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Oooo get you and your 'exquisite taste'

Don’t be jealous, just cause all the girls in the pandora store were after me and not you. 

wagw4n asked:

nice! i cant have lessons until the middle of next year so i guess i'll pass around next winter/christmas time which kinda sucks a bit.. umm, i don't actually know of any centres near me :S i can only really ride my local trail (if you can call it that!) and then every now and then go somewhere like wales. i wanna try and make my own section of a trail - it'd be pretty sweet!

What’s your trail like? I’m still yet to ride a little trail near me as the weather is pants! I’d be down for making some trails with you and yeah, there are a few centres near me so after my summer exams and before Uni I’m gunna be hitting them as often as possible!