wagnerian opera

a hypothesis I might expand later:

the root of illiberalism is the idea that only the outgroup interacts with ultra-non-personal lovecraftian forces.

i.e. the classically conservative Mrs.Grundy thinks that every punk rock band has a direct line to the Egregore of Anarchism, but the most fanatically devoted scholar of Wagnerian Opera couldn’t possibly have had any contact at all with the Egregore of German Nationalism.

and this is what justifies preemptive force against the outgroup, they’re all unwitting agents of the dark gods.


It’s not over ‘til the…

Original layout drawings, graphite and colored pencil on paper, by Chuck Jones for his 1957 masterpiece, “What’s Opera, Doc?” They ‘stole’ time from other concurrent productions, because they knew they had something special going on with this cartoon. Each unit at Warner Bros. was expected to deliver 10 short films each year and each cartoon took approx. 10 months to produce from storyboards to finished film. Can you imagine juggling that schedule without today’s technology?