wagon trails

I have a story to tell.

So my Starkid friend and I were in History, and our teacher is the Head of the faculty. We were learning about the Civil Rights Movement and we’re just having a conversation about the KKK and churches being blown up, when out of nowhere, my pocket starts screaming:
Long story short, the whole class thinks I listen to Metallica and my friend nearly wet herself with laughter for about 10 minutes afterwards.
Not the highlight of my day, but it was funny.

We went to a weird place yesterday called Wagon Trails Animal Park in Vienna, Ohio. You get on a wagon pulled by a tractor and are handed a bucket of some kind of pellets. You then ride through this tremendous open space and feed the animals. Like, they actually come running to get food. It’s a little disconcerting to have a buffalo herd come charging at you but it was pretty hilarious, too.

I touched this zebra’s mane even though we weren’t supposed to. It felt like a hard scrub brush.


On this day in 2000, President Bill Clinton created Nevada’s Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area and added 10 wilderness areas to the National Wilderness System.

The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area – a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands – is a protected set of lands surrounded by wilderness areas. These areas are protected for their historical significance, scenic beauty and fragile ecosystems. This area is what adventure seekers wish for. Known for its solitude and primitive lands, people come from all over the world to experience the Black Rock Desert. You can follow the wagon trails that emigrants used to cross over to California,  camp-out and not see another person, soak in natural hot springs or enjoy the playa (an ancient dried lake bed) where the curvature of the earth is readily apparent.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM