scotland Yard for decades, thanks to a series of suspected cover-ups, hoaxes and red herrings. Now, Secret History reveals the prime suspect: quack American doctor, Francis Tumblety.

Inside the Twin Towers (1 hr 31 mins)

This film re-creates a minute-by-minute account of what happened inside the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.

Hitler in Color (1 hr 10 mins)

One of history’s greatest villains comes to life as never before in this that traces the rise of Adolf Hitler through use of rare, original color archive film. From the frightening transformation of Germany into a Nazi state to Hitler’s closely guarded relationship with Eva Braun and the fall of Berlin, this video looks offers a unique look at the key events in world history from a unique, and rarely seen perspective.

From ‘Iron Girls’ to ‘Leftovers’ - Independent Women in China (31 mins)

Since the socialist revolution, the rights of Chinese women have been written into the country’s constitution. Under Mao, unprecedented numbers of women joined the workforce and they were celebrated as “iron girls.”
But now, China is home to a fifth of the world’s women whose status as equals is dwindling. Domestic violence rates in the country have soared, martial rape is not considered a crime, those who dare to call themselves feminist activists are being detained by the government, and unmarried women older than 27 are commonly referred to as “leftover women.”

The Missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students (37 mins)

On September 26, students from the Teachers College of Ayotzinapa in Mexico en route to a protest in Iguala were intercepted by police forces. In the ensuing clash, six students were fatally shot and 43 were abducted. Investigations over the following weeks led to the startling allegations that the police had acted at the behest of the local mayor, and had turned over the abducted students to members of the Guerreros Unidos cartel. All 43 students are now feared dead.

Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers (25 mins)

Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico is known for two things: It’s the place where Mel Gibson directed Apocalypto, and it is full of self-called witches that work either for God or the Devil. VICE doesn’t really care about Mel’s movie, but we were quite enchanted by the idea of a town that has gotten such a huge reputation for its witchcraft that even politicians and celebrities from all over Mexico have gone to seek for their cures and powers.

Geisha Girl (58 mins)

Documentary following 15-year-old Yukina as she leaves home and moves to Kyoto to embark on the arduous training needed to become a geisha.

Bellevue: Inside Out (1 hr 16 mins)

An unprecedented and fascinating behind the scenes look at the most renowned psychiatric ward in the United States. Filmed at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

A Class Divided (53 mins)

The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, a teacher in a small town in Iowa tried a daring classroom experiment. She decided to treat children with blue eyes as superior to children with brown eyes. FRONTLINE explores what those children learned about discrimination and how it still affects them today.

Stanford Prison Experiment (50 mins)

BBC documentary of Phillip Zimbardo’s 1971 “Prison Experiment” at Stanford University.

OK S O WE NEE D TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING SO as many of you have probably noticed, a lot of jjba characters wear those weird forearm/gauntlet things

and i was just like ‘ok, cool that’s fine maybe they’re used for some kind of extra protection i mean that makes a lot of since’

but then this fucker hol horse just




    { 🌾  } “oh, um, yeah.” lucas’s warm smile suddenly slides off at the sight of his step brother lounging in the living room. “this is jude. my stepbrother.” he points out to his boyfriend, who was smiling mischievously at jude. “don’t mind us, jude. we’ll be out of your hair in a second.” lucas calls softly, turning to tug on his boyfriend’s arm but jude’s voice stops him and lucas is filled with dread. || @suedestars

[TRANS] KNK is Handsome Fanaccount

I’m a male fan that learned about KNK through V App ha ha

And because I liked the song ‘KNOCK’ I listened to it a lot ha

I had to go to the dermetalogist in Gangnam and I passed by really handsome men outside of a cafe

When I looked closer I realized it was KNK…

So I said, “Oh it’s KNK” and they were surprised hahaha 

Anyways since I was a guy it was ok?

“Wah can we possibly take a picture together” I said and the female manager took the photo and the KNK staff members are so nice.

Seungjun Hyung is really good looking i was so surprised

They’re more than just model-idols haha 

KNK fighting and because I showed my friend this picture we split up haha

Of course celebrities are celebrities 

Youjin Hyung’s body seems really sincere (faithful)

Seems like my luck is really good hahaha