☺️I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin, yea a few things can be changed or improved but I love myself as is…there was one point in time in my life where I allowed someone to make me believe other wise. I hated everything about myself and would damn near kill myself to change to make them happy. Shit was toxic, they didn’t love themselves so they convinced me not to love myself. I was told no one would ever love me cuz “look at me who would ever want you but me” when I look back now I see foolish I was smh man…Cuz shit look at me lol 💁I’m so very happy that with the help of friends and family I was able to pick myself up & realize God made no mistakes with me. Never give someone the power to dictate your life and your being. You own that no one else does & always remember you’re beautiful #100daysofhappy #alwaysputyoufirst #curvy #wagony #youmustloveyourselffirst

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Co takiego jest w pociągach?
Może to tylko nostalgia, a może jest w tym cos więcej?
Stukot kół brzmiący jak serce.
A może to jest odgłos serca?
Tak wiele ludzi przewinęło się przez wagony.
Tyle wspomnień zostało tu porzuconych.
Tyle pożegnań i tyle spodkań.
Co takiego jest w tych pociągach?
—  Porcelanowaksieznisia